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Hybrid Mobile App Development using PhoneGap

This case study deals with cost effective mobile applications that solve the actual need of the users. It discusses how Sysbunny improvises pre-existing applications to fulfill current user requirements within the budget.

Keywords: Hybrid Mobile App Development

Client Details

A leading healthcare product development company with over two decades of successful experience. Their primary aim is to add value to their legacy brands and promote clinically significant products that may have previously been a low priority in the portfolios of larger companies.


The requirement to design a hybrid mobile app for the healthcare industry and it must be compatible with Android phones & tablets, iPhones and iPad's. The main aim of the mobile app is to provide users with tips for their health & fitness through client videos and audios.

Technologies Used

iOS, Android


At Sysbunny, we received the current mobile application code from the customer and have taken possession for further advancement. Our mobile application designers studied the current code thoroughly and intend to build another module for the crossover mobile application dependent on the current norms and rationales that has been utilized in the code. The back-end runs on DB and the server has additionally been designed so as to render information to the mobile application. The general exercises module of the mobile application is valuable and alluring for the clients under every class with sound, video, vivified gifs and so on.

  • Cost-efficient Hybrid Mobile App
  • Dynamic back-end modules for fast exercises
  • Enhancing existing mobile applications with extra highlights
  • Building existing application with additional highlights
  • Hybrid improvement - financially viable
  • Compatible in iPhone, iPad, Android telephone and android tablets
  • Healthcare related exercises and games dependent on various categories
  • Very dynamic back end module to include more exercises whenever required
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