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Augmented Reality
Application Development Company

SysBunny is a leading mobile software application development agency with flairs in AR/VR application development. The mobile app development team at SysBunny remains on top when innovation and unique software application development is in question.

We have delivered mobile applications for diverse usages for a wide range of clients around the globe. Therefore, our portfolio is rich with high quality projects and our testimonials are full of applauds from the satisfied patrons.

Augmented Reality app developers

What is Augmented Reality?

It is the amalgamation of computing technologies, hardware, sensors, and algorithms to superimpose the virtual objects over the real-world objects and environment with accurate simulation and interactive capabilities to benefits humankind and its various activities.

Augmented Reality technology has a bit long history in computing technology timeline.

Just like recent innovative mobile and other upcoming technologies, augmented reality applications is a bit complicated to understand that how it works.

Why Augmented Reality
App Development?

There are several reasons for that augmented reality is gaining ground in the modern technology race. For instance,

AR/VR Technologies

AR An Innovative and Unique Technology

Since AR applications superimposing virtual-world on the real-world, it has direct implications in reality. It augments the reality and makes it more plausible and palatable.

AR can amaze the users with fascination. Thu, it helps business to gain more advantages than other ways. It is a unique technology, so competition is less than other tech niches.

AR Capable of Viral

AR can engage the users with innovative ways so that it can be viral easily and rapidly. It provides experiences that anyone loves to share and recommend, be it social media or word of mouth. Thus, it increases chances of acquisition of new customers or users, hence adaptability in commercial applications.

AR Capable
AR/VR Applications

AR Applications Excellent for Personalization

AR applications offer opportunities to create something unique for an individual. It engages the intended users more than the traditional media content can do. It allows users to express their individuality in the highly engaging way.

AR Improves Quality of Content

AR technology stack has unique tools to create the content that we hardly can imagine. Thus, it improves the quality of content. For ecommerce as well as Omnichannel businesses, AR apps improve the perceived value of products and brands and boost conversion rate up.

Do you eager to know that how is it possible? Keep reading continue, please.

Augmented Reality Advantages

Augmented Reality App Development
Technology Stack at SysBunny

Among the many hardware components to use Augmented Reality applications, our AR developers can utilize following.

  • A. Expertise in Hardware for Augmented Reality
  • B. Expertise in Software and Algorithms for Augmented Reality App Development
  • C. Expertise in Augmented Reality Programming Technology
  • D. Expertise in Augmented Reality SDKs

1. Display Hardware Components for AR

We have the expertise to use various display hardware in AR application development, such as-

Head Mounted Display (HMD)

We have expertise in a number of HMD devices applicable in AR technology stack, such as

  • Harness or Helmets
  • Eyeglasses
  • Head-Up Display (HUD)
  • Contact Lenses
  • Virtual Retina display (VRD)
  • Eye Tap

Spatial AR (SAR)

With SAR, we are capable of enhancing real-world objects in spaces without relying on any device to display.

  • Shade Lamps
  • Mobile Projectors
  • Virtual Tablets
  • Smart Projects

2. Sensors for AR

Our AR developers have expertise in various sensing, tracking, and networking hardware to create awesome AR applications. Our mobile app development team can utilize built-in sensors of handheld devices effectively in AR app development, such as-

  • Cameras to act as an optical sensor.
  • Accelerometer and gyroscopes for position tracking.
  • Solid-state compass, GPS circuits, and sensors for location detection.
  • RFID for radio signal detection.
  • Wi-Fi for networking.
  • Bluetooth and alike mobile-based third-party sensors.

3. Input AR Devices

Our AR designers and programmers can bring complete interactivity in AR systems by using the different input devices, such as

  • Keyboards for textual inputs.
  • Speech recognition systems like Siri, Cortana, Google Voice, and so on.
  • Gloves stylus.
  • Pointers.
  • Other body wears with sensors to provide body gesture inputs, eye movement detection sensors, and hardware.

Our Augmented Reality developers have expertise in various AR software development using various algorithms or methods, such as-

  • SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)
  • Structure from Motion methods including-Bundle Adjustment
  • Mathematical methods like
    • o Projective or Epipolar Geometry
    • o Geometric Algebra
    • o Rotation representation with an exponential map
    • o Kalman & Particle filters
    • o Non-linear optimization and robust statistics

Our AR programmers are well versed with Augmented Reality Markup Language (ARML) to define and interact with AR scenes.

AR programmers at SysBunny have expertise in XML: XML helps in describing the location and appearance of virtual objects in AR scenes.

We have expertise in ECMA scripts: It is used to bind & permit dynamic access to properties of the objects in the virtual world.

Our AR programmers have skills in ARML Object Model Development We are familiar with ARML object model, which is built on three main concepts-

  • Features: Represents physical objects in AR scene.
  • Virtual Assets: Represents virtual objects in AR scene.
  • Anchor: Define the spatial relationship between a physical and virtual object in AR scene. The Anchors are four different types-
    • Geometries
    • Tractable
    • Relative To
    • Screen Anchor

Our AR application developers use various kits for rapid AR app development process in the form of SDKs including-

lay ar
ar lab

Augmented Reality App Development
Niche Expertise at SysBunny

Our AR designers and AR programmers have the expertise to provide Augmented Reality applications for myriads of industries, businesses, and professions, such as-

Why SysBunny for Augmented Reality
Application Design and Development?

Why SysBunny for Augmented Reality Application Design and Development?

  • SysBunny has innate expertise and experiences in a range of AR application development using the talented, skilled, and trained AR app designers, programmers, UX designers, QA developers, and AR app marketers.
  • SysBunny has the modern AR app development infrastructure with required hardware, software, and networking facilities.
  • We have the latest communication infrastructure to provide instant access to your AR app development team as well as support, and maintenance teams using multiple channels such as email, instant messengers, live chat, VOIP, and video conference tools.
  • We have the latest communication infrastructure to provide instant access to your AR app development team as well as support, and maintenance teams using multiple channels such as email, instant messengers, live chat, VOIP, and video conference tools.
  • Our AR developers implement AR app development strategies and methodologies to make project cost-effective and yield high quality outputs with fast turnover.