Laravel: A Suitable Solution for Big Enterprise App?



Enterprise Application Development is a primary reason for notice as enterprises require applications to be able to give out maximum output for all the consumers. Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web structure, designed by Taylor Otwell and proposed for the improvement of web applications following the model see controller (MVC) building design and dependent on Symfony.

Majority of the features of Laravel are a particular bundling framework with a reliable  administrator, numerous methods to find social databases, utilities that guide in application arrangement and its direction toward syntactic sugar. Click To Tweet

Bounty of questions related to whether Laravel is intense enough to deal with enormous tasks, is it the answer to all enterprise app development queries? The appropriate response relies upon different components, much the same as characterizing an undertaking application relies upon lines of codes, conditions, security levels, traffic and such. The Big Enterprise Apps are defined on the basis of the number of classes/lines of codes so that needs to be established before finding out how efficient enough is Laravel to handle these apps.

It is obvious that here must be some solid purposes for which Laravel has risen as a promising framework for the improvement of web applications which has also increased the demand for Laravel Development Companies in the market. The extent of these big enterprise applications is guest and relies upon the previously mentioned properties. For knowing what Laravel can offer and what outcomes are normally expected from it and how it would contribute to enterprise application development how about we jump to the features.

What are the Features to Choose Laravel for the Big Enterprise App?

Laravel has all those features and functions that make it suitable for building the perfect Big Enterprise apps. Big Enterprise applications make use of extensive frameworks to ensure that the work in hand is simplified but since Laravel has hit the market every one is eager to know if it is mature enough to be used in Big Enterprise Apps. Laravel is a framework that has had multiple rewrites over the years and new highlights have been frequently added. Here is an oversight of the brilliant features that make Laravel stand out as the best possible choice for Big Enterprise Apps include:

1. Queue

The processing of a time-consuming task at a later date is made possible through the queues in Laravel. If on a certain date in the future, something needs to be done then this is the most reliable way to get it done. The queue provides the developers with not only a unified API for several backend queues but also a relational database. This database opens up various possibilities that can ensure proper functioning.

2. Events

The events in Laravel provide the developer with a way to know and subscribe for the events in the applications. Unless one of aware of an event they cannot possibly partake or make use of it, so this feature is extremely useful.

3. Service Containers

A significant tool that administers class dependencies and performs the dependency injections

4. Artisan

Laravel advancement benefits for the most part connect with this system utilizing a direction line that makes the Laravel venture condition and handles it. An implicit device for direction line is given known as Artisan. This device figures out how to play out most of dull and tedious programming assignments that the vast majority of the designers abstain from performing them physically.

5. Relocation for The Databases

With Laravel, Migration helps to broaden the structure of the database without the need to re-make it each time a change is made. It verifies the advancement information from any misfortune.

6. Security

 When you manufacture venture applications with Laravel, it improves the security of the application by utilizing salted and hashed secret phrase. It implies that Laravel never spares the secret word as plain content in its database and accordingly, you construct secure applications. Security includes

  1. Configuration
  2. Password storing
  3. Authenticating users
  4. Protecting routes
  5. Manually logging in Users
  6. Protecting Routes
  7. HTTP Basic Authentication
  8. Encryption
  9. Authentication drivers
  10. Password Reset & Reminder

7. Modular

 Being based on more than 20 distinct libraries, Laravel system is very huge. It is compartmentalised into various individual libraries and receives present day PHP standards, permitting a Laravel development organization to assemble increasingly responsive, measured, and helpful web applications.

8. Template Engine

If you are in need of developing dynamic content seeding and amazing layouts, then Laravel gives the option of lightweight built-in templates. The templates are for building simple layouts with different sections. Moreover, they have widgets with solid structures – the JS and the CSS codes.

9. Libraries

The pre-introduced libraries and the item situated libraries are never to be heard in some other systems, other than Laravel. One of the most eminent libraries that are accessible is known as the Authentication library. This accompanies the further developed highlights, for example, Bcrypt hashing, secret phrase resetting, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) insurance and looking out for potential clients.

10. Unit Testing

The Laravel framework acts a great facilitator for unit testing. The developers introduce stable releases because they can easily write custom unit tests if needed.

Additionally, automatic pagination simplifies the task of implementing pagination, replacing the usual manual implementation approaches with automated methods integrated into Laravel.

Laravel is the most prevalent framework on the planet and it effectively outperforms some other PHP-based system, according to Github. Click To Tweet

So how to create a big enterprise application?

Simply ensure you’re utilizing a decent reserve or session driver like Memcachedor Redis, on a server like Elasticache in case you’re on AWS. At Laravel level, check in case you’re utilizing config: reserve, route:cache, ensure you’re utilizing arranger dump-autoload – streamline. Another important task/ activity is to isolate your database from your web-server. It makes it simpler to do the scaling, as in the event that you need to include the subsequent server. Big enterprise, increased needs and less time to address every issue at hand hence a framework like Laravel will be unmatched and hence a success.


Incase if any domain problems are incurred, during the developing of a Big Enterprise app, the reason would probably be a bad code and not the issues that crop up due to the framework. The creation of the Big Enterprise apps are not about the frameworks, but there are multiple other factors that are brought under consideration in order to create a functioning Enterprise App.

Thus, in the wake of considering the ground-breaking highlights that Laravel offers and the instances of the huge undertakings who have their web applications on Laravel, it is very certain that you can manufacture endeavor applications with Laravel.


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