Android or iOS – Which Platform to Choose for a Startup?

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Planning to start a mobile app development business or want to launch an app for your business? In any case, the company or business house needs to decide between the most popular app development platforms – iOS or Android. These are people’s choice for a reason – they either offer global reach or deliver exceptional functionality. Both have been giving cut throat competition to each other and have their own pros and cons. Choosing one can be a serious task. However, the decision depends on an array of factors to be watched for, thought on and brain stormed before venturing into app development world.

Check the market share!

Market share is the most important factor while developing mobile app. Experts predict the number of mobile users to become 5.7 billion by 2020. Decide whether the customer base is global or limited to a certain geography according to the business model. Of course, Android rules the world when it comes to customer base. Till now, more than 85% people buy Android mobiles while the 10% of the world chooses Apple phone. The rest choose other operating systems. This means that companies need to decide their aim first, if it is about reaching a global crowd then Android app development is the way to go. On the other hand, businesses offering specific utility to a cult crowd can go to iPhone app development company.

Check the location of the audience! – It helps a big deal

iOS and Android capture different market share across diverse geography. While Android envelops 75% of the global share, iOS has matchless popularity in United States and Europe. Suppose, if you are developing business for American crowd, then iOS app development is the best alternative. In case, the company wants to spread its customer base to India, China and other Asian countries then Android should be preferred over the Apple OS. Therefore, figuring out where the customers lie and where to stretch the business forward will give clear direction for mobile app development.

Narrow down to the demographic!

Keeping an eye on the kind of audience would help make a better decision. This may seem going an extra mile but knowing the sociology and demographic gives an indication about the kind of mobile usage. For example, a huge chunk of US audience have a higher income. This suggests that they can afford the in-app purchases offered by iOS while most Android apps are free and hence preferred at markets where people avoid in-app purchases. Therefore, dig a little deeper on the kind of audience before choosing the operating system for mobile app development.

In-app purchases are a must for the business or not?

Well, make it clear whether the business model relies on in-app purchases. If yes then choose iOS over Android because statistics suggest that nearly 50% more of iPhone users prefer to buy apps over Android users. Moreover, this number is increasing with every passing year, which suggests that iOS would work best if the business model relies on in-app purchasing. Android lacks behind in this case but has much wider customer base to its kitty. Hence, iOS is clearly a bigger money churner than Android.

Want to keep the app bug-free?

Well, it goes without saying that any business would want to develop flawless and bug free mobile app. However, there are factors which may deviate this process. One of the prime factors is the operating system. As Apple designs its hardware and software for a niche market and owns both, it naturally offers a much higher quality over any of its counterparts. Android is a genius at creating popular apps but it has variants when its about hardware and versions of the OS, which tend to deplete the quality of the app. Most of the times, the UX lacks behind and generates a slightly poor user experience. Startups need to consider this while developing a mobile app.

The ultimate deciding factor is the budget!

Cost is a major consideration while designing and developing a mobile app. Startups need to figure out their investment and choose an operating system which generate highest returns on their investment. iOS is definitely a higher bet when its about getting returns but this also depends on the kind of business model. If the audience is stretched on global level and has limited spending power then Android could be a better choice. For this, the best idea would be to discuss the business model and app development concept with an Android or iPhone app development company and chart out risk-benefit analysis.

Any Startup can have myriads of reasons behind developing a mobile app. Also, businesses have separate goals behind mobile app development. Everything needs to be considered, discussed before choosing an operating system for app development. Some of the best app developers should be contacted to understand the mechanism of the business, its aim and then finalize the OS and the development process.

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