Android Application Development: Captivating Trends for 2020



Without a doubt Android has progressed significantly and the narrative of Android is nothing not exactly moving, achieving a change in the mobile application improvement industry. Besides, volumes are relied to develop at a five-year CAGR of 2.4%, with shipments moving toward 1.41 billion out of 2022. Android Application Development Company primarily focus on benefitting from this humongous share that Android enjoys in the mobile market.

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Android reception has developed significantly, taking out rivals in the race of advancement and the overall industry. Every year, Android is proceeding with new strategies and instruments in mobile applications improvement. Each year new thoughts, advancements and patterns connoting changes are introduced. Regular advancement exemplifies patterns of future.

Before investigating further and riding on the changes or contacting mobile application engineers to create an application, it is imperative to comprehend the patterns and its suggestions on Android biological system. Don’t simply copy changes, rather collaborate with a mobile application improvement organization to use its advantages.

Over the years, rise in revenue generation via Android mob applications has gradually encouraged more businesses to adopt it. Mobile industry has picked up in terms of the financial sector. Also, the mobile market sees an upward growth let us have a look.

A brief list of Android application improvement trends that will give you a superior understanding into what will rule in the year 2020.

1.Rise of Android Instant Apps

With Google Play Instant, Android clients can tap to evaluate an application or game totally avoiding the establishment procedure. As Instant Apps don’t expect clients to download the Apps, they are easy to use as a site and are worked legitimately from the cloud. Accordingly, these applications don’t occupy an additional room on your cell phone.

These applications wipe out the messiness of superfluous applications on gadgets. Google has as of late propelled various new highlights for Android application designers to make it simpler to manufacture littler applications that download quicker enabling potential clients to evaluate another application without introducing it.

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2. Android Apps Architecture

Google’s engineering rules characterize the prescribed procedures in building an Android application and prescribed design to assemble elite and powerful applications. Android design parts fill in as a decent beginning stage to manufacture stable applications. Android application engineering will help the Android application designer network to manufacture stable applications and take out the disarray about the inert example for Android, for example, MVC, MVP, or MVVM.

3. Age of Emerging Technologies and Android

The focus is currently on making Google smarter and saddling AI in all aspects from self-driven vehicles to cell phones. Google’s AI-centered technique is presently expanding the range of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for mobile application advancement. Colleagues are picking up notoriety with every day. A few associates are being joined in applications as Chatbots.

Google has taken a step towards the path by presenting “Activities” and “Cuts” at Google I/O, which permit applications to incorporate Assistant directly on the gadget. Google needs clients to invest more energy in specific stages—like Google Lens, its visual apparatus intended to consistently look at your general surroundings through your camera.

Android application improvement is taking the following jump with the amalgamation of AR/VR with AI by presenting propels in vivid advancements, including its Visual Positioning Service (VPS). This is among the most recent AR innovation distinguishing and imitating visual highlights in clients’ environment.

4. Multiplatform development is on the rise

Flutter permits you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase. Providing a new architecture such as customizable and extensible widgets, Flutter framework is a mobile SDK providing reactive views with no need for a JavaScript bridge.

Kotlin/Native, a technology for compiling Kotlin to native binaries. It allows developing apps with the help of native libraries and instruments. The Kotlin compiler produces standalone executables that can function without any virtual machine. Kotlin/Native will be the most sought after platform in 2020.

5. Android Enterprise

Android devices are preferred and most used, after iOS devices. A Google-led program, Android Enterprise establishes best practices of Android app in Enterprise ecosystem as well as provides complete control over apps and data owned by a business organization.

The program provides APIs and other tools for developers which offers integrated support for Android into enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions.

6. Rising Trend of Block chain Technology

Block chain technology seems to be creating a buzz across different industries. This technology is expected to evolve in terms of security, public & private block chain architecture, and consortium architecture. The block chain mobile apps development market will rise to USD 20 billion marks by the end of 2024. Block chain app development is gaining popularity and there is an increased demand. A company changes its name and business model according to the Block chain guideline which will lead to greater profits.

7. Easy Mode of Payment

Android applications receive more number of downloads as compared to iOS. However, in terms of revenue generation iOS still leads the way. Google is hoping to reduce this revenue gap by presenting an alternative for clients in developing markets to pay for applications: with money. It has propelled “pending exchanges” to enable clients to pay without a charge card or some other conventional type of online instalment.

Unavailability of Visa is the primary reason clients in developing markets incline toward free-to-play and ad-supported games as well as applications, instead of paid downloads and in-app purchases. In order to attract those clients who depend more on money, Google is presently revealing another instalment alternative.

8. Build smarter apps with machine learning & AI

Artificial Intelligence when adopted in Android application development; numerous cell phones will perform cutting edge innovation jobs, for example, picture identifying, standardized tag checking, face acknowledgment, and content acknowledgment. Computer based intelligence in Android phones will have the option to rearrange work for clients and provide a fabulous client experience.

Recognition of Text: Text acknowledgment is rendered for a portable designer to distinguish the Latin letters in order on brilliant gadgets. In gadget acknowledgment, this will return shot structure archives with full content that contains words, squares, sections, and images.

Landmark acknowledgment: It makes it amazingly obvious to perceive exceptional and renowned spots. It primarily takes a shot at the cloud and returns the outcome in the SDK.

Face acknowledgment: Detection of the picture of a face and returns the limits and usable for the check of photographs.

Barcode checking: With MLKit, there are a few organizations of the standardized tag. It deals with custom information as well as oversees not many predefined occasions, for example, messaging, location of Wi-fi association, and including schedule occasions.

Image marking: Image naming accompanies a few uses, for example, if an individual transfers a photograph proposing client for a TAG kind of naming, and the other one is to name the photograph bunch in the exhibition.


The new decade starting from 2020, marks a significant move for the Android application improvement industry. Google’s working framework is currently moving towards a quick paced, bound together experience planned to convey on client desires.

While android application improvement patterns proceed to come and cruise by, it is essential to assess the most recent innovation updates to distinguish and take advantage of lucky breaks for your association to make an upper hand.


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