How Android App Development Boost Your Business Growth to the Next Level


Recently, Statista revealed that 88% of smartphones run on Android OS. In simple words, if you have an Android mobile application for your business, you have high chances to capture a vast audience available on its OS. Albeit, you have to deal with its fragmentation issues, and fortunately, it is no more of a problem right now, thanks to advanced testing and coding technologies.

Thereby, we can place Android app development on the top of the list of mobile app development niches. It is believed that the prospects of Android development is bright, and it can take your business to the next level if you have adopted the latest trends and technology integrations in your Android applications. Many have a doubt regarding it so; I have decided to explain how it could be in the current post. Let’s check some valid reasons for it.

Android Ecosystem Supports Emerging Trends & Technologies

  • A big chunk of wearable devices has Android OS and a lot of opportunities to create Android mobile dependent applications for wearable applications.
  • Fitness & healthcare are booming sectors for it, and myriads of innovations take place through Android app development.
  • Android supports smartwatches, bends, body implants, and other wearable devices to deliver many unique functions in the ecosystem.
  • Similarly, a variety of IoT application components rely on Android OS and Android technologies to get seamless integrations in the IoT network.
  • Android AR-based apps are now among the mainstream market and services a wide range of retailers and other industries across the globe.
  • The Android platform supports AI and associated technologies to create next-generation applications.

Of course, you must have an impeccable Android App Development Company at your side to grab emerging technology trends.

Your Business Can Reach a Large User Base Available On Android OS Platform

By 218, 329 million Android smartphone units have sold around the world. Only 44 million units were of the iOS platform in the same period. It means Android devices have a large user base. How can you ignore such a vast and prosperous platform for your business?

Low Barriers Entry for Android App Developers on the Android Platform

Getting entry on iOS app development platform means to pay $99 annual fee. Android app developers have to spend only $25 for lifetime registration. If you don’t have an iOS app development project for more than a year, how could you bear the burden of an annual fee?

Android an Open Source Mobile OS Platform

Furthermore, iOS is a proprietary platform where Apple never allows you to run iOS on other devices than it has produced.Vendor lock is substantial here, and you have to pay for devices and other resources needed in various kinds of testing and development. Android is an open source mobile OS platform where no such restrictions found.

Source code is freely available on the Android platform, and you can play with it easily for extensive customization. You can avail all the advantages come with an open source platform in the Android ecosystem.

Prolonged Backward Compatibility on Android Platform

If you have iOS devices for testing, you have to continually purchase the latest gadgets because the backward compatibility is shorter in the iOS platform once the newest iOS release takes place.

Only two or three back version supports are available on the iOS platform. Whereas Android has no such barriers, and you can go for the older version up to five generation back releases of the Android OS. Of course, it makes fragmentation acute but grabbing a huge audience benefits nullify it.

Cheaper Hire Android Developer Resources

Becoming an Android developer is easy because Java is a mainstream programming language and universities across the world have adopted in its curriculum in all degree programs. Java is a perfect object-oriented programming language and easy to learn for any developer who has some familiarity with C-class programming languages.

Moreover, the latest adoption of Kotlin is again the best bet because it also is easy to grasp and fast to code programming language for next-generation Android app development. Thereby, you have quick access to hiring Android developer resources, and competitions have made it cheaper, yet quality oriented it.

Thanks to open source community and support of Google, Android has a vast developer community and marketplaces. A developer can get immediate assistance whenever needed from the community. If it is paid, it is still cheaper.

Cheaper Android App Development Services by Reputed Android App Development Company in Your Vicinity

Any Android App Development Company with a good reputation in the market can offer you quality Android app development services at competitive market rates because they can gather Android talents easily and at lower prices than iOS app developers.

Moreover, an Android App Development Company need not invest high on Android app development resources. Android Studio runs on any desktop or laptop OS, including Windows and Mac without additional resources.

The majority of Android development tools like IDE, extensions, and various third-party software are available free of charge.If those are paid, then comparatively cheaper than the iOS ecosystem.

Android Platform Supports Open Market Concept & Offer Multiple Sales Channels for Your Business

Google Play is an official Android app marketplace with almost no barrier for entry to sell your apps or products.Commission rate on the selling of an app is highly substantial compared to Apple’s iTunes App Store.

An app approval process is not intimidating at all, and you can get easy approval with the right code and by following standards and guidelines issued by the Google Play Store. In addition to direct selling of the apps, in-app purchase model is also favorite and supported in Google Play store.

Apart from these, in-app advertisement has enough support on Android marketplaces, and you can adopt any revenue model based on it.

Bottom Line:

If you are inclined to take your business next level by beating the fiercely competitive market, Android, undoubtedly, is the best bet for you. Custom Android application development is the perfect answer toit.

Now, what about the quality of the app, app performance, and ROI on app development? The answer is a dependable Android App Development Company with a high reputation and big applauds in the market. I consider the team of Android app developers at SysBunny is the complete solution for your high-end yet cost-effective Android app solutions to take your business next level.

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