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Billions of smartphones and millions of apps! One can say that smartphones and apps have managed to dominate the minds of almost the entire human race. In such times, there is a significant opportunity for any mobile app development company to flourish. The patronage of mobile apps is humungous. The people, with each passing day, are enhancing their expectations from the mobile apps. It motivates app developers to put on their innovation caps and find new tweaks for creating refined apps.

Many users love the thousands of gaming apps available on different platforms. The graphics and designs used for game application development are highly enrapturing. Perhaps, that’s why the mobile app gamification process got innovated and is now rampantly implemented for creating various apps.

Introduction to Mobile App Gamification

In a general sense, mobile app gamification is the process of applying gaming principles and gaming app design elements for non-gaming applications. It is a series of procedures and methods to address different non-game app issues by implementing gaming elements.

Gamification is seen as a brilliant way to enhance an app’s engagement levels amongst smartphone users. It enables us to attract more users for any particular non-gaming application. Most app development companies resort to gamifying apps to increase their online traffic.

Reasons why Mobile App Gamification is garnering the attention of many mobile app development companies and app users

The popularity of mobile app gamification can be understood using some basic psychological principles. Gamifying an app makes its users feel more connected with the app. It helps in getting a user’s engagement almost completely and addresses their needs for belonging and self-actualization. For instance, keeping reward points encourages users to put in the effort for downloading and using a gamified app. Points also give a sense of competitiveness amongst the app users to score more than their peers. The feeling of achievement and status largely appeals to the masses. Cash rewards, credit card points, and gift cards are the ideal examples of how mobile apps use gamification for user engagement.

The overall impact of mobile app gamification is summarised in the following points:

  • It provides a sense of achievement to the app users
  • Awakens the spirit of competition
  • Gives a medium for interaction and expression
  • Delivers a feeling of getting rewards
  • Increases the curiosity of the users

Ways to implement Mobile App Gamification in mobile app development

The design elements in the app are what prove game-changing in the mobile app gamification process. During the phase of mobile app development, one can use the below-mentioned ways to gamify the app

  1. Badges

    “Employee of the month” or “Face of the event.” Recognitions in the form of badges, titles, or trophies always appeal to anyone. Using badges for appreciating the app users is a great way to gamify your app. Many learning apps use this trick to get more learners to the virtual doors of their virtual institutions.
  2. Progress Reports

    Progress reports act as a flashback of where one started and how much he has improved himself. In any dynamics, it acts as a great way for making a user feel appreciated. Fitness apps and e-learning applications display progress reports to their users from time to time. It shows how much weight they must have lost or what level of learning they have reached. Fitbit and Duolingo are ideal examples using the progress display element. Progress reports are indeed a useful way to retain app users.
  3. Virtual Goodies

    Most of us love to receive gifts for special events or on attaining important milestones. The “Virtual goods” is a technique, many companies use for gamification of their apps. Airline booking apps, Shopping apps, Restaurant booking apps are some prominent fans of virtual goodies. The apps particularly use provide virtual goods like additional shopping points or special vouchers to their loyal users. Many users go for the paid loyalty programs to get additional benefits of virtual goodies. App companies are thus able to earn more revenue.
  4. Ravishing Rewards

    The use of rewards such as a certificate or special points is a stellar technique to draw in more attention. If users are rewarded for completing any task on a given app, he or she will derive a sense of fulfillment. It drives him to continue his usage on the app. Rewards act as a luring way to break the monotony of routine tasks. Reward points have become quite conventional for online shopping apps and task management apps.
  5. Top Scorer Boards

    Witnessing your name in the top 3 or top 10 list of any competitive task or project gives many an adrenaline rush. Apps use leader boards to display names of top performers amongst their users. The spirit of appearing among the names on the leaderboards increases the enthusiasm of users to perform better. Fitness apps use this tactic quite frequently to motivate their patrons.
  6. Quiz Mania

    Quizzes are a fun way to enhance the interaction levels of the app with its users. They add a punch of fun to the user’s experience. Many people like to test their knowledge and intelligence, quiz questions in an app help them to do the same. When a user gets a correct answer, he gets a boost in his confidence levels. Designing simple quizzes during app development for relevant apps can work wonderfully to grab some eyeballs.

Factors to keep in mind while developing the app while imbibing the app gamification technique

  1. Simplicity works the best
  2. Ensure a proper plan is in effect
  3. Make easy sharing methods available
  4. Analyze User Feedback properly

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