iOS Developers Must Watch Out for These Latest Features of Swift 5


Basically, Swift is a popular programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, Linux and other operating systems. It is revered for being 2.6 times rapid than Objective C and eight times quicker than Python. Having made a mark for itself into iOS development, the language offers many new features with its latest update. Swift 5 is the updated version of Swift and offers features that simplify iOS development.

Must know features of Swift5 for iOS development:

Lighter apps with ABI

Well, the world of mobile users is craving for lighter apps that does not put load on their mobiles. This can be easily managed in iOS development with the help of Swift 5 as it offers ABI. Meaning of ABI is Application Binary Interface which contains the binary format of an API. By the use of ABI, the app can be designed to use existing binary code instead of downloading all the source code. This will make way for lighter apps which is the need of the current time.

Better readability with is Multiple(of:)

Swift5 introduces new function is Multiple(of:) to check whether a number is a multiple of another number or not. Earlier it was done with reminder operator%. With the new function, the readability of the code is improved and code becomes easy to understand.

Meaningful code development with Result data type

This type is highly useful when one needs to suggest a result in the form or successor failure. Result type will give return values and errors from an object. This makes the code easy to read and significant.

The count(where:) function

iOS code uses number of functions like map(_:), reduce(_:) and filter(_:). You need to use multiple functions to count and therefore, Swift 5 has come up with count(where:) which offers the property of filter and count in a single shot. Again,it shortens the code and simplifies it.

Minimize code with the use of try?

iOS development involves writing nested code which can be confusing. Swift 5 introduces “try?” operation which cuts down nested operations making code simple and easy to read. iOS developers can use try at places where there are options to be given. It makes things simple, readable and trims extra code.

Introductionof “compactMapValues()”

Swift library contains many functions for arrays and dictionaries. Few of the most popular ones are map(_:)which gives a resulting array when applied for a function of an array. Another function which eliminates nil values in an array is compactMap(_:). With Swift5, iOS developers can leverage the compactMapValues(_:) with features of both map(_:)  and compactMap(_:) and is designed especially for dictionaries. This function gives only key-value pairs with non-nil values.

Swift 5 updates the standard library

Swift programmers can leverage the latest updates on the Swift standard library for effective coding.

Following are the standard library updates offered by Swift 5:

  • It has better support for Raw Text when dealing with string literals
  • Addition of SIMD and Result Vector in standard library
  • UTF-8 encoding for higher performance
  • Improved String interpolation
  • New improved Dictionary and Set

Revamped Swift Package Manager

Swift 5 offers lot of additional features to the Swift Package Manager. The new features can create customized results for particular need of the user. iOS developers can easily import libraries in a REPL from the command prompt of Swift. This additional feature gives an edge to Swift 5 and simplifies coding.

Faster debugging with compiler updates in Swift 5

Swift 5 offers separate memory for debugging and release builds making the process of debugging quick. Also, it facilitates interoperability for diverse languages JS, Python etc.

To sum up, Swift 5 is a much better version of Swift programming language and can aid iOS development in myriads of ways. It simplifies many things for the developers and can push rapid iOS app development.

With this latest version, the iOS code becomes more readable and syntactically strong. Migrating to Swift 5 will make the application clear, concise, easy to understand as well as modify.

If you are planning a new iOS app or want to refurbish an existing one based on Swift then we suggest migrating to Swift 5.

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