How to Develop Mobile Game that Attains Sure Success in the Market

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People of all ages love to play games, be it outdoor, indoor, or digital. It is because games provide several things that make our life bearable and delighted by providing entertainment to nurture mind and body. Unfortunately, physical games considered as sports in most of the cases and left for sports lovers only. Against it, digital games have mass acceptance and adoption thanks to modern digital devices in our palms! However, digital game history reveals its existence since the 1980s, and with the entry of mobiles in 2000, it has started recognition among the big audience using mobiles. With the proliferation of smartphones in 2007, particularly with the popularity of iPhone, the digital gaming industry has begun a new and prosperous chapter in the game history.

Why are Mobile Games Exploding?

It seems a good question to ask. Compared to game consoles, PCs, Laptops, and other gaming devices, mobile has low barriers for game lovers, such as:
  • Mobility is the biggest plus point that allows gamers to play game from anywhere and anytime
  • Premium games are cheaper
  • Freemium model is much popular
  • Simple and intuitive to play for any age group of IQ group of people, just need touch screen familiarity
  • Innovation in game story
  • No barrier for time and length of levels
  • Instant and powerful connectivity to share and download
Moreover, some popular mobile games have made its developers or owners of game apps, rich overnight at the initial phase of mobile game popularity in 2000s decade. Consequently, Apple App Store alone is receiving nearly 500 games every day and the same numbers met in Google Play Store. Therefore, games are flooding in the market. However, games are sharing almost half of App Stores’ revenues due to ever increasing rates of download and monetization. It tempts many to invest in game apps despite stiff competitions.

How to Make Game Development a Success?

There are tons of factors influencing game success and discussing all may prove out of the scope of the current post. Therefore, we try to start from some basics and end up with some essential advanced issues.

Basic Factors

A: Sumptuous Design & Mechanics of Games

When your game tells a story it may have following things to consider:
  • Setting
  • Hero of game
  • Villain of game
  • Wishes of hero of game
In short, theme and characters of storytelling games are vital to making it viral. To augment those, you need to attend following aspects in your game design:

#1: Audio & Visuals of the Game:

If you do not have an outstanding team of game designers with expertise in game graphics, background design, and game animation, your chances are deemed to win the competitions. First sight love comes with stunning visuals in the game industry.

#2: Dynamics of Game:

We know awesome animations are an engaging factor for game engagement and retention. Real-time updates of the game environment and stunning interactions among game elements impress the game players, and it all comes with the creativity of your game development team.

B: Addictive Elements of Game

Games always have tons of UI elements, interactions, and animations effects. Therefore, making game play unclutter and game interaction easy is challenging where minimalistic approaches can help game strategy developers. Games must provide fun and lots of short levels to keep players engaged for a long period. Initially, make game play simple, and with achievements of more levels, it must be intricate to challenge the players more.

C: Control Methods of Games

In mobile games, we have three controls to let players interact with the game interface, and those are:
  • One touch control
  • Multi touch controls
  • Gyroscope-based Movements
Successful games always use all three controls in appropriate game contexts and provide the best user experiences to the players.

Advanced Factors

A: Right Niche for Game:

There are a number of game categories or niches existing in the mobile game market and with success of any new and innovative approach starts a new category overnight. Therefore, selection of right game niche is crucial, and it depends on the motto of game development, skill sets of your mobile game developers, and appropriate story or theme/idea for your game. It is better that you run a quick or intensive survey for a brilliant game idea, which your targeted audience may accept easily and makes it viral.

B: Bloat on User Experiences, Never Monetization

If you have a heap of money and running after its investment, stock exchange or real estate are better options, never think of mobile game app development and force your mobile game application development company or team to think of monetization models only. Of course, the game industry has several monetization models working successfully, but only when the game is of superior quality and absolutely leaning on UX, usability, and performance like quality credentials.

Without Effective Marketing, No Success Waiting for your Mobile Game

As discussed earlier, game marketplaces like Google Play and Apple Store are flooding with high quality to mediocre games and increasing in numbers each quarter of a year. It means you have a fiercely competitive market where lots of noise are drumming on ears of your targeted audience. In such dismal scenario, you need to sing your sweet song such a way that game lovers forget the noise and start listening to your rhyme attentively! It is only possible with effective marketing strategies and actions. In due course, we would like to suggest you to take multidimensional approaches. For instance,
  • Natural SEO measures like creating stunning landing page or a mini site for your game right from development stage to start buzz in the market to augment right time pitch on release event
  • Social Media Marketing to make game viral in completely transparent and natural way
  • Plan Paid Promotions by online search engine ads and social media ads along with local traditional approaches like print media and posters/billboards
  • Sensitive Feedback Responses through upgrade and maintenance process on game app marketplaces, so you need to collect honest and valid feedback from true players and release upgrades quickly
  • By Offering Marketing Incentives like fermium, gifts, discounts, and vouchers to incentivize game players to download your game
  • In-app Purchases are inspiring gambling sensations among the players so offer virtual money, points, and game components to achieve higher levels further. Try to broadcast achievements on social media with automated tools provided within game interface itself


After detailed insights into the game industry and factors influencing the game success, anyone can conclude that game success depends on multiple factors and among them designing or development of the game as well as effective marketing have a major role in success. It means you should have an impeccable team of creative designers, game strategies, game programmers, game UX developers, game quality testers, and finally, a game marketer with profound experiences need to have your side. If you want to avoid moving around various teams, SysBunny is a single place to gain all kinds of game success granting teams. Moreover, Game Development and Marketing Services are at completely competitive rates.

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