Android Q vs iOS 13 – Decide Which OS is Best?

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Well, its the game of the best, to be the best and to sell the max! Yes! Mobile application technologies are evolving by galaxies to push their best features for the mobile lovers to explore. Mobile giants Apple Inc and Google always give tough competition to each other and bring forth technologies that generate cut throat competition. So, when it is the tug-of-war between iOS 13 and Android 10, which are as the latest operation systems by Apple and Google, its interesting to check who wins the game. Currently, both are in their beta version and would be launched soon. Let us check out features that will attract the mobile users and give them value for their money.

Android Q and iOS 13 gives solid competition – Find who wins over whom!

Some of the features that will capture hearts of mobile lovers are dark mode, privacy augmentation, improved maps, editing features for photos and videos and much more. Check out the startling features offered by Apple and Google in their latest OS.

The Dark Mode!

So, basically we all know that over exposure to screen brightness can be harmful for the eyes. Considering this, both Apple and Google are offering “Dark Mode” in their latest OS. With this feature, the phone can be operated in a state with a dark background and the icons and other bits would be in blue or other colour selected by the user. This is a positive change but Apple being a closed system needs to offer it for all apps on the phone. While Android 10 has made provisions that all apps on the phone can be operated in Dark Mode making it easy for the user. While MacOS already offers this feature, mobile lovers need to wait for iOS 13 actual launch to see how Apple does it with its hand-held devices. Android offers selection of apps that user does not want to see in Dark Mode. This means, users can choose between gray and colors to rest their eyes while still on the phone.

Android 10’s Live Caption scores over iOS 13’s photo revamp feature!

With Apple, photos will get new life after years (almost 12 years). Yes! The mobile giant promises to revamp its photo functionality through an array of enhancements. The best part is that AI of iOS 13 plans to get rid of the clutter of redundant images and duplicate photos. It will also show significant events from past few months. This is expected to be done through geo-tagging to keep the memory of Photo app fresh and tidy.

It offers newly improved editing tools but Android wins over it in this case by giving live captions for videos. This is a boon for YouTubers or those who love to make videos. In case, the video misses clarity of voice or faces disturbance due to background noise then it can be easily improved by adding live captions. It is promised to work with any video or audio as Android 10 will convert audio as subtitles. A really cool feature from technical point of view, it would be useful in manifold situations. The icing on the cake is that it does not require internet connection to convert audio to captions. Android clearly scores a brownie over iOS 13 here.

Focus Mode – It all lies in the focus as said by Android 10!

The focus mode offered by Android 10 helps the user by hiding notifications of unused apps. These apps would become temporarily unavailable and helps user focus on the work at hand. It is clearly the need of the hour, one can focus on one or two apps while rest can remain silent for that time. Split screen will be there but Android definitely plans to make sure that user don’t keep on juggling between multiple apps and concentrate on the most useful ones.

Keep things private with iOS 13!

Android has upped the privacy game of its phones by offering individual permissions to each app. On the other hand, iOS 13 is launching an interesting feature of “sign in with Apple”. With this, iPhone users will be able to visit websites and apps through their Apple id. They would not need separate ids for different sites and apps. It is similar to logging in with Facebook id or Google id but cuts down on spam in the inbox. If executed to precision, iOS 13 will score a point over Android 10 in this case.

Its the Maps that would decide the success!

Android users love the Google Maps function of the phone. It tracks the streets, traffic and ensures that people reach the right place within the suggested time. Always a revered feature, Maps are one of the reasons behind the popularity of Android phones. Apple has sensed this and finally offers better mapping with its Look Around feature. With this, the user can pan around, scan places, sense traffic and save commutation time. Only issue would be user wont be able to send location or link to Android phones, as the map is missing on Google Play Store.

Apart from these, the swipe and write feature would be added in iOS 13. Mind well that it already exists on Android since years. More gesture control are supposed to be in the coming operating systems. Now, after this comparison, which OS is better depends solely on the kind of user. Both have their pros and cons and one needs to pick and choose phone that offers features most useful on an individual level. However, this era is witnessing some of the best technical evolution in the mobile world. Still, a word of advice would be to wait for the actual release, check reviews and then choose the phone that works best on an individual level.

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