Evaluating the Future for Enterprise App Development With Wearable Technology

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A decade ago, it was said that mobile application and its advancement will revolutionize the IT market. Today, we see that this innovation has advanced so quickly that it is turning into the quickest developing business sector in IT industry. A couple of months back, wearable gadgets from Android and Apple have been launched in the market to support the applications. There have been consistent endeavors from wearable app developers to guarantee that these wearables offer total utility to the clients.

When these wearable watches and other hand gears are introduced in the market, the most important aspect that requires to be dealt with is wearable application development. All the mobile application development organizations are anticipating this as another test to get the best outcomes from it.

Here are some of the features of wearable application development technology.

1.Master the idea, Top the market

The real improvement of the wearable applications becomes fruitful when you have assembled an application which explicit to wearable utility. Then again, the application ought to splendidly legitimize the advancement endeavors which are actually providing financial advantages to the application development specialists. Knowing the utility of the gadget, it will give the best results to the clients for your application and make it a productive gadget.

Simultaneously, mobile application designers need to comprehend the essence of designing an application for a specific wearable gadget and therefore give upgraded variant of the application to the client. Watches, wristbands and other brilliant wearable gadgets have their very own utilization techniques making it hard for application designers to make the application.

2. Expand your business, be skilled

Wearable application development as a business has high scope in the market and can rapidly grow. It also provides a platform for all these engineers to become familiar with the platform and technological advancements. The business development will prompt accomplishment of new levels and increase present expectations of execution among the contenders. There are plenty of options available in the market so it is important to provide the best to the clients.

3. Statistical data points

It is a fact that wearable innovation will cope up in next few years and over 27% of the individuals around the world would be utilizing these gadgets. Then again, there are over 70 billion downloads of mobile applications hence wearable applications will give a major push to application development. Google and Apple have thought of intriguing future realities for wearable gadgets making the application war increasingly competitive between them.

Wearable technology holds tremendous promise, but is it really the future of enterprise app development? After all, these gadgets are only as good as what they can do for the wearer, and meeting that challenge demands apps. But how readily will enterprises embrace wearable technology, if at all?

The altering course of wearable tech

In wearable innovations, advertising focused around customers. In any case, the current developments proposed by the juggernauts of the wearable tech industry are creating items revolving around business applications. Makers of wearable gadgets guarantee the business world improved effectiveness and efficiency, however do they convey? As indicated by Forbes, the numbers are promising up till now – one survey showed that wearable tech could improve efficiency by 8.5 percent and employee satisfaction by 3.5 percent.

How wearables fit into enterprise mobile strategy

Most organizations are busy making up for lost time in creating applications for cell phones and tablets, so how applications for wearable innovation will influence the enterprise mart is unknown. How workers are benefited from wearable gadgets will show how important the applications organizations designed for them are. The applications should make the work simpler and productive and provide personal benefits.

Wearables will surely change the future but there are a few reasons why wearables fall short. Let us have a look at these.

Shortcomings of wearable tech

Wearable innovation isn’t without huge deficiencies and makers should address the concerns on the off chance that they hope to see far reaching reception at the endeavor level. To begin with, fragmentation is a significant issue with wearable tech, as manufacturers create gadgets on dissimilar, company specific platforms. Due to the lack of consistency, the expense and unpredictability of making cross-stage applications for different working frameworks discourages designers from propelling the innovation. Wearable tech needs what might be compared to an Android, Windows or iOS to bind together these gadgets and encourage application improvement.

Secondly, organizations and representatives have similar concerns about the security of wearable gadgets. From the organization’s perspective, wearable gadgets include another level of multifaceted nature for IT. It causes them to worry about information spillage and listening in on representative gadgets. For instance, the human services industry needs to consider whether wearable gadgets follow HIPAA guidelines. On the representative side, wearable gadgets can possibly turn out to be Big-Brother-type observation frameworks, checking all workers’ developments.

Affordability is a significant factor for buyers of wearable tech. Application development won’t take off until wearable gadgets are efficient enough and available at affordable prices in the market. Presently, the rendition of Google Glass in beta testing sells for $1,500, which is monetarily illogical for most organizations who need to equip huge segments of their workforce.


Irrespective of whether wearable tech takes off in the business world, clients need to get comfortable using enterprise applications and use these gadgets in their day by day lives before organizations can put resources into wearable tech.

Most importantly wearable innovation at the enterprise level has tremendous potential, however its future stays questionable. How purchasers react to wearable innovation, regardless of whether gadgets share operating systems and whether the cost of gadgets drops will decide future interest for wearable-gadget undertaking applications.


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