Is WatchOS 6 Spearheading Change in Wearable App Development?

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A few striking highlights have made wearables a necessary part of our lives. Main features like advanced functionality, lighter and less bulky hardware and improved connectivity are some of the reasons. Enhanced intelligence would definitely be the main component to characterize this market across various verticals. It is basic to cooperate with wearable gadget application improvement organization to get an edge for your business.

Wearable app development services were introduced in the market through hearing aids and calculator watches. It has developed into cutting edge applications and wellness trackers that monitors the distance strolled, user’s heart beat and pulse rate. Now, health of an individual can always be monitored using these wearables. Plus, it allows you to pick important calls, glance through emails/messages without actually having to use your iPhone.

WatchOS: New milestone in Wearable App Development

Apple’s Watch is spearheading change in wearables application advancement. Presented at the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference, watchOS 6 is the most current adaptation of watchOS, the working framework intended to run on the Apple Watch. WatchOS 6 brings new watch dial, refreshed applications, improved health & well-being features and a committed App Store.

Apple’s most recent watchOS 6, working framework intended to run on the Apple Watch will take wearable application improvement to the next level. WatchOS 6 is a jump ahead offering a few new highlights for Apple Watch proprietors.

There are various new watch faces in watchOS 6, including Numerals Mono and Duo with huge numbers, Modular Compact, another Gradient watch face that movements through the span of a day, a Solar Dial that envisions the sun in a 24 hour way around the dial, and a California watch face with a blend of standard numbers and roman numerals.

WatchOS 6 seems to have truly taken the market by storm, all the issues of the previous versions have been solved. A massive improvement is what the new watchOS 6 has to offer to users. The wearable tech that will pave the way for all the future devices.

Listing some of the remarkable highlights of watchOS 6

1. Dedicated App Store

Just because, Apple App Store will be accessible on the Apple Watch, permitting applications download on Apple Watch autonomous of the iPhone was somewhat unrealistic in the past forms. Engineers can create applications that run on Apple Watch without an iPhone. The App Store on Apple Watch is a complete App Store that permits users to browse apps curated by editors, search via dictation or scribble, and look for apps by category. You can open an application directly on your wrist, you don’t have to bother downloading applications on the iPhone.

Users can see item pages for each application for information on Reviews, Screenshots, App details, Ratings. These item pages permit to buy and introduce applications. With the watchOS App Store, Apple has made some pre-introduced applications to just observe. This implies a bigger number of pre-introduced watchOS applications can be erased.  In watchOS 6, you can remove applications like Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch, Remote, Camera Remote, Radio, Walkie-Talkie, ECG, Breathe, Noise, Cycle Tracking etc.

2. New App Apis for Developers

Applications can explore new APIs permitting tuning in to music on a third part application while exercising. While some inherent Apple Watch applications can be uninstalled now that they’re not attached to the iPhone. Beforehand, spilling sound was restricted to Apple Music.

3. Heaps of New Watch Faces

Meridian, Modular Compact, Solar Dial, California, and Gradient work with Apple Watch Series 4 and later. Nike variants of Series 4 and later incorporate new Nike faces too. Apple Watch Series 1 and later incorporate new forms of Numerals faces.

4. Efficient New Health Apps

WatchOS 6 presents two new well-being applications, Cycle Tracking for logging menstrual cycles and review fertility windows for overall well-being of females. Noise application for identifying decibel levels above suggested volumes. Warnings are sent at whatever point the decibel level arrives at 90 decibels.

Stay at your feet, as the watch now beeps reminders and keeps a record of your health making it easier for you. You can additionally use the calculator on your wrist saving you loads of time! Click To Tweet

5. Various New Apps

WatchOS 6 will dispatch four new applications for your wrist. The best thing is you’ll have the option to erase any of these, or any of the other existing default Apple Watch applications.

Apple Books: Allows to tune in to book recordings utilizing Bluetooth earphones instead of you perusing a powerful tome on your wrist.

Voice Memos: Speak into your wrist to make notes as opposed to whipping out your iPhone.

Calculator App: Coming to watchOS soon, just because the official Apple Calculator application has been incorporated.

Reminders: To coordinate the refreshed Reminders application in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, the Apple Watch Reminders application has been refreshed as well.

6. Improved Siri Features

Siri on Apple Watch would showcase be able to web results for search inquiries with voice (a helpful element when away from iPhone). Siri can find loved ones using the updated Find People application (substitution of Find Friends).

7. Compatibility

WatchOS 6 runs perfect on all the Apple Watch models: Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, and 4. One main exemption is the first Apple Watch.

WatchOS seems to be opening doors to a whole new era of advanced and updated wearable technology development in the years ahead. Click To Tweet


Apple Seeds Second Beta of WatchOS 6.1.1 to Developers and it is faster than any of the previous WatchOS released, it is also a milestone for new ones to come.

Now, Apple watch users can rejoice as they can freely use their watch by itself without having to worry about keeping it connected to their iPhone at all times. There is a lot more to be introduced in the upcoming beta versions and keep reading this space to know more about it.


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