Mean Stack is the Best for Real Time Web Applications


In this time and age, any business cannot survive without a web application. Without a web presence, the businesses lose a vast exposure to an ocean of clients and customers. In a nutshell, it is simply not affordable to not have a web presence and lose customers spread across the globe. So, the first step to create a web application is to choose the right technology stack for it. A bunch of technologies which suit the concept and fit in the budget is the advisable stack. Currently, MEAN stack is the most sought after technical combo for rapid web application development.

What is MEAN stack?

MEAN is the acronym of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, & Node.js. It has four open source technologies making it an affordable stack for web design and development.

MongoDB: It is the current rage in Database arena and more so because it supports cloud storage. It stores data on cloud making the application scalable in the long run. It uses OOPs concept and thus, is easy to update entire data in this Database. MongoDB works well even when there is loads of data to be stored. Therefore, it is an ideal database system to choose in the modern times.

ExpressJS:  It is used as a back end framework to interact with HTML pages through HTTP. It establishes a strong middleware that gives quick response to all HTTP requests. This lightweight framework makes way for quick interaction between server and database. It is highly popular choice of web app developers for creating applications based on Node.js

AngularJS: It is popularly used to design the front end or client side of an application. It is based on Java and has AJAX components that make it ideal choice for single-page apps. The visitor does not need to reload the pages and can browse pages quickly. Being best technology for single-page apps, AngularJS is best for mobile application development, which is a must for all modern day businesses.

Node.JS: This is a back end development technology based on JavaScript. It is open source technology which is ideal for developing web applications in cross platform environment and across diverse operating systems. The dynamic apps can easily sport video streaming, single page apps, mobile apps and other web applications. Again, the in-built web server of Node.JS works best in deploying MongoDB on cloud. This technology is highly scalable and thus, one of the most preferred for web applications.

Together, all these four technologies work wonders for any run time application. There are many reasons web developers choose MEAN stack. Let us explore some of them today and see why this stack is the most preferred choice for web apps.

Reasons to choose MEAN stack for web applications:

One technology throughout!

It is clear that the entire MEAN stack technologies are written in JavaScript. Due to this there is an ease of design and development. Applications in which the base programming language is different are quite complicated to develop. Developers need to write code in different languages and then configure database in a different code is a complex process. Debugging such an application can be exhausting and time consuming. However, that is not the case with MEAN stack. If you have JS experts then modern application development would become as easy as a pie. As it has a common language as the core, choosing this stack is highly recommended.

For scalable run time applications!

The modern day apps need the flexibility to accommodate more data, storage space and code. With the increase in number of users, there would be an upsurge in data. This can affect the performance of an application and it may crash. Web developers need to keep this in mind and make room for scalable applications. This can be easily managed with MEAN stack as MongoDB supports cloud storage so any amount of data can be stored on the app. NodeJS has the feature of horizontal scaling making this combination the go-to choice for scalable web applications.

Reduced development cost!

Web application development companies need not hire separate developers for each technology. Instead, they can just choose the best JS developers to design and develop web apps. This reduces the development cost by a huge margin. Moreover, the development time reduces by a huge margin. When developers work on same language the process of development and debugging gets simplified and thus, saves time. Therefore, MEAN stack ensures faster web development and minimizes the overall budget.

For Isomorphic coding!

Isomorphic coding helpful when developers want to reuse the existing code across different frameworks. The shifting of code would not hamper the working of the application and hence,save the coding efforts and time of the developers. This is possible with MEAN stack which ensures rapid web application development. Quick development due to isomorphic coding is a big reason to choose MEAN stack.

For responsive app development!

In this day and age, apps need to be mobile friendly and fit in all screen sizes. AngularJS is the most sought after name for single-page app development.Again, cloud storage of MongoDB works well with mobile apps. Therefore, MEAN stack is best for responsive web development. Whether there is a need of SPAs or complex enterprise apps,developers can rely on MEAN stack for responsive apps.

In addition, there is a huge community of software developers that use MEAN stack making it open to constant improvement. The open source world keeps on adding features to create futuristic real time applications. All the four technologies of the stack are updated time and again with the best technical innovation so that they become the best choice to create never-seen-before web applications.

To sum up, MEAN stack is a single shot solution for responsive, scalable, feature rich and huge web applications.It pushes quick web development by offering ease of coding with effective frontend. Again, it saves time and money required to build web apps and therefore is the Numero Uno choice of web developers.

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