Best Practices implemented for Business Continuity during the COVID-19 Crisis

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More than 200 countries worldwide are now battling the highly infectious COVID-19 disease. The wild spread of Coronavirus has turned the world upside down. It seems that the usual way of life has halted almost completely. Businesses everywhere are seeing an unexpected turn of events. The Global Economic scenario has overturned drastically, and now all business houses are looking for restructuring themselves to survive and thrive in this situation.

Social Distancing is the norm, which everyone needs to adhere to stringently. There is a call for a complete alteration in various business plans, policies, and working styles.

Working remotely is one of the best possible ways for many business entities to keep their heads above water. It is the best solution for delivering undeterred service to their esteemed customers and ensuring the well-being of their entire business team.

“In the United States, as per the Forbes Survey, at least 46 percent of businesses had assigned work from home facility to their employees in mid-February itself, and now almost all companies are exploring the possibility of this measure.”

The precariousness of the situation has led to the realization among businesses to broaden their thinking patterns and make strategies that take the long-term good under consideration. There is a shift in the way enterprises aim to perform in the future.  

Our team at Sysbunny is Working Remotely and Efficiently!

We, at Sysbunny, very well understand the sensitivity of this Crisis and, in the best interests of our valuable employees, while ensuring business continuity, we have effectively implemented a work from the home system for our employees.

We are still available at your disposal to cater to all your Application Development needs. We are collaborating and working distantly but without compromising with our service quality. Using the latest technological software and equipment at disposal, we have created a strong network for communication and work for all our employees.

Managing the Work From Home System 

Persistent commitment to our clients is our motto. Sysbunny is addressing all client requirements with exceptional perseverance.

Our team is adept at working competently in such uncertain situations while tapping the power of the internet.

  • We have implemented a system for communication using virtual conferencing and messaging applications like Skype and Whatsapp. All necessary data updates are consistently shared with all employees with full support and collaboration from every individual.
  • Providing a congenial work environment for all our employees has always been our priority. They all are equipped with the requisite devices and software to allow the smooth functioning of the entire workflow.
  • To keep a track on the work completion, we are utilizing cutting edge software like Desktime. We are monitoring the working and efficiency of our employees while keeping in mind the provision of requisite flexibility. The chain of Daily reporting of the tasks performed and necessary feedbacks is being sustained.
  • A Seamless channel of communication is maintained with our Clientele. We are giving regular feedback and support to each of them to ensure complete cooperation.
  • The Team Leaders at Sysbunny are available 24X7 to address any grievances or queries from the working members. We are keeping our coordination intact.

We have an absolute commitment to maintaining our work methodology and ensuring customer contentment. At Sysbunny the aim is to provide:

  • Full Cooperation and Coordination

Throughout the organization, all the managers and employees are performing hand-in-hand virtually to maintain complete orderliness.

  • Appropriate Delegation

We are seeking Effective delegation for the timely completion of our projects. All team members are appositely delegated the task instructions and miscommunications are being minimized.

  • Accuracy and Transparency

Our whole team is dedicated to delivering the best results to our clients. There is an assurance for an accurate and transparent system of operations throughout to offer the best in class services.

  • Setting up required Infrastructure

To keep up the quality of work, we have always remained particular about investing and developing a high-end infrastructure at our workplace. We make sure our employees can avail of all essential hardware and software to perform resourcefully.

Tips to Maintain the “Remote Working Ecosystem”

Since all our in-house developers are providing their services from their home space, we do face our fair share of challenges. We have, however, narrowed down the intensity of our problems. It is crucial to realize that making the optimum use of the resources is what we all must do. Here are some measures which can aid in assuring a balanced virtual work environment.

  • Trusting our Team

As a result of the inherent human nature, virtual communication is not always trusted. It is still a barrier when compared to the physical interaction between two individuals. We are, however, putting in our best foot forward to create a sense of mutual trust among the employees and the managers. This is possible by maintaining an open and sturdy medium for coordination.

  • Steadfast Communication

The system of work from home becomes redundant if there is no stable and reliable communication channel. We have implemented group communication through robust applications and have devised a detailed schedule and work-structure for all the employees. Any discrepancy is tackled appropriately, and prior-intimation about unavailability is followed. The directions are issued effectively to all members to prevent under-communication issues.

  • Addressing Security Concerns

Many business owners and their clients are worried about the integrity and confidentiality of data transferred through remote working paths. We have put into effect a brisk policy for the security of critical data. Proper authentication and encryption techniques are executed to ensure no leakages. Employees are intimated with all regulations. Data Security remains our top priority to keep our customers worry-free.

  • Harnessing the potential of Technology

As an Application Development Company, we are well-aware of the capabilities of internet technology. We are unlocking its full potential by using a variety of online tools to share files and information. Our team is dynamic and skilled to make use of these means to keep up their performance levels.

  • Offering Needed Flexibility

Another important aspect is to offer the needed flexibility to our employees. We prevent excessive control over our employees as it will ultimately affect them adversely. The employees must feel comfortable and enjoy their work. The goal should be to maintain productivity with flexibility. Our belief is not on over-powering our working members by nagging but to uphold harmony through apt controlling.


It is a reality that the realm of working from home still remains unexplored and less desirable. However, this is the need of the hour. Sysbunny, with its adaptability, has managed to carve an economical path to ensure business continuity with this new way of working. It is time that businesses introspect, and ventures into the likeability of such work possibilities in the future as the dynamics keep shifting.

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