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Mobile app development is a fragmented niche for all stakeholders. Variations in mobile OS, mobile devices, mobile app development technologies, mobile app development tools, and mobile app marketplaces lead to immense complications. Mobile app development companies have to invest in app development facilities like hardware, tools, OS, networking, testing tools, real devices, technologies, training, skill sets, and most importantly, constant updates. In comparison to web development, investment in application development is huge for app development companies. Therefore, the mobile appl development process has high hourly rates or fixed rates for a project. Sometimes the cost goes in thousands of dollars and demands a substantial amount of time. Thus, very few businesses or organizations can afford the native mobile applications developed on various mobile OS platform with seamless user experiences. It is a general belief that cheaper has consistently low quality, so going to affordable app development may ruin your app chances. However, it may true in some cases, but not always in all circumstances. There are many ways to cut the cost of your mobile app development without compromising the quality of the app. Many experts have written on the same subject, and several times it has been asked on Quora like Q-A platforms. Unfortunately, there are not satisfactory approaches recorded, or anyone has taken pains to depict the actual picture of the market.

Some valuable Clues to cut the Cost of Mobile App Development

Include Essentials Only

Mobile developers used to charge the app design and development cost based on the number of features and functionality included in the app. For each segment and function, they have to develop a module in an interface that requires UI elements to design, code for interactions. They integrate with other app functionality or third-party services. You need to pay more in terms of rates and time spending on it for the more complicated feature. Therefore, an intelligent way to cut the cost of app development is to reduce app features and complications in functionality. Each business is unique, so the targeted audience. Therefore, comparing our app with the competitor app in terms of features and functionality may not help you please your unique target audience. Thus, the best way is to run the target audience requirement research before finalizing the app features and functionality. “Your app should have only essential features and functions; it may reduce the app development cost without missing quality.

Think of the Hybrid App

Suppose you are a small to medium business, and your mobile app demands exclusive user experiences by accessing all native features and functions. In that case, you should bank the native mobile app for different mobile OS platforms. If your business or target audience permits you to think over the cross-platform app with some compromise on native access, you can significantly reduce app development cost. Cross-platform frameworks provide app development technologies and tools to create a single code base that can work on multiple mobile OS platforms seamlessly and with native-like user experiences if the latest technologies have applied. Ionic like Angular JS based frameworks and Xamarin like C# like standard technologies, which are the best bet to win the users by simulating native mobile experiences in your app with meagre cost and shorter timelines. “If possible, avoid native app development for each app platform and think of the cross-platform app by implementing best hybrid app technologies and frameworks.”

Take Design First Approaches

As per standard app development processes, the creation of wireframes and prototypes before jumping on the final design process is used to practices in almost all reputed and leading mobile app development agencies worldwide. Wireframes, with interactive and mobile-friendly tools, provide you with rough ideas regarding your mobile app concept. Prototyping converts those into design reality. Apply modern interactive prototyping tools and check app interactions and flow of screens thoroughly. It helps you save from frequent and unwanted modifications during the app programming, testing, and deployment stages. High-fidelity prototypes provide you simulation of final products with limited interactions to save your time and resources on modification frequently during the app development process. “Prototypes can cut the cost of app development in sum.”

Go for MVP

The concept of Minimum Viable Product goes hand-in-hand with an agile methodology where iteration is the best way to decrease the overall app development cost. MVP provides minimum features in the first place for evaluating the market demand of your product or app. With back-and-forth approaches, you can determine which elements are working and based on them. You can add secondary features in the subsequent iterations. “With MVP, you can cut unwanted features and functionality from your app concept and reduce the development cost with desired success.”

Leverage Cloud Services

Essential cloud services provide high-end mobile app development infrastructure at substantially cheaper rates and without prior investment.  Besides these, MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) provides back-end, DBaaS includes Database as a Service, and DaaS provides Data as a Service to reduce your burden over required services and integrations. If your mobile app development project is large, you can reduce the development cost by thousands of dollars and a quick turnaround in bonus. “Cloud service a cheaper option for large-scale & complicated app development.”

Save on Development, Not on Developers

A general perspective on app development cost is to search for a low-cost app development firm or hire app developers with the lowest possible rates. In due course, many businesses compare quotes and hourly rates of developers to find the cheapest solution. Unfortunately, it ends with mediocre companies doing mediocre app development jobs. Cheaper app developers end with hidden costs or plan to provide sub-quality products. Therefore, never think of hiring cheaper developers or Android App Development Company to reduce the development cost. Instead, take measures and advice provided by your app developers or the company. It may help you save on the entire development process without cutting the rates or charge of the developers. “Developers with high rates may give you advice on how to cut the cost of development without affecting quality at the end.”

Consider Outsourcing with Reliable Partner

Many app entrepreneurs and businesses think offshore development companies always provide low-quality work and avoid them by hearing horror stories regarding bad experiences. Indeed, all businesses and developers in outsourcing industries are not faring players, but the number of bad players is significantly low. If you can find the right outsourcing app development partner with a solid reputation and portfolio, you can win the app cost battle in the first place. Reliable outsourcing companies have cheaper development infrastructure and talents that you may hardly imagine in your developed countries. Therefore, like outsourcing hubs, India has attained high reputations and provided viable alternatives for offshore work. “Leverage the high-end app development benefits by knotting ties with a dependable outsourcing partner.”


We have visited some limited options to reduce mobile app development costs without missing the quality in the current post. There are many other alternatives available to cut the cost and apply to particular situations or business niches. Just contact us to reduce your mobile app development cost with high-end app development for your business.

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