7 Most Promising iOS and Android Wearable Apps for 2019

Wearable App

Wearable technology majorly refers to the integration of technologies in regular accessories, which will impart greater ease in routine activities. There have been considerable advances in the field of wearable technology. Many breakthroughs have been made, which have made our day to day life easier.

Wearable technology has immense potential to impact the fields of health and fitness and entertainment. The combination of AR and wearable technology create realistic and immersive surroundings in actual time.

Before choosing any wearable web development company you should keep some important features in mind such as protection of data with NDA, the security of the product and the use of cutting edge tools that will assure app performance for a long period of time.

“As per the study number of connected wearable apps is expected to jump from 526 million in 2016 to over 1.1 billion in 2022 worldwide.” Click To Tweet

What kind of wearable devices are there?

  • Smartwatch
  • Fitness trackers
  • Sport watches
  • Head-mounted displays
  • VR
  • AR/Smart glasses
  • Hearable
  • Consumer health.

Benefits of wearable technologies

Hands-free experience: Wearables will receive incoming calls, messages, and more, whereas permitting the user to stay ‘hands-free.’ this enables the user to perform a particular action and receive visual help while not having to examine their phone frequently.

Convenience & portability: Wearables permit instant access to medical data and resources, furthermore, as a variety of health apps. Medical students will receive, save, and carry with all the knowledge that they need on a cute little device.

Personalized information: According to the user’s health and fitness information, various wearable provides the option of customization. That allows the user to be aware of his or her health and maintain it accordingly.

Improved clinical decision-making: Wearables are amongst the foremost helpful tools once it involves supporting the clinical department. Physicians use these tools to look up several medical sources. Moreover, wearables are often used for disease identification and implementing appropriate treatment plans.

Greater accuracy: Wearables permit convenient following of a user’s health and exercise habits for raising their overall well-being. Moreover, they found to enhance the potency of each patient’s documentation and disease identification. Additional findings in terms of symptoms and side effects reduce medical errors.

Improved efficiency: Research suggests that wearables facilitate physicians to be more economical in their work tasks.  Moreover, it’s been noted that wearable technologies leave the incredible quality of patient documentation, reduced medical errors, speedy access to medical data, effective clinical decision-making, and mainly improved patient care.

Improved productivity: Wearables well organizes the workflow and expand productivity levels. Physicians reported the utilization of mobile devices throughout patient rounds have helped them invest less time gaining access to information and recording it. It has given them more time to spend with patients and refine quality care. Health-related apps have additionally multiplied the productivity of pharmacists by permitting them to access quick drug information and record their findings that lead to more detailed documentation.

Some well-known iOS and android wearable apps


Citymapper is the phenomenal transport app that can immediately find your location, and calculate the fastest routes to get anywhere in the city, even airports. It shows you exact time information about the arrival of trains and buses at any specific stop.

You can share location with your friends, save both work and home addresses to find your way wherever you are, and even tells you the number of calories you will burn if you walk instead. And now it is tied up with other apps like Uber and has launched in 39 cities around the world.

2. Calm

It is one of the leading apps on both the platforms for relaxing meditation and sound sleep. The calm app gives a refreshing feel that rejuvenates your body and mind. This app contains meditation lessons, offers Android and Apple smartwatch users with a regular meditation routine.

3. Parking: find my car

Parking app is the king of apps that have a simple car locator that is precisely the solution to relocate your vehicle. It will make it easy to remind the location of your car and where you have been parked it.

It consists of so many key features which includes one-click parking that let you save reminder on a map in a single click, parking history that tells you the history of last parking place, automatic car parking detection using car’s Bluetooth device, parking timer that let you avoid the fine, navigation for multiple options to your vehicle and indoor and underground parking that let you add a photo or text note for underground/indoor parking places without any need of GPS.

4. Seven-minute workout app

It is considered as the number one app in 127 countries of the world. You don’t need to pay heavy cash at a gym or personal trainer as with this app; you can become your own personal trainer for fitness with fast and simple daily workouts. It consists of 12 high-intensity bodyweight exercises. Apple featured this app in the best “Apps for Health.”

It also has too many essential features that provide impressive user experience such as a free workout and diet plan, voice-prompted device in which you don’t need to look at the timer regularly, video and description of every exercise, no confusion on which exercise to perform next and steps to do it properly with the integration of Health kit.

5. Bring (recipes and shopping list)

Bring! It is the best shopping list app. you’ll arrange your grocery searching with delicious recipes and save all of your loyalty cards in your Bring! Use several lists at constant time and share them along with your family and friends. It enables you to browse so many things and simply add all the necessary products to your Bring! Changes are sent to all in actual time. Like this, everyone is aware of what’s missing within the refrigerator and pantries at any time.

You can download it for your iPhone, iPad, and your Apple Watch and update your list anytime and anywhere. It is also compatible with Apple’s voice assistant Siri.


Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Telegram, google drive, and more than 600 apps are working with IFTTT. Devices like Amazon Alexa, Nest, Google Home, and your iPhone all are working with it. The IFTTT app is also integrated with the Healthcare app so you can track your healthy habits too.

It has so many features such as voice control with google assistant or Alexa, stay up to date with the help of publications like new York times etc., daily weather forecast, text your roomies when you are near the local grocery store, safety features with excellent home security alerts, well organized social media platforms, backup of photos, important files and contacts.

7. Medisafe app

This one is a necessary award-winning pill reminder app that is ranked number one by the doctors and patients. Millions of people use this app to stay safe with their medicines and it also keeps tracks of blood pressure and other measurements. You can easily share results with the doctors for fast and better outcomes. 

It has so many features that include drug-to-drug interaction checker, medicine tracker, an appointment with the doctor, exceptional support for complex drug schedules and many more. Overall it is the topmost healthcare app one should have for better health habits.


Wearable technology has changed the way people live in so many ways that one even cannot imagine in previous years.

Wearable apps are providing ultimate solutions to the issues which we think didn’t exist. Anyone who wants to develop any wearable technology or have a fantastic idea regarding that can get in touch with the wearable app development company to convert your idea into reality.

“According to research, advertising of wearables spend is estimated to reach $69 million by 2019 that opens up new opportunities for the marketers.” Click To Tweet

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