Mobile App Onboarding: Tips to make the onboarding process better for App Users!

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Mobile apps have become an integral aspect of human life. We love to explore the different utilities of mobile applications. As the mobile app development services evolve, new types of features come up frequently for smartphone users. Not everyone finds it simple to efficiently make use of mobile apps’ latest upgrades and features.
It is in situations like these that Mobile app onboarding comes to the rescue. We all know the importance of a first impression. In most cases, the first impression makes a lasting impact on the users’ mindset. The onboarding process plays a crucial role in creating an excellent initial impression of your mobile app. Hence, mobile app development companies put great emphasis on ensuring a smooth mobile app onboarding for the users.

As per the research of many expert organizations, Mobile App Onboarding is a great way to improve an app’s user retention rate. The Upland Localytics study reveals that user retention rate rises about 50 percent if there is seamless onboarding in place.

What is Mobile App Onboarding?

Mobile App Onboarding enables the new users of a mobile app to get acquainted and engaged with the various aspects of the mobile app usage. It acts as a principal part of retaining app users during the initial use of the app. App Onboarding boosts the deployment of refined user experience.

Prominent types of Mobile App Onboarding used in Mobile App Development.

Some of the popular methods for onboarding users for a mobile app are stated as follows:

  1. Function-Oriented App Onboarding
    In this type of onboarding, the emphasis is given to the app’s functionalities for guiding the user. Onboarding will provide details of how to get started and perform different functions.
  2. Benefits-Oriented App Onboarding
    Benefits-oriented onboarding acquaints the app user about the benefits derived from the app’s features. It focuses on what is the app’s value rather than instructing about the way to use it.
  3. Progressive App Onboarding
    It is an interesting onboarding method that provides new information as he progresses his navigation of the app. The details are not presented to the user at once but in a progressive manner.

Key Tips for Mobile App Developers to better the Onboarding Process for the New App Users

We have already discussed the importance of the app onboarding process. It is necessary to maintain the flow of user traffic to your app in the long run. Mobile app development companies who want to improve their apps’ onboarding aspect should remain mindful of the following tips.

  1. Always emphasize on the core features of the app
    Users may not like in-depth information about every component of the app, but, they surely want to know the top ones. While designing the onboarding displays, do highlight the principal features and how to use them. It will help users to understand better how the app fulfills the desired tasks.
  2. Give utmost importance to the value users derive from an app’s features
    Apps are not just about features and designs; they are mainly known for adding value to the smartphone users’ proclivity. App developers must let the user know about the different functionalities they get from the app rather than all its features. The user must realize the value of the app.
  3. Minimize the number of permission requests
    All users hate the obligation to provide detailed information and approve access requests while using a new app. Your app must not have too many permission requests. It may drive your user away and hinder the pace of your app. Keep limited permission requests, which are absolutely necessary. Also, supply information about what is the relevance of every user request as they may worry about their phone security.
  4. Keep everything brief and swift

    “As per a survey conducted by popular review platform Clutch, 72 percent of the mobile app users want that the onboarding process should complete in less than 60 seconds.”

    A wordy description of everything about the app will make it dull and unimpressive. A streamlined onboarding process is what all app users’ demand. They want the onboarding process to end as quickly as possible. Otherwise, many tend to get frustrated. App Developers can use images and illustrations instead to explain different aspects of the app. It will make the onboarding process appealing and fast. Do not waste time on explaining well-known commonly used features and icons during the app onboarding process. Users want their onboarding process to be Simple, Swift, and Smooth.
  5. Provide a quick sign up option
    Mobile apps that need new users to sign up during the onboarding process should not add too many details. It can act as a deterrent for the user. Keep it short and sweet. It is ideal to provide the users with an option of direct sign up through the users’ prevailing email or social media accounts. It will further quicken the process.
  6. Do not skip to give the user the “choice to skip.”
    During the onboarding process, where the user needs to provide extra personal info, it is recommended to deploy the option to skip non-essential information. Many users prefer the skip option during the tedious parts of app onboarding.
  7. Provide a small preview of what your app can do!
    One of the best things to immediately grab user attention is to provide a brief preview. App Developers can add a preview of the app features at the advent of app onboarding itself. It will keep the user glued to the app, where he will remain excited to discover the app elaborately.

Kick-Start your apps with Outstanding Mobile App Onboarding for superior results!

The secret to a good mobile app onboarding is balancing out the various aspects involved in the process. The use of the above tips for mobile app onboarding will surely help to make your app more engaging. Mobile App Developers must implement these tips while setting up the onboarding process for the app.

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