Effect on Android Application Market After COVID-19


An undesirable guest in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic knocked on our doors in 2020, playing havoc on human life’s usual functioning. The entire world is still struggling to go back to normalcy. Many industries saw an unprecedented impact on their work. The realm of Android Application Development Services is not oblivious to the COVID-19 influence. The Corona Wave has hit the Android App Developers with some unexpected stirs in the market. App Developers are finding a rise in demand for a new variety of Mobile Apps. We all are realizing the impetus of Science and Information Technologies amidst this crisis. Technologies like smartphone apps are playing a pivotal role in bringing the Health Crisis under control. Various Applications are acting as a source of solace to all homebound people worldwide.

The American Daily Active users for Mobile Apps have ascended by more than 120 Percent during the Lockdown induced by COVID-19 Pandemic.

Altering App Dimensions during Corona times!

In light of the altered situation, Android Application Development Companies have transformed themselves. App Developers are adapting to not just new Remote Working Models. They are also finding an unexpected soaring demand for new genres of applications, while many previously popular apps have slowed down. The App trends in the Pre-Corona era seem to have overturned to a significant extent. Developers realize that pioneering iOS and Android App Development Solutions are the need of the hour.

As per data released by popular App stores, more than $23 billion were spent by users on Apps during the first quarter of 2020. It is so far the highest expense found by Apps in any given quarter.

Let us dig deeper into this twist seen by a variety of widely used Mobile App categories as a result of COVID-19. We highlight the impact on iOS and Android App Development Services caused due to usage shifts and changed requirements. 

  1. The Boom of Video Streaming Applications
    It would be quite apt to state that Youtube, Netflix, and loads of other video streaming apps are reigning the Lockdown season. If Android Developers look at the download trends on Google Play Store, there was more than a 90 percent rise in the non-organic installations by Smartphone users. People are binge-watching and viewing all sorts of accessible content as they have more time to spare during this phase. The traffic on Apps like Netflix, Amazon prime, and Hotstar was so high that the company’s default video quality was lowered. Their servers found it challenging to manage the excess increase in demand. The Android App Development Service Providers need to tap this increased dependence on video streaming apps to launch high-quality, feature-rich streaming apps.
  2. Great fall for Ride Sharing and Travel Booking Apps
    This fall was almost inevitable. As billions of people were locked in their homes, commutation and travel came to a sudden complete halt. Ride-Sharing Apps like Uber have incurred a massive drop in their usage. Popular Hospitality and Tour Booking Apps also saw their share of big downfall.

    “As per the World Travel and Tourism Council estimates, a loss in earnings of about $2.1 Trillion was booked on the global scale by the Travel and Tourism industry.”

    We anticipate a quick recovery for this sector as the restrictions get reduced.
  3. Higher need for Fitness and Healthcare Apps
    One of the most significant aid was offered by health-tracking and fitness applications during the Health crisis. Healthcare and Medicine Delivery apps have proved very handy to monitor and aid infected and suspected quarantined patients. The Daily Active Users for the Medical and Healthcare applications heightened by around 40 percent.
    App Development Service entities saw another elevation among users for the Fitness apps niche. Gyms and Sports centers remain closed in most parts of the world. Fitness Applications are now the supporting partners for Fitness enthusiasts everywhere. People, due to the limited physical activities, are practicing fitness in their home’s comfort. Companies deploying Android Development Services have now found a great arena to further explore with Fitness Apps.
  4. Social Distancing made easy by Social Media and Messaging Apps
    Man is a social being. Physical Interaction with friends, relatives, and colleagues was completely disabled. However, Social media Apps allowed virtual communication, which allowed people to stay in touch with their dear ones. Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram were already popular among the masses. One can also not ignore the prominence of Video-calling and group chat apps like Zoom and House Party during these times.

    “As per studies, the Social Media Apps saw the highest number of downloads as against other domains of apps.”

    With the worldwide social distancing norm, the users for these applications have further scaled upward. Social Media apps have also helped to spread awareness about the COVID-19 impact in various regions.
  5. Happening times for Educational and Learning Apps
    Another consequence of the Corona Crisis was the closure of almost all schools, colleges, and educational institutions. The education sector became increasingly dependent on Educational and Learning apps to continue the drive for studies among students. Online Learning apps are being used by families to teach their young kids. Also, people are joining new learning courses across diverse areas to make more productive use of the Lockdown. App Developers found a 20 percent rise in the number of Learning Apps. Advanced Android App Development Solutions in this sphere are vastly helping to continue the learning process among students.
  6. Utility of Food Delivery and E-Commerce Apps
    As Restaurants and Bars stay closed for customers, users kept utilizing the food delivery apps to a certain extent. Food outlets and restaurants are increasingly dependent on Home Delivery Applications. But, the insecurities about the food preparation and hygiene process led to some reduction in orders. The Food Delivery Companies, however, jumped back with safety and sanitization assurances to again garner interest from users.
    Online Grocery and Shopping apps were also among the favorites of Smartphone users. Android App Development Companies found a considerable demand for e-commerce apps. As people could go out for shopping with closed shopping centers and malls, Online shopping Apps have become very attractive. People with the drive to hoard essential supplies made significant use of Grocery Apps.
  7. Greater Interest in Gaming Apps
    The Android App Developers registered a sharp swell in the number of Gaming App users on the Android Platform. Be it Fortnite, PubG, or Ludoking; there is an escalation in the numbers of players for both Hard-core and Regular Gaming Apps. Millions of new users get added to the world of Gaming Applications during the Phase of Lockdown. People are using these Gaming Applications to pass their time.


COVID-19 has indeed been a strange time for the Android App Development market. Some domains of Smartphone Apps saw a massive user increase; some other domains got into a pitfall. All and all, it made the populace realize the usability of Applications, including Android Applications. There is a rising dependency on Apps. Android App Development companies must monetize this situation as an opportunity by creating more world-class Android Apps.
Sysbunny continues its work spirit despite the turbulent times. We kept working remotely and created some premier Android Apps for our clientele. Our Android App Developers team remains optimistic about substantial growth in the industry.

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