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AR Mobile App to Engage Customers with Product Visualization

This case study by Sysbunny discusses about retaining consumer attention using Product Visualization and developing a mobile application by incorporating Artificial Intelligence. AR has adequate capacity to develop applications that draw in clients. The primary reason behind AR gaining so much fame is that it transforms real surrounding into an interactive realm from your mobile or tablet devices. You can see the advanced components by simply tapping on your telephone, appealing to make the experience progressively agreeable. For the buyer and building materials industry, AR innovation has transformed the market completely. Our end client is one of the biggest Europe based purchaser and building material producer and needed to connect with its immediate clients through an enlarged reality application.


With changing client inclinations, our end customer was confronting difficulties in mapping its client desires with creation arranging process. The end customer's business group additionally had a low change rate to bring the deal to a close and further get orders from the potential clients. Our customer need to use the Augmented Reality innovation and it helps them have a memorable client experience. Improve sales conversions for the business and streamline production planning. The issues include picking the correct AR innovation stage that is most appropriate. It is important to Gamify the client experience. The need for rendering items progressively and offering customized client associations.

Business Benefits

It provides a vivid encounter for clients. This promises better commitment and higher transformations for the business. This process streamlines the business and generation process. Offers visual screen captures by means of email and online life and wide industry segment.

Industry Segment

Consumer & Building Materials Manufacturer

Customer Profile

Largest consumer & building materials manufacturer based in Europe

Technology & Tools

MySQL, iOS, OpenCV


Sysbunny team investigated the end client's agony and tended to the difficulties by building an augmented reality mobile solution. By setting up an omni-channel arrangement utilizing OpenCV innovation, which provided engaging product representation to the mobile application. The items are included from the web backend, which can be seen on the native mobile application. Thereby gamifing the experience for clients by offering a virtual experience in the below mentioned steps:

  • The client opens the versatile application.
  • Selects the ideal zone where they need to picture the item.
  • Choose the assortment of items from the exhibition or application library to see in the chose region.
  • Gets a superior visual point of view on each kind of the item by moving around the picked territory.
  • Can select distinctive item, and eventually take an official choice

As the portable arrangement is a 'first-of-its-sort type,' the client needed a proof-of-idea (POC) in order to test its adequacy. After the accomplishment of POC, the next step was to build AR solutions for the iOS gadgets.

Product Visualization influences audience to use AR based mobile applications as it is visually appealing and attracts their attention towards a certain something.

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