How to Implement AI in Mobile App Development?

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Today artificial intelligence (AI) and associated technologies are disrupting mobile app development industry by-and-large. With the advent of technologies, complexities in mobile app development have increased. The main reasons behind it are intricate behavior of mobile app users, complicated business processes for that mobile app has developed, and enhanced tech-savviness of end-users of apps.

In short, expectations have increased at both levels, clients who are going to funding the app development and end-users who are using the app in the market. Thus, challenges the Mobile App Development Company facing are many folds. The days had gone when a few features/functions and simpler technologies were proving efficient to bring a mobile app solution on the table.

At present, a ton of innovative features, which are leveraging emerging technologies with appropriate integrations is a trend in the app development market. User experiences, usability, and performance are core elements a Mobile App Development Company has to focus. In due course, help AI and associated technologies make a great sense. Let’s see how the implementation of AI and associated technologies takes place in modern mobile app development.

The Ways We Incorporate AI in Mobile Development

There are three primary ways we incorporate the power of AI and associated technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and language processing into mobile applications.

  1. Reasoning capability of AI to solve problems. E.g., the Uber app optimizes the routes to reach faster and cost efficiently.
  2. Recommendation engine gives us insights and suggests to us what we need the next.
  3. The behavior of users on the mobile app and take an essential step against anything that happens at a normal level.

How Advantageous AI in Mobile App Development

Now, it is time to know how the set of AI technologies proves advantageous in mobile application development.

Personalization Engine:

Personalized experiences is a need of moment in the success of the mobile application in the market or service of the business. Based on feed and previous history, the personalization engine offers highly personalized experiences to its users. There are various attributes which are contributing to personalization, such as likeness,preferences, affordability, languages, and many other product or service purchasing behaviors.

Advanced Search Engine:

Advanced search engine with AI power provides quick results of queries and use the previous history of users to augment the search results further.

Prediction Engine:

AI provides opportunities to learn user behavior, patterns, and preferences. Based on the data, AI also creates customized recommendations for individual users as well as suggest us about stocking inventory, offering various incentives, and traffic flow.

How a Mobile App Development Company Begins Implementation of AI

The following steps might help you to implement AI in your next mobile app development projects.

Recognize the Issues or Problems You Want to Solve Using AI Technologies

We can apply AI technologies on one or more features in an application. However, applying AI technologies in one process makes management easy to exploit it fully. Complexities can increase when we apply AI in multiple processes and features in the app.

Therefore, we must recognize the part of the process in the app where we can apply AI technologies and gain the best value or return out of it.

Learn the Nature of Data in Your Application

The functioning of AI requires data and mode of functioning changes with changes in the nature of your data in the application.Thereby, you have to learn how data comes and from where. The next step is the refinement of data. So, you need to plan out how to feed your AI module with clean, non-repeating, and informative data.

Implement More than APIs

AI related APIs are not a perfect way to create a full-fledged AI solution. You need to work towards data modeling and other aspects of AI to support the system to be intelligent in the true meaning.

Set Metrics to Gauge the Effectiveness of AI Integration

Once you understand precisely that what you want to solve, you can set metrics to achieve it.

Grab Services of the Data Scientists

The role of a data scientist is to refine your data and data management needs. Data is a key aspect of AI implementation. Ask your Mobile App Development Company to employ one or include one in your AI app development team. It is a must to stand and excel in AI application building.

What Are the Solution of Common Challenges in AI Technologies

The fundamental need to work the AI system is enough resource data as a training sample to train the AI engines. The chances of misinterpretations remain in an AI system while updating training samples or automated data collection by the AI engines. To avert it, the following methods work the best.

Hurdles in Mining Samples:

If the training sample size is small, and inadequate differentiation between almost identical objects become a tough job for your AI system. Therefore, you have to provide enough data volume for the training samples.

Data Augmentation:

For image data, keeping the core subject unchanged and modifications made in rests of areas or elements of the image is a daunting experience for the AI system. So,made enough provisions in the system to function in a variety of different environments.

Data Addition Imitation:

The method follows a process in which data nullification takes place in such a way that core object information remains intact. Thus, machines need not memorize additional data apart from the main subject image and missing the surrounding objects.

If you want to try on machine learning, the following are the best platforms.

  • Azure
  • IBM Watson
  • Tensorflow
  • Amazon AI
  • Clarifai

Where to Get the Best Ever AI App Development Services?

AI application development is not a common thing that anyone can manage it. It requires a special set of skills and infrastructural facilities to attend highly complex tasks in software development. Fortunately, SysBunny has a pool of talented AI app developers with required experiences and a wide range of AI stack. Thus, you will get whatever you expect at highly competitive rates.

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