Onshore vs. Offshore Mobile App Development Services: Which is the best option for your business?

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The realm of Mobile app development services is quite broad. There are diverse forms of entities deploying these app development services. Earlier, the buyers had to limit their buying options to local service providers to get different services. However, the boom in communication and information
technologies and globalization policies has caused a rise in outsourcing to offshore companies. There is an emergence of two popular forms of mobile app development services- Onshore and Offshore development. The duo may sound quite similar to most. Yet, there are significant differences between the two.

Particularly, if your business enterprise is in countries like the USA and Canada, you might get inclined towards offshore mobile development for your app development requirements over onshore development. Most offshore development companies are in emerging economies like India, China, and the Philippines. The significant advantage these overseas firms possess is the availability of low-cost skilled labor. It allows app developers to deliver quality services at reduced rates.

Offshore app development is a buzzing sector in India. It attracts more than 55 percent of the global IT outsourcing services. More than 90 percent of the companies outsourcing to India is located in the US and European nations.

There are various pros and cons of both the Onshore and Offshore app development. That’s why many business practices find themselves in a spot about which type of services to use. Here is a face-off between the two service models to help you make the best decision for your business.

Introduction to Onshore App Development Services

Onshore app development services are the more conventional form of hiring. It means engaging an application development company within the domestic territories of your country. There is a high probability that the hired app development company might be within the same city or state. Many business entities prefer onshore app development services because of the sense of trust, which is easier to build when your partner entity is in your home country.

Major Plus points of onshore app development services

Here are some advantages which one can gain from using onshore app development services.

  1. No Language Barrier and Cultural Variations
    If you hire a company located in your home country, you will hardly face any variations in the work culture. You will not even face any language issues. If you have a company based in France where you use French to communicate, hiring an onshore company will allow seamless interaction in the same language.
  2. Similar Laws and Regulations
    When you partner with an onshore entity, your enterprise, and your ally onshore company shall get regulated with the same government policies and laws. Most business enterprises are well aware of the local legal norms and find it easier to collaborate with the companies falling under the purview of the same legal system.
  3. Common Time Zone
    Being in the same country implies enjoying more or less the same time zone. The Onshore app development company shall function in the same work timings as your business. It will make interaction and coordination simple.
  4. Sense of Higher Trustworthiness Due to Proximity
    An onshore company is most likely located quite close to your business. It is possible to hold in-person meetings to discuss your service needs. The proximity factor brings an inherent sense of trust.

Pitfalls of Onshore App Development Services

  1. A limited number of options in app development companies
    In the case of onshore app development, in countries like the USA and the UK, the number of choices may seem quite limited. Your business enterprise might not find a competent selection of app developers.
  2. Increased overheads on labor
    The cost of a skilled workforce in any American or European city is quite hefty. Onshore app development can burn a big hole in your pockets if you are located in any North American or European nations.

From Onshore to Offshore- Delving into the zone of Offshore Development!

Introduction to Offshore App Development Services

It is an evolved service model that is a result of the revolution in IT and communication technologies. It involves the process of engaging an app development company located in another country, usually even another continent like the South-Asian nations.

Major Plus points of offshore app development services

  1. Increased Scalability
    One of the most lucrative points about leading offshore development companies is the expanded offering of flexibility in terms of service terms and prices. Offshore development companies work with entities located across different continents; their services are highly scalable as per client needs.
  2. Cheap labor and economical app development services
    Countries, where most offshore app development companies are situated, enjoy a large and economical labor force. If you opt for offshore app development services, your business will benefit from the reduced outlay on hiring app developers. Your app development cost will reduce by around 50-60 percent in comparison to employing an onshore app developer.
  3. Availability of world-class developers and a large variety
    In countries like India, where the IT industry has witnessed a tremendous boost in the past decade, there are many specialized app developers. You will find a vast assortment of offshore app development companies providing every type of app development service you can imagine.
  4. Better ability to focus on core business
    Your role is mainly about keeping tap of the progress of your application when you avail of offshore app development services. You have more time and resources to focus on the prime operational needs of your business.
  5. Favorable tax policies
    In the countries where most offshore companies are headquartered, the government policies towards outsourcing IT services are quite favorable. The outsourcing sector is contributing immensely to the GDPs of countries such as India. You will find their regulatory and tax policies as highly conducive for your business.

Pitfalls of Offshore App Development Services

  1. Communication Issues
    The physical distance and separate time zones may lead to problems of interaction between your offshore developer and your business. Despite the hi-tech communication system used at top offshore app development entities, some communication snags may occur.
  2. Lack of Reliability
    Due to the lack of physical interaction and cultural differences, some business enterprises might find it challenging to rely on offshore app development companies.

Offshore app development services can be a good bet for your business!

If we look at the various advantages available with offshore app development in contrast to onshore app development, many businesses shall prefer offshore app development. Most startups and small scale business enterprises in first-world nations cannot afford the onshore app development services. Offshore app development firms can surely deliver premier quality and budget-friendly mobile app development services.

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