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Implementing AI to Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Sysbunny's energetic group of advanced utilities digital specialists set out to inspect how topic mastery can be conveyed by computerized individual partners utilizing the innovation accessible today. In particular, we are required to not only analyse the potential effect of voice-actuated AIdriven chatbots we additionally need to create use cases and answers for this utility. It is important to provide the customer with a platform to share their feedbacks and grievances with the business. This service needs to be available 24/7 which is difficult if human beings are employed to accomplish this task as they get tired and cannot be available at all times. In order to improve efficiency of the business, introducing AI Chatbots is the ideal way of dealing with this.


Post introductory session once the team got to know the requirements they set out to find a solution that chatbot would provide executives, account managers and field-service technicians to carry out activities using voice commands or in the form of typed queries. When innovative application interface (API) is combined with voice-activated search technology users can get an organized and detailed response to their queries.

This machine learning functionality of AI drive chatbot seems to be extremely valuable as it allows utility to build a knowledge hub that incorporates AI to answer IT function questions. The method was adept in tracking the progress of work orders.


An assortment of valuable outcomes were accomplished:

  • It was more than fit for robotizing the exploration procedure for the business group.
  • It gave deals faculty extra information on key elements identified with explicit enterprises.
  • The arrangement additionally decreased preparing time by giving examination materials that were never in excess of a tick (or a voice direction) away.

At last, Sysbunny had the option to structure a savvy advanced personal assistant that reacts to enquiries regarding the status of work orders dependent on one of a kind, restrictive data inside its own database. The chatbot additionally helps account officials and supervisors lead customer research more rapidly, with far less exertion as compared to what they experienced previously.

The application is super simple to use and is productive, making it all the more engaging for in-house clients. It brings about improved client co-operations and an upgraded client experience. This would definitely increase the number of returning customers and create goodwill so that new customers come your way.

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