Is the Future of Mobile Applications Dependant on Wearables?

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Wearables have paved way for a new era of technological advancement. These devices have changed how we use applications in our daily lives. This innovation has created a new universe filled with various outcomes and now it has gone to a point where wearable innovation is being developed even further. 

This is on the grounds that it provides tangible features that are normally not found in mobiles and workstations. The suggestions and advantages of wearable innovation are enormous and can affect a few sectors like healthcare, design, education, inabilities, media, transportation, gaming, music, the travel industry and money. Wearable App Development Company understand that the objective of wearable innovations in each of these industry is to solve daily human issues by introducing useful, compact electronic gadgets into individuals’ daily routine.

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You can understand that mobile application improvement is one territory that is picking up and spreading rapidly. Owing to the fact that significant companies like Walmart, Amazon, Bank of America and a few others are looking to understand, adapt and sell using mobiles and hence mobile application advancement is seeing a gigantic growth.

Future of Wearable Technology

Wearable devices have a wide market already and it will keep expanding. In a few years, everyone will be seen wearing smart watches and headgears on a regular basis just like we wear clothes and shoes. These gadgets would be capable of transferring data internally without any hassle reducing the efforts put in.

This transformation in mobile innovation will change the elements of mobile application development administrations. If we stop overlooking IoT (Internet of Things), it will enable these gadgets to function as remotes for different gadgets.

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Why are individuals using wearable gadgets? The most significant explanation is that it’s helping individuals to handle routine activities such as healthcare, learning, media, human services etc.

In recent times, popularity of wearables and their demand across various industries has increased as the need for custom mobile applications for these devices is also expanding at an extremely quick pace. These wearables require a lot of upgrades and changes while designing a new mobile applications.

A few of these influences are referenced here.

Various ways in which wearables will alter mobile applications

1.Changing screen sizes

The mobile applications that would be designed for wearable tech would show significant data despite unique changes in screen sizes. This will help make data structure pervasive and easy to comprehend.

2. Ergonomic UI

The applications being created for wearables would have UIs with profoundly important and exact features. The guidelines for these applications would be consize, and tabs would be ergonomically assembled for simple access by clients.

3. Lightweight and quick

All the applications for wearables would be lightweight with the goal that they load rapidly and react to user commands quickly. The designers are at present are focused on creating applications with these factors in mind. As the applications run easily, individuals would be willing to use wearable tech more often.

4. Computational ability

The applications that shall be designed for wearable devices in the coming years would have quick computational abilities because of constant sources of information being updated on the go. It will also be highly responsive as time would be a major factor. Additionally, a portion of the inputs would be in the form of big data files which would require a lot of processing through sophisticated algorithms.

5. Customizable notifications

It is a likely that the applications for wearable gadgets would concentrate on customizing notifications. For example, single word messages, voice updates or distinctive screen signals; this will give the clients a chance to have the application in the manner they need.

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6. Reduced energy consumption

With increased usage, the mobile applications for wearable gadgets would be empowered for low-energy consumption profiles to guarantee a more extended battery life of those wearable gadgets. This will imply that the individuals would be able to use these gadgets for a longer period of time without constantly worrying about battery levels of the gadget.

7. Consistent information transmission

The applications for wearable devices would permit quick and consistent information transmission between gadgets (e.g., Bluetooth technology innovation empowered applications). It has been noticed that numerous organizations are focusing their wearable tech on Bluetooth and WiFi.

8. Prominent interaction features

The applications for wearable gadgets would have certainly improved human association, for example, tapping and swiping or reacting to voice directions. These features would gain the attention of users and keep them hooked on to the applications.

9. Biometrics and semantics

These applications for wearables would permit incorporation of biometrics and semantics-based programming that can help translate feelings, track advance and identify biopotential (e.g., with the sensors accessible, for example, a multi-hub accelerometer, engineers would have scope for more prominent development and make interesting motion discovery based applications).

10. Real – time communication

Wearable applications that will be designed in the days ahead will provide communication for users to interact with one another. Such constant correspondence can empower ventures to screen and offer directions to staff at all times.

11. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence would be used in these applications for calculations using algorithms and data sources to anticipate user client behaviour and make necessary adjustments before executing the task. Along these lines, such versatile applications will improve and customize client experience of wearable gadgets.

12. Augmented Reality

Use of augmented reality based techniques would be adopted gradually for wearables as it would improve human senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling. For instance, augmented reality can also be executed to amplify voice directions, extend healthcare related information and show the route to your destination through maps.

13. Cloud, Data and Security

Cloud would the primary source of saving data in mobile applications for wearables as it would function as a data storage as well as a medium which would allocate data for the wearable device. In such a scenario, security would become important, and it will be necessary to make sure that secure standards are employed by the application to protect user data. Specifically, in cases of applications that deal with confidential user data, having a comprehensive security protocol will be essential for users. Access to user data in the cloud and the application can be expedited with features such as biometric and voice recognition techniques.

Therefore, here are a few of the areas that would experience drastic alterations in mobile application development. Furthermore, there is no denying that there will be other relevant areas too. Artificial intelligence, cloud technology, augmented reality, and IoT (Internet of Things) would influence mobile app development and that would open doors to a new era of wearable technology based applications in the future.


As wearable technology will be adopted by many, there would be a growing need for faster mobile applications to keep up with the technological advancements. These applications for wearables would alter how humans have been perceiving these devices. All the applications would be designed ensuring that the features on an organization level are implemented.


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