7 Tips for Developing Startup Mobile Applications that Beat Competition

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Startups used to play with low profile marketing in their niche markets. It is because they are devoid of required infrastructure, resources, and, most importantly, budget. Therefore, most of the online and brick-to-click adventures initiated by startups have websites based on free themes and open-source platforms like WordPress. They used to start their games with responsive yet straightforward websites to grow further. Suppose you are among those low-profile startups and ambitious enough to climb high in a short span. In that case, our current post is to encourage you to have a mobile identity, mobile app for your startup business of any niche. We have provided some valuable tips for your startup mobile app development to enable you to beat the fierce competitions in the market. Our tips are revolving around usability, user experiences, and ROI in the market.
  • Design App with only Essential Features and Functionality
Established businesses are looking for mobile applications with tons of features and functions. They used to compare app features with the competitors’ apps and gain an edge over them. Unfortunately, for startups, adding unwanted features means increasing the app budget and clustering in the app to deteriorate the user experiences. Therefore, it is advisable to design only essential features in the app at the initial stage and add more features as per needs with time. With appropriate user feedback and surveys, your app may have only great valuable and usable features and functionality over time.
  • Design App with Attractive User Interface
App design is the thing that has priority to capture the attention of users through attractive visuals and engaging UI elements. App design consisting of more than graphics elements. There are many app design approaches to make your app attractive and engaging at first sight—for instance, minimalistic design, flat design, Material Design, and so on. Startups need to help their reliable app designers or a team decide which design approaches may prove the most suitable for their apps.
  • Bet on App Performance
If your app is slow loading at the time of download due to big file size, many users may leave it and avoid it. Similarly, the long and tedious app installation process prohibits many app users from installing it and using it at the beginning stage. If your app content is loading slow, and users experience slow interactions during app usage, it directly affects the app performance and reflects in-app reviews.
  • Embark on Personalization
People love personal approaches, even in digital or virtual spaces. If your Mobile app programming takes the latest personalization technologies granted, you have an app with highly personalization experiences.
  • Hide or display personalized content.
  • Offer content based on user history and preferences.
  • Devise marketing incentives based on personalization to keep ROI high.
  • Leverage Social Media
Social media is a cheaper yet highly effective way to get your startup viral and sustain itself in the competitive market. Therefore, integrating social media APIs and customising them according to your target audience preferences and your business niche may help you achieve the most out of social channels with minor efforts. Make social sharing easy for your app content and updates. Display social media ratings and reviews to encourage app users to go social.
  • Think of Marketing
Today we have tons of apps available on various app stores in your startup category. It makes app marketing challenges. You may have a hard time drawing the attention of your targeted audience despite decent app design, rich features, and the best user experiences infused in your app development. In such scenarios, various marketing techniques, including online and traditional, can help you create a buzz for your app, hence your startup business. Offering freemium at the beginning with limited app features may prove beneficial for you. Later on, you can apply in-app purchase and other marketing techniques to win your audience. Offering gifts, discounts, vouchers, and other incentives through the app are the best ways to augment your branding and promote your business using the app.
  • Think of Upcoming Technologies
Upcoming technologies always come with some additional advantages and some attractions for progressive-minded users. Therefore, never try to stick with traditionalism; just give new technologies and tools a try. For instance, GPS tracking can bring additional business with location-based services. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can ease your tasks to greater extents. Automation is possible with IoT applications. Integration with the wearable app or devices can bring a new dimension to your startup business. AR & VR are app technologies to augment your business and app experiences further.


We have recognized the significance of the mobile app development for the startups in the current post. Moreover, we have seen some valuable tips for startup mobile app development to make the app a success legend.

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