How is Android Go App Different From Regular Android?


When another rendition of Android turns out, it is generally a major ordeal. In each new form, there are a lot of new highlights, a lot of configuration changes, and the vast majority of the occasions, a flood of telephones to come to suit the new form. What’s more, when the dispatch is something as major as a thinned down variant of Android, the occasion will undoubtedly draw attention. Android app development services focus on churning out regular updates for the users with technological development.

When a new rendition of Android turns out, it is a huge deal. In each new form, there are a lot of new highlights, various configuration changes, along with a flood of new phones that suit the new form. Click To Tweet

Google, in early 2017 reported the dispatch of an OS that would keep running on minimal effort cell phones that overwhelmingly command the creating countries and it took a year for OEMs to dispatch their Android Go Devices. Among the other MWC declarations, one was the names of gadgets that would have Android Go. Here are the Android Go gadgets – Alcatel 1X, Nokia 1, LavaZ50, ASUS Zenfone Live L1, and Huawei Y3 and so forth. Android application development services ensure that the updates are user friendly and are compatible with the older gadgets such that the new releases do not make the older gadgets obsolete.

Android Go released in the market in 2017 as a major aspect of Google’s eager objective to make key Android applications accessible in lean structure over a wide range of gadgets, including the passage level Android telephones. Android Go was conceptualized to help the regular clients of low-spending Android gadgets around the world. Individuals who can’t bear the cost of costly and cutting edge Android cell phones would now be able to utilize Android Go variants of the mainstream Google applications. Clearly, this helped Google to arrive at more extensive and greater crowd worldwide with a positive effect in regard of extending the Google application advertise crosswise over creating nations.

What is Android Go?

Android Go is the lean and concise rendition of the Android Operating System, which has been propelled by Google with the sole idea of running this working framework simultaneously alongside low-spending Android telephones. Click To Tweet

Android Go is the lean and concise rendition of the Android Operating System, which has been propelled by Google with the sole idea of running this working framework simultaneously alongside low-spending Android telephones. Exactly when the cell phone market is growing outside of rich Europe and America, this huge advance was taken by Google to snatch the extending market opportunity in various pieces of the world.

The move stopped by Google as a gift for each one of those Android clients who can’t bear the expense of costly Android gadgets with high RAM size. With Android Go, the preinstalled or out of the container applications will likewise snatch lesser space than the standard applications.The business methodology that continues running behind Android Go is to develop the business to the making nations, which on one hand has the upside of the high customer base, anyway on the other hand, face restriction from low additional room, high application size, and low RAM size.

To appreciate these three base issues that shield Google from causing Android to land at its market potential, the brand moved Android Go to

1) Enable Android to continue running on the phone with 1GB RAM or even less

2) Ensure that the OS takes lesser space

3) Allow lesser data and space for preinstalled applications

How to Build Android Go App?

Since we know the contrasts between Android Go and ordinary Android applications and have comprehended the wide-going advantages of these lean application renditions, it is essential to think about the way toward making an Android Go variant of the application. We should clarify the means quickly.

1.Build a Common App

No need to assemble an alternate application without any preparation. All you need is to make a lean and lightweight variant while keeping a similar client experience to the ideal degree. The application rendition for the less-RAM gadgets ought not have an alternate client experience. By just utilizing the Android App Bundle, you can decrease over 60% the size of an application.

2. Same App with Slightly Different UX

Once in a while, by lessening the document size, you just can’t keep a similar client experience (UX) of the application. On account of such applications, it is prudent to construct diverse APKs. While the full-sized APK will hold all UX components and highlights for each gadget, the cut back APK will take into account low-RAM gadgets with somewhat stripped-down client experience.

3. Building Two Different Apps

Despite the fact that this has been generally stayed away from by most Android Go applications starting at now, now and again, this methodology can likewise be vital. Much the same as the new Files Go application of Google, you may need to assemble an out and out various application for the group of spectators utilizing a low-RAM gadget.

Android Go is a saving grace for all the users as they get to enjoy a fulfilling experience in their older gadgets as t his is the software of the future, it would make a huge difference in the mobile age. Click To Tweet

Key Differences between Android Go and Regular Android Apps

To comprehend the contrasts between the Android Go and the customary applications on offer, there is no better route yet to concentrate on a couple of chose applications. Luckily, the vast majority of the prevalent and generally utilized Google applications currently have their Android Go renditions. Here we would attempt to reveal insight into the key parts of the two kinds of applications.

1.Google versus Google Go

The Google Go rendition is a lot lighter and straightforward contrasted with the customary Google application. The application size is only 12 MB contrasted with the 166 MB of normal Google application. Because of the lean document size the application is downloaded a lot quicker and spares a great deal of downloading time. In any case, don’t think, with the cut back variant you need to settle on key highlights. With the Go form additionally you get all the key highlights, for example, Google Translate, voice search, incorporated Google Map, picture search and GIF.

2. Gmail Go versus Gmail

Gmail is an essential application which is made accessible for the low-spending gadget clients too through the Gmail Go adaptation. Regardless of whether in look and feel or execution or key highlights, it fills in tantamount to the standard Gmail application.

3. Google Map Go versus Google Map

Google Map Go arrives in a more slender rendition with an APK size of simply 0.009 MB, which makes it amazingly lightweight contrasted with the 48 MB record size of the normal Google Map application. Regardless of such incredibly lightweight volume and size, it offers the pivotal element, for example, the continuous area sharing. The main negative viewpoint is, Google Map Go doesn’t permit route highlight which requires downloading another application alluded to as Navigation for Google Maps Go. In any event, when you utilize both the applications, the extra room devoured by them stays a lot of lower than the normal Google Map application.

4. YouTube Go versus YouTube

Google even manufactured a lightweight rendition of the YouTube application. Named as YouTube Go expends just 29 MB space contrasted with the 122 MB document size of the customary YouTube application. Despite such lean and peeled off variant the Go form of the YouTube enables you to see a video just with a tap. Be that as it may, it doesn’t permit numerous vital highlights also. In addition, with YouTube Go you can’t buy in to numerous channels that provide food excellent varying media substance.

5. Google Assistant Go versus Google Assistant

Unlike the other Go forms that have been made by stripping down the prior application record size, Google Assistant Go has been worked as a different application. Disregarding being a lightweight and lean application, it gets the full help of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Google Assistant. Notwithstanding the nonappearance of a couple of highlights, it offers all that truly matters for this prominent remote helper application. The best thing is, the AI capacity of the Go variant functions comparable to the normal Google Assistant application.

6. Files Go versus Files

Google permits downloading and overseeing Google applications through a Download Manager application that permits perusing the gadget stockpiling for capacities and applications. For Android Go, Google propelled a completely fledged Files Go application with some at no other time sharing highlights like document move that works much in the style of Airdrop highlight of iOS.


As you can see, android go supplication is here to stay and the advancements that have introduced in it are far more superior to the regular android the convenience is what would make a user switch to android go instead of the regular android as it is time saving and thereby works better and is more prominent in the market.

Android Go is a clear winner as the framework is compatible in the low budget android phone models making it the better option to choose for any user. It also enables a gadget to work faster and be more efficient.


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