iOS 13.5 is here: Know all Exciting Features this new update brings for iPhone users!


Everyone reveres Apple for its persistent drive towards bringing high-end innovation for its users. Ever since the iOS 13 was released earlier in September 2019, there have been continual updates being introduced to this version in a row. iOS 13 opened to a great reception from iOS users and developers with different succeeding improvisations in its various updates. UI improvements with Dark Mode, New photo features, Advanced Privacy settings, and Upgrades to Siri are among the many interesting system features witnessed by iOS 13. The recent release of iOS13.5 is the cherry on the cake with some promising modifications and upgrades to the official iPhone operating system’s version 13.

As per Apple’s Report, iOS 13 has been already installed on more than 77 percent of all its Apple Devices bought in the preceding Four Years.

The Apple team formally introduced iOS 13.5 on May 20, 2020. In the wake of the current Corona Crisis, where people have to resort to wearing masks almost throughout the whole day, Apple has also introduced some features to make the use of the iPhone more comfortable for all its masked users. These features are showcased in the new edition of iOS 13.5.

First, let us peek at the list of top updates presented in the latest version of iOS 13.

  • Share from Apple Music to Instagram- Extended support to post Facebook and Insta Stories
  • Ability to communicate your Medical ID Emergency Call
  • Face Time Improvements for better Group Call Experience
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • API for COVID-19 Exposure Notification
  • Advanced Passcode Access for Masked users using Face ID

Now, we have here the detailed description of each of the new updates of iOS 13.5

  1. Share from Apple Music to Instagram- Extended support to post Facebook and Insta Stories
    On the Social Media World, sharing is not just caring but almost a necessity. We all love to share our favorite music with our dear ones. Now, with iOS 13.5, iPhone users can swiftly share amazing songs as there Fb or Insta Stories from Apple Music App to Social Media Apps like Instagram and Facebook. It will be very effortless for users to carry out this feature. Apple Music will allow posting the song as a story with details like Album name, Song title, and a Desirable Backdrop. The users can select exciting color schemes for the song albums to post fresh and attractive stories on your account.
  2. Ability to communicate your Medical ID during Emergency Call
    Amidst the prevailing Corona situation, you may need to share your medical details in any unforeseen circumstance. Now, while placing an emergency call, Apple Device users will be able to share their Medical –ID. This feature can be enabled through Apple’s Health App. By turning on this option, your Medical ID Information can be automatically communicated with the Emergency Services Authorities in case of any health emergency. The information shared is encrypted, so there are no issues of security. However, this feature might not be available in all locations as it currently limited to the US. So, the feature may not function even when it is enabled on the Health App in many places. However, accessibility is expected to increase soon.
  3. Face Time Improvements for better Group Call Experience
    Are you one of those many people who find the automatic zooming in and out of the different person profiles speaking on a group chat, distracting, and irritating? Well, iOS 13.5 brings some good news for all FaceTime users. There is a new setting called “Automatic Prominence” on FaceTime to disable the Auto-Zoom feature entirely. Now, all the tiles representing chat members will appear in uniformity throughout the chat session. If you want to zoom in on any particular person’s profile, you can simply double-tap on the respective tile.
  4. Enhanced Security Features
    Apple always aims to improvise its functionalities and features. With iOS 13.5 updates, some of the existing bugs and issues have been corrected. Many security susceptibilities were fixed, such as the Mail Security bug, which had the risk of remotely hacking and executing code via email.
  5. API for COVID-19 Exposure Notification
    This is perhaps one of the most lucrative and trending updates because the two biggest Tech-competitors in the industry, Google and Apple, collaborated to develop a system that will facilitate a seamless and secure communication to alert about COVID Positive cases between Android as well as iOS devices. iOS 13.5 brings the first API to support this functionality. This collaboration has resulted in creating an API that will help in introducing an Exposure Notification and Contact Tracing feature for users. If any of your acquaintances get infected with COVID-19, he can notify his contacts about the adversity of the situation. Shortly, there shall be an introduction of a setting to activate or deactivate this notification.
  6. Advanced Passcode Access for Masked users using Face ID
    Wearing a mask is one of the basic requirements for people worldwide to reduce the risk of Corona infection. Masks may act as protection against the disease, but they may hinder people using Face Recognition function to unlock their phones. With more than half of the face being covered, the phone will hardly detect your face. The latency for the passcode screen to appear was agitating for many users. We all needed smoother and faster access to the Passcode Display.
    The new update has tried to bring a solution for this issue by enabling an instantaneous activation of the Passcode screen once a failed Face ID detection occurs. This also keeps your phone usage completely secure.


iOS 13.5 has some stimulating new features for Apple Device users. The quick move to assist users during the COVID-19 Crisis is indeed worth praising. We all are excited to try this new operating system version on our phones. Talks of the launch of iOS 14 have already hit the market, and the future of further advancement in the iOS development arena looks quite bright. 
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