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Before going to Hire Mobile App Development Company for cross-platform app development, you must know the technicality behind the app development and choose the company that meets it all. Some other aspects also need to consider during the selection process, and the post is giving hints regarding those too.


When a business decides to have its mobile entity and to go to catch its mobile audience, the first thing is to choose the mobile app OS platform.

How to Decide Mobile OS Platform for Your App?

The logical way is to research the targeted audience and find out the majority of it using which devices and with the mobile OS. Based on it, we can say:
  • If your targeted audience is using iOS devices predominantly and belong to affluent countries of the world, go to Apple platform is the best way.
  • If your audience is scattered across the territories of the world and a big portion of it using Android OS loaded mobile devices, Google’s Android is an excellent choice for you.
  • If you want to go to address the global audience with unspecified mobile OS and devices and you wish to cover the majority of the targeted audience, you may have hybrid or cross-platform app development choices to go.
Once you have fixed that whether you are going to native mobile OS platform based app development, think of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and so on mobile OS platform.

Difference between Hybrid and Native Cross-platform App Development

If you were thinking of hybrid or cross-platform app development, you must know the difference between hybrid cross-platform app development and native cross-platform app development. Is it confusing you? No problem, let me explain a bit further. Hybrid Cross-platform: It uses the pure web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript running on web browsers in mobile devices using WebView features. The development framework is Apache Cordova using web wrapper technology. However, PhoneGap and Ionic like the popular hybrid app development framework also use Cordova as the base technology. Native Cross-platform: It cuts the HTML and CSS like web technologies by eliminating browser-specific features. Instead, it relies on JavaScript, Typescript, and C# like open source technologies to directly render the view on native mobile OS. React.js/React Native, Angular 2 Native script, and Xamarin has mostly used frameworks in this category of cross-platform app development.

Check Technical Skill Sets of Mobile App Development Company for Cross-Platform App

With these insights, you are able to ask questions about your choice of cross-platform companies. So, you can gauge their capabilities in terms of infrastructural facilities, technology skills, and tools they use. For instance, if you were going to develop hybrid cross-platform mobile app, you can ask about
  • The fluency on web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Hands-on command over Cordova, PhoneGap, and Ionic frameworks.
  • Samples of work on mobile marketplaces or apps running in the devices of end-users/available on the web to download.
Similarly, if you were going to create a native cross-platform app, you can ask your development team regarding:
  • Expertise in JavaScript, Typescript, and C# like technologies.
  • Extensive experiences on React Native, Angular 2 Native script, and Xamarin like popular and trendy frameworks.
  • Portfolio with live apps to test.

Learn About Engagement Models or Packages

To hire mobile app development agency for your cross-platform app development, you must know their engagement models, such as
  • Fixed priced model
  • Part-time hire developer package
  • Full-time hire cross-platform app developer scheme
  • Hourly hire app developer engagement model
Now, it is up to you to decide which model is suitable for your app requirements and your budget. If you have any confusion regarding the selection of engagement model, you can either ask your selected company support system or hire cross-platform developer like SysBunny offer such services to guide the clients to make the right choice. If you are tech-savvy and capable of managing tech geeks, hourly hiring model is the best option.

Check Portfolio and Cross Check References or Testimonials

App portfolio of the development team/company is the first-hand evidence of their expertise, experiences, and quality of deliverables. Therefore, ask for company portfolio as well as individual developers’ works to examine thoroughly and in working conditions. Cross-checking given references reveal many hidden aspects of the team or company not only negative but affirmative too. So, ask your selected companies to provide references and if possible of the people living in your vicinity or within your culture.

Ask About Project Management and Your Role

Many app development companies allocate either a project manager or team leader to help clients in project management. Many advanced companies have standard procedure to allocate both as well as include business analysts and bring the entire team on the latest Project Management System/software to establish live and interactive channel/environment for development. Apart from the PMS, clients have other ways to access the team like email, instant messengers, live chats, and VOIP/phone call to establish real-time conversations and exchanges files or resources. The good team allows clients to participate actively by respecting their feedback and suggestions even in the middle of the development process.

Get Quotes and Compare

When you ask about the quote, the app development firm will ask several questions regarding app requirements, features, and functionality. Based on that info, they will decide what modules or UIs they have to develop and how many hours the process consumes. You can compare the quotes given by more than two or three companies and fix the best choice for you according to your budget and requirements.

Sign up Project with NDA signing

Once you have finalized the company, complete the deal by accomplishing required documentation work and don’t forget to sign up NDA to protect your ideas and intellectual property rights. You also know the security of your personal and professional data that you are going to provide during the development. In the project proposal documents, you must clarify the payment and delivery terms like one-time or milestones.


Now, you know almost all technical to general basics to go to search the cross-platform app developer or a team/company. Based on your app category defined above, you can run a search of app developers using the various channels. Of course, one more thing you must clear in your mind that whether you want to Hire Cross-Platform Development Company onshore within your vicinity or, from the offshore places by outsourcing your work in India like a quality conscious destination.

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