9 Things Every Healthcare Mobile App Developer Should Reflect Upon


We have seen an unmatched level of growth in the healthcare department over the past few decades. A big thanks to mobile health app developers that give us the facility to maintain our health without any hassle as now we can effortlessly manage our health-related issues in just a few clicks. With the help of mobile apps, there is a considerable reduction in time that care providers spent on monitoring and communicating with patients that also reduced their administrative workload. They can make a more durable and effective treatment plan for the patients, according to the data.

As a mobile app developer, you must keep your audience requirement in mind, especially in this critical and sensitive field directly related to health and fitness. So we have created a list of few considerations which is essential in healthcare mobile app development. Let’s have a look at it

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Pre Requisites to Consider Before Creating Healthcare Mobile App Development

Know the needs of your audience

As a mobile app developer, you would not target any single platform, and as a designer, while designing the app, you must know who your audience is, and if you are working for a healthcare app, you must take care of all the needs of both the doctor and patient. You should make a dedicated app that is flexible and scalable and has an interface that breaks down a patient’s ongoing treatment and condition.

It must keep a record of all the medication usage, and it can be automatically cross-referenced to a database containing all medications to find out any communication. But in the case of fitness or nutritional app, the expectations may be different as there is no interaction between dieticians or nutritionists. It is essential to do your research well and get all the correct information to give an easy-to-use interface.

Interoperable app

Interoperability is the ability of 2 or more components to exchange information and make use of it. And as a mobile app developer, interoperability is the most important term that you should consider, especially while designing a healthcare application. Nowadays, online healthcare solutions include medical scheduling apps to facilitate interoperability. But somehow, hospitals still use traditional hosting more than cloud hosting, so you have to build a more compatible and reliable app to cover the existing setup.

Components of API

API refers to Application programming interface. Healthcare APIs allow developers to integrate health applications with other devices which store and access health data safely.

Use of healthcare API

  • For patients – API can give access to the patients to control their data. It can also allow patients to provide health records and the latest facilities without contacting the receptionist. You won’t have to take the stress of illness and maintaining records together. APIs are beneficial while changing your healthcare provider, and you can get all the necessary information in one click.
  • For hospitals – API allows maintaining health records with the involvement of third-party software for care providers. Doctors can quickly know their patient history, which is safely kept in one place and is easily accessible. Drchrono is an example of APIs that help doctors to make the bill of patients and manage appointments.
  • For researchers – APIs are going to transform medical research to another level. Because of the minimal number of subjects, researchers are unable to draw viable conclusions from their studies. With the efficiently placed API, it increases their research material. Even though the identity of the patients is hidden, they can give a contribution to the research.

GluVue is a prime example of one such API platform that provides medical data, i.e., related to long-time medical illnesses such as diabetes, offering a massive database for healthcare professionals to conclude the research.

UI/UX Considerations

UI/UX plays an essential role in mobile healthcare app development because both the doctors and patients can frequently add data to the healthcare app. You must create an easy app design so that patients can easily update their medical records and make appointments. And similarly, doctors have to maintain patients visits and records regularly. The primary factor you must keep in mind is that your UI/UX contains cheerful fonts and text supporting and making the user experience joyous whenever they visit the app.

Data security and privacy concerns

Mobile healthcare apps fail to deal with legal requirements and security standards. So just before releasing your app, make sure that it matches the set standards. Health app developers in the United States are abiding by HIPPA rules and regulations. There are several tools to ensure the safety and security of your users. If your healthcare app integrates personal and sensitive details, utilize secure communication channels and prevent your app from breaching.

Develop iterative methodologies

Make a healthcare app that not only accommodates new users but also gives them chances of growth. This will help you keep your app updated with new features, and for that, you should develop iteratively. Agile software development is one of the best methodologies behind the success of the world’s best software. It allows you to add features one by one.

Consider MVP

MVP refers to a minimum viable product, and just like its name, it offers the essential product that works in production settings. But please be careful before putting all your capital in MVP itself, as you should go a long way as health app development is concerned. MVP is a beneficial feature that will let you know customers’ feedback. It will also give a chance to increase the application’s success, so you should take customers’ reviews seriously and work on them accordingly.

Security of device

Cybersecurity is one of the significant aspects of any device. Smartphones manufacturers are bringing their homegrown solutions to fill the security holes and if you also want to make your app safer, then add certain lines of code to it. But for an overall change in security, google must step in and sort out the security issue in its popular OS mobile, giving permanent security solutions to smartphones.

Particular testing is a must

Careful testing creates excellent apps. It is the prominent checklist feature in developing any app. As a healthcare app is a matter of great responsibility, if you fail to test the app properly, it will create unwanted action against your health app. So it is a must to test the authenticity and security of the app. You also have to test functional capabilities and device compatibility.


Above listed are 9 important points that should be considered by a healthcare mobile app developer in order to create an authentic and successful application. And especially if we are talking about health and fitness it’s your responsibility to take care the needs of patients and health care providers.

In the end, the potential of your app will be decided by the need, usability and user friendliness of your app. So if you want to make your mobile health care app useful and reliable you should consider all the things in mind from understanding customers need to create a positive aura of the app so that every time the customer will login in the app they feel happy and joyous.


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