Best 20+ Mobile App Ideas for Successful Business in 2021

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Nowadays, mobile phones and mobile applications are ruling our world. From toddlers to aged people and from students to employees, everybody uses mobile phones to make their routine convenient. In 2020, consumers downloaded 218 billion mobile applications, generating a total revenue of $581.9 billion. The revenue generated from mobile apps is expected to reach up to $935 billion by 2023.    

As we fathom the importance of mobile apps, the majority of businesses have started developing their mobile applications. With the best mobile app ideas and skilled mobile app developers, you can easily build your mobile business app and expand your business. However, due to tough competition, you need to figure out your mobile app idea to make your app stand out in the market. 

Here are a few mobile app ideas that are very practical and will ensure your business’s success in 2021. So let’s take a look.

#1 Virtual Interior Designing App

Nowadays, with the latest AR technology, creating a virtual reality app has become easier. With the virtual designing app, you can get the exact measurements of your customer’s house and provide them with the best designs. It will make the work easier for both customers and the designer company, as they’ll get the exact measurements and provide the best look for their homes.

Additionally, you can add exciting features, such as wall color change, light experiment, add and remove items, etc.

#2 Trip Planner App

Everybody loves traveling, but not everyone loves planning. An app that can plan an entire journey and map out the itinerary will get instant attention from the travelers. You can add a few features, such as walking distance, nearby monuments, transportation options, budget, etc., and make their work easier.     

#3 Find the Song App

Ever happened? When you hear a perfect song in any restaurant or a bar and got frustrated when you could not find the exact one on Google? A song-finding app will make your work easier. The app can identify the song from the tune and find you the exact same one. Along with the songs, including a feature that can identify instrumental music and folksongs, making it easier to find the local artist.

#4 Apparel Rental App

Nowadays, environmental enthusiasts are looking for an alternative way to reduce pollution and the usage of artificial materials. Nowadays, many people are opting for second-hand clothes and rentals to save money.

An apparel rental app will be a boon for the young generation as most of them follow the OOTD concept and don’t repeat the outfits. With this app, you can rent or sell your outfits and earn money through it. It’s a win-win situation for both sellers and the customers.

#5 Online Tutoring

Along with the online school, the online tutoring app will make the study easier for students, as they can resolve any doubt with the app. In addition, a tutoring app with video calling, image sharing, and regular classes will make the work easier for parents and students. They can learn and clear their doubts at their convenience in the comfort of their homes.

#6 Find a Planner

Event management is a huge task, but finding someone who can organize the event for you is a much tougher task. Find a planner app that can locate a nearby planner for your event along with the venue according to your budget. In this app, you can include features, such as geo-location, themes, venue preferences, and set them as per their convenience and budget.   

#7 Book Rental App

As many avid readers prefer to purchase their favorite books, collage going readers prefer to rent out the books. Along with the literary books, many students rent out their high school books to earn some side money and save additional on their desired books.

A book rental app consists of the necessary features, such as different genres, local store collaboration, easy student connectivity, etc., to make the book rental easy for users.  

#8 Home Workout App

Since the pandemic, the gym and fitness club has been completely shut down. Therefore, a home fitness workout app will gain the maximum attention from the audience. Include AR/VR technology, video call facilities, workout videos, etc., in your workout app to make it more compatible. Also, make sure your app can easily work with wearable devices so that calorie tracking becomes easier.

#9 Food Journal

A food journal app will make it easier for the audience to search all of their favorite recipe in one place. Additionally, you can add some features like customization, notes, ingredient checkbox, etc. And make the user experience pleasant. You can also offer offline availability to make it more convenient.

#10 Women Safety

Women’s safety is a serious concern across the globe. Therefore, an app that can notify the authorities in a blink of an eye is much needed. However, to create a women’s safety app, you need to have an accurate geo-location service, instant calling feature, audio-video recorder, automatic SOS flash generator, and audio recording of the sirens that can help them protect themselves till the authority comes.

#11. Apartment Hunting

Bachelors worldwide are tired of roaming around with real estate agents and looking for a suitable apartment. Therefore, an apartment hunting app is the need of the hour. With the apartment hunting app, people can easily find a suitable apartment according to their budget, room preferences, and locality.

