Augmented Reality: Impacts On Business In 2019

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality is slowly and gradually becoming a necessity for businesses as its uses are more extensive. The innovative up-gradation turns out to be required for satisfying the most recent needs. Then again, innovation is successful when it happens step by step and different engineers need to be acquainted with the most recent patterns. Augmented Reality Application development services ensure all these factors are put together and is clearly the future technology that the world shall depend on.

The role of Augmented Reality is becoming more apparent in different enterprises like gaming, traveling, online promoting, media and entertainment, sports training, education and so on. Augmented Reality owes its popularity to the enormous potential advantages of this technology that has fuelled AR app development. This has contributed towards making progressive developments in different businesses.

Statistics show that by 2020 Augmented Reality is expected to reach 1 billion users. Worldwide shipment of smart augmented Reality glasses is estimated to reach approximately 5.4 million units by the year 2020. Click To Tweet

Units of Augmented Reality glasses shipped worldwide from 2016 to 2022  ( shown in 1000’s)

Source: Statista

It is evident that various industries are benefitting from the introduction of AR as it establishes a rather unique experience and purchase sort of a market environment for the users which enables users to be visually stimulated. Click To Tweet

How AR evolved in recent times:

1 AR picked up maximum consideration, drawing in greater players:

While information of AR taking over businesses is increasing steadily every year, 2018 was noteworthy for the sheer number of significant players that declared designs that changed how people looked at AR. AR and online networking have consistently had a great deal of potential together, so a huge approach to make new commitments and associations for advertisers to utilize. This implies there will be more access to AR devices than at any time in recent memory.

2. Interactive packaging has been revealed:

A year ago, word got out about the undiscovered capability of passive print in packaging. Progressively advertisers looked to AR-associated bundling to turn constrained, single-use encounters into a significant open door for direct discourse with their end clients. The developing experience economy is more applicable than any time in recent memory, and advertisers are making a special effort in regions that have inventive potential.

3. The capacity to educate through AR:

2018 cemented AR’s status as an authentic technology for learning and advancement in the work environment. Increasingly, more research has cropped up regarding the constructive outcomes that AR can have on the cerebrum in fields like teaching learning and performing – particularly with regards to improving memory encoding. For individuals who require extensive learning methods while training, this innovation takes into consideration a more profound way of association that contributes extraordinarily to security and productivity.

4. Mobile Web AR turns out to be increasingly popular:

While local applications will in general rule how clients cooperate with significant brands, (for example, your banking application, retailer faithfulness application, and so forth.), most independent companies are not prepared to create and bolster their very own application. AR-coordinated social media solutions might be useful to begin with, however there is little adaptability in designing tailor made application in accordance to the necessities of individual organizations. Mobile web AR will introduce itself as a practical answer for some, who have the spending limit and still need to get into the AR game.

5. Consumer MR steps forward.

The most testing part of consumer MR is the measure of time that goes into working together on such monstrous, shared encounters. In any case, specialized progressions with AR signal that a jump forward is probably going to happen, and we’ll all be nearer to the gigantic community oriented encounters that the medium has been working towards. A few organizations have just experienced some positive first endeavors, which look promising for the upcoming year.

6. Evolution into a consistent on content source.

Until now, the most widely recognized sort of AR application has been creative and immersive promoting. While this is extraordinary, numerous organizations and brands are hoping to embrace an AR technique that moves past essentially a beyond simple, one-off understanding. As opposed to experiencing one intriguing association with a single item, AR can possibly turn into an open door for reliable cooperation among brands and a group of spectators. Regardless of whether it is utilized for product data or to showcase brand lifestyle, AR will probably develop into a steady source of content.

Effects of Augmented Reality on Business in 2019

1.Future of Marketing

The best feature of AR is that it is one of the most inventive strategy to make the client feel associated to the business. This is the reason why it is often exploited by different business firms in order to make their presence felt in the market. Promoting is a method for conveying the business to a bunch of users and AR is the perfect choice for this. For example, with the assistance of AR, prospective clients can see the promotion in 3D see with all details as a result of its high resolution display that targets visual stimulation. Therefore AR is impacting the advertising extraordinarily in the last few years and would be in demand in the future as well.

2. Maximum Users

Daily, a huge number of clients are adapting to AR for promotional/ advertisement purposes nowadays. The number of clients shifting to AR is high particularly, the gaming business for instance clients seem to develop more interest in AR and word of mouth has also helped this grow hence as the user base increases the business also grows.

3. Apple AR kit

When Apple unveiled the Apple AR Kit at the Apple engineer’s gathering in June 2017, the eventual fate of AR drastically changed, thereby affecting the business radically in 2018. This kit permits the application engineers to incorporate the computerized involvement in the physical business world utilizing different AR applications. These highlights works best with iPhone X, which runs on iOS 11.

4. Social Media Platforms

Numerous Social media stages are moving towards adapting AR with their designs. For example, Facebook is keen on introducing AR on the platform with the help of AR Smart glass. As declared by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, AR will be the next computing platform this plainly shows the changing dynamics of AR and its impacts on business.

5. Augmented Reality Apps

With the assistance of the recent innovations, it is technologically possible to create an application using different developments and Augmented Reality is no exception for it. There are a large number of applications under progress nowadays with consolidated AR in it. For instance, Gadget stream, Eyemaps, Housecraft, Euclidian Lands.

Augmented Reality offers a new way for business to interact with the customers and it provides with a better experience for the customer and increased sales for the business hence a win-win situation. Click To Tweet


Augmented Reality has the capacities to change the destiny of business in the upcoming years. Different businesses are getting AR joined into their frameworks for making it viral like games, social stages, promoting, and so forth.

AR seems to be helpful particularly for the different new businesses and even innovative mammoths. Therefore, given that that AR is most definitely going to control the tech world sooner than later the different advantages of AR are not simply confined to this with evolving technology there would be new updates in the future.


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