Why More Businesses Prefer to Embrace Custom Mobile App Instead Off-the-Shelf Product?

Custom Applications

So, you have fixed that your business has a mobile application within a certain period. You have started gathering facts about mobile applications for your business. Now, you come to know that many of your immediate competitors are using off-the-shelf mobile apps developed by known brands or a leading mobile application development company in your region.

You may tempt to find out the most suitable ready-to-use mobile product for your company or organization. Your managers or staff have made some suggestions on it, and eventually, you have installed a demo or trial product for a limited period in your company.

After some usage,you might have realized the following pros & cons of off-the-shelf mobile products.

Pros of Off-the-Shelf Mobile Applications for Your Business:

  • It is easy and quick todeploy/install in your system and offer apps to your staff as well as some ofyour selected customers. It depends onthe package and company policies to offer in trial-period.
  • The user interface is familiar to many of your users. It is because of the same products used in the marketby your competitors and others in your niche.
  • Enough features and functionality are available to meet most ofyour standard requirements or expectations from a mobile app for your business.Sometimes, it is more than you expect.
  • Upon inquiry, you find out thatyou have to pay once to get off-the-shelf app system or subscribe based onusage thanks to cloud-based services like SaaS and MBaaS products.
  • It means you have a low investment at the initial stage or pay only for that you use. It seems fair deal formany with budgetary constraints. You no need toinvest in hosting for a backend web application or buying cloud-relatedservices for features and functionality integrated into your app.
  • Many app product providers bear the burden of support & maintenance to woo morecustomers, so you are free from it.

Cons of Off-the-Shelf Mobile Applications for Your Business:

However, a smart team with tech-savvy nature in your staff also placed some drawbacks of the off-the-shelf mobile products for your organizations. Let’s check those cons too.

  • After some usage, your team had realized that this mobile product is not offering features and functionality that can meet some of your business specific needs, which are crucial for your business in the long run.
  • Some smart team members have counted many features and functionality useless for your organization or your customers even though you have to pay for it.
  • Additional and unwanted features and functions were creating performance glitches during somewhat long use.
  • UIs of the ready-to-use apps are similar everywhere and missing unique UI elements to do branding or make your app unique in the hands of your customers.
  • Some market reports come with security threats for your selected off-the-shelf mobile app products. Experts also have suggested that such vulnerability is natural when uniqueness is missing.
  • Your accountants have reported that some license fees, maintenance, and overheads are vanishing advantages of the low initial investment in the long run.

After a long brainstorming with your staff,selected customers, and other business related team, you have eliminated your decision to buy off-the-shelf mobile applications.

Now, you have moved your focus to have a custom mobile app development project for your business to address your bespoke requirements. Here, you should be more than active to gather facts supporting your decision to have custom mobile apps. Let’s imagine what your fact sheet will say at the end of research and analysis!

Pros of Custom Mobile App Development for Your Business:

Selection Freedom:

Today mobile applications found in the main three categories, native, cross-platform,and hybrid. Each type has different use cases and pros & cons. You have to take technical consultancy in due course and decide which category of mobile apps your business needs. It is possible only with an expert mobile development team, and you have to hire it.

Many advanced mobile app development companies offer MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to test your app prototypes practically. It helps to decide which features and functionality your app needs in the next phase based on the feedback from app users. It is possible only with custom app development, not in off-the-shelf products.


You need a degree of customization to address your bespoke needs. Here, your mobile app developers have to include only useful features for your business rather than keeping standard features prevailing in the market for your niche applications.

In due course, developers have to go some extra miles to add odd functions as well as integrate third-party APIs to bring some unique features or services in your app.

Your app designers have to create unique modules for your app, and programmers have to infuse advanced functionality in it. Thus, your app might have innovative UI sand exceptional UX.


Personalization enables your app to win more repeated usage. It engages app users and increases your conversion rate. It requires integration of personalization engines in your app and tweaks your UI designs accordingly.

Personalization allows the app to address individual preferences of your app users and bring overall UX at new heights. It is true that off-the-shelf products allows some degree of customization, but it is a nightmare to offer complete personalization as per your unique business needs.

Safety & Security:

Each business has unique demands regarding data safety and app security when an app integrated with its existing digital systems. Only app security experts can decide when& where security investment proves worthy.


Some businesses are growing rapidly while some have a long incubation period before reaching their peaks. So, app developers have to keep the provision in the selection of app development platform, frameworks, features, and functionality. It can make app futuristic and scalable to address rising needs in the future.

Cons of Custom Mobile Application Development for Your Business:


It is a vital thing in any decision, so in this case too. Custom app design and programming need some more investment than you imagine, but it is only one-time and worth to go for it.


You have to bear the maintenance cost of custom software, and it adds in a long-term cost. However, many companies offer S&M packages at cheaper rates for their patrons, and keeping the same team for maintenance makes more sense than we think.

Development Process:

If you hire a leading mobile app development team, still you have to take care of some technical aspects during the development process. However, experienced team can provide you complete guidance and PMS to monitor the entire process. Trained team leaders and project managers can help clientele to overcome deficiencies in tech knowledge.They make tech aspects simple for everyone.

The development process takes time and resources, and busy businesses are always struggling for it. Off-the-shelf products don’t take time, and you can deploy instantly.


Now, we have learned all aspects of off-the-shelf and custom mobile products. It is a fact that betting on custom app development is beneficial in many respects. Therefore, try to find out the right app development partner, it can help you to get the right products at the right prices.

SysBunny is a pool of talented mobile app developers ready to help you create bespoke mobility products for your custom requirements.

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