The user needs to set their preferred criteria, and the app will start showing the apartments nearby. Thus, both the landlord and renter can easily connect with each other rather than relying on the realtors.

#12 Find a Parking Space

Finding a parking space is an app that locates the nearby parking and alerts the users. It provides the exact address, the remaining capacity, if it is free or paid, and the availability of the valet services. You can include the feature of valet services as well. Just let your users drop their vehicle at a dropout point, and the assigned valet will take the vehicle to the designated parking space.

#13 Period Tracking App

Let’s face it, the majority of women forget about their period date and faces some unwanted awkward situation in public or workplaces. A period tracking app can track the period according to the cycle length and provide you with the exact date the period may come, and starts notifying you a week before the due date.

Furthermore, a period tracking app can also be helpful throughout the ovulation week and the entire pregnancy journey.

#14 Watch Together App

Due to the pandemic, the movie theatres are shut down, and the people cannot meet their loved ones who are in a different city. Therefore, a watch together app can help them plan their virtual dates and get-to gathers.

The mobile app developers have made the app by including all the national and international streaming services and a video call facility to easily have a watching-together experience with their friends, family, and loved ones.

#15 Book Review App

Reading is important, but reading good is extremely important. Therefore, a good book review app can ease up the book selection process. Readers can post their reviews on it, make their reading list, and select their next book according to their preferred genre and reviews.

#16 Places not to Visit

We have numerous sources on places to visit but none on places not to visit. Therefore, it is one of the most practical mobile app ideas that you can implement. But, unfortunately, many places have a bad reputation, but many people do not know about it. Therefore, it can create a bad traveling experience for the newcomers.

A place not to visit app can notify the users about the bad area, the road condition, food and internet availability, etc. Also, push notifications can alert the users of bad weather in advance so that they can easily avoid the area.  

#17 Meal Provider

A meal provider app can help the users find out shelters and send their leftover food to the needy. This app connects the shelters that provide meals to the homeless with donors. So that they can collaborate with each other. Additionally, many people send out volunteer meals during the festival season. Therefore, this app can make it easier to find a renowned shelter and provide meals.

#18 Organic Food Finder

The organic food finder app can help the users locate nearby farmers and organic food markets. They can contact the farmers directly for bulk orders or just the routine order. With this app, the users can easily get fresh vegetables, organic pulses, spices, honey, etc., food items directly from the market and get the best deal.

Farmers can enlist their products on the app, and if it’s nearby, they can provide the home delivery with minimal charges.

#19 App for Color-Blind

Color-blindness is an illness nobody talks more about. It may not be threatening, but it can cause a lot of trouble for the patient. Normally, the patient has color-blindness for two colors, red and green. This app can help them determine the color to make their routine life convenient.

The app can detect the color and notify the users at traffic signals, stores, office buildings, parking spaces, railway and bus stations, and other places.  

#20 Fuel Delivery

Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere without the fuel is a nightmare for everybody. With the fuel delivery app, users can contact the nearby provider and get the fuel in case they are stuck. Along with the fuel delivery, mobile app developers can add extra services, such as towing, repairing, and solutions for any mechanical difficulties.

#21 Food Giveaway App

Just like the meal provider app, with this app, restaurants and cafes can contact the shelter and give away their leftover food. In addition, you can add the pick and drop facility from the restaurants, making it easier to provide the food to the needy.

#22 Groceries Delivery App

Last but not least, the groceries delivery app. Nowadays, there is numerous groceries delivery app available, so what makes it different from the other?

Usually, this type of app-only focuses on one retail store for their products, if it’s not available in-store, they mark it as out of stock. However, you can add a feature that allows users to go to the next store if something is unavailable at the previous store.

For example, if shredded cheese is not available at store A, you can buy it from store B. the delivery guy will pick up your groceries from both stores and deliver them to your house.


There are numerous mobile app ideas available in the market that can make your business successful. All you have to do is pick the unique idea, get the best mobile app development company, and get started. Looking for someone trustworthy to develop your valuable mobile app? You are at the right place.

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