Role of AI in Changing Web Design and Development

Artificial Intelligence

Web design and web development trends are changing with the impacts of emerging technologies in the market. Today, client or business analysts of a project are coming with a long list of various technologies to integrate into website design or a web development project.

It is because every project requires to deliver the best possible user experiences. Integration of the latest tools& techniques to meet the advanced needs of end-users. Integration of the best services available on the web, and the excellent performance of website or web application.

Advancements in peripheral technologies and integrations of their APIs have made web design and web development highly intricate things today. Though it is inevitable to get success in the market. Therefore, web developers always strive to learn how to deal with upcoming technologies and grab more client based on it.

Artificial Intelligence and associated technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have exceeded to add values in software product development for the web and mobile fields.

Therefore, I have decided to discuss the role of AI in changing the shape of web design and web development in a nutshell. My discussion is based on my experiences with a Web Design &Development Company, where I have seen how AI can help its patrons in multiple ways.

One more clarification I want to add here that AI can add value in the web development process itself, as well as in the life of end-users of the web products. So, I am going to explain both things here.

A -How AI Can Add Values in Web Design & Web Development Process Itself

There are many ways to do it for a Web Design & Development Company. For instance,

You Can Improve Web Design Using AI Tools

  • We can use AI tools to create basic layouts, templates, and provide virtual assistance during the designing process.
  • VA also can help in the creation of personalization experiences through personalized content and other ways to add value in personalization engine designed to serve end-users.
  • AI tools can enhance the image, audio, and video editing processes.

You Can Enhance Web Development Using AI Tools

  • AI tools can ease database management tasks like adding, deleting, and updating data.
  • We can apply the AI algorithm to improve overall coding experiences for the programmers working on different technologies, tools, and techniques.
  • AI helps in testing and other quality control as well as quality assurance tasks, including debugging, that can enhance the quality of the web products.
  • AI also aids DevOps in the deployment process and many post-deployment tasks, including upgrade, update, and repair.

You Can Do Better SEO Using AI Tools Like Web Analytics

SEO process consists of plenty of various tasks. So, if we add AI init, we can automate the majority of tasks as well as improve the quality of outputs using AI tools. For instance, web analytics have to churn tons of data,and we can employ AI technologies here.

Analysis and data mining are promising sectors to apply AI and associated technologies. Various AI-powered predictive engines can boost the speed and performance of an SEO campaign in cost-effective ways.

You Can Automate Requirement Gathering & Analysis Using AI Tools

A process of requirement gathering is intensive and demanding resources as well as time to get perfection. Various AI tools, along with voice assistance and Chatbot, can help the BA team to automate various tasks.

We can employ AI in story gathering and a variety of data collection tasks at the initial stage of web design and web development process.

You Can Augment UX Using AI Tools

UX design demands frequent testing, including full testing and guerilla testing. We can employ AI tools to ease the surveying, gathering, and analysis processes to decide how we can improve overall UX with graphics designing and interaction designing at micro to macro levels.

B -How AI Can Add Values in Life of End-users of Web Design & Web Development Products

Now, it is time to talk on how AI and associated technologies, which can help the end-users of the websites or web applications apart from a Web Design & Development Company.

Advanced Search:

The in-site search feature is an essentiality thanks to improved knowledge and skills of web users to run a quick query in a search bar instead of relying on tedious traditional navigational schemes.

AI-powered advanced search engines help users to get quick responses with refined search experiences. Suggestive search, faceted search, filtered search, and other provisions in advanced search engines prove game changers in large ecommerce storefronts on the web.

Voice Search:

It is the latest trends in web technologies. Various AI-powered voice recognition and voice assistants are out in the market to help in voice search. We can help web users a lot in due respect to get instant responses for a variety of queries.

Live Chat:

A chatbot is a buzz in the market, and web-based AI-powered chat applications aretrends nowadays. Chatbot has made support system intelligent and delivering true values to the web users of the websites.

Apart from answering queries intelligently,AI-powered chat applications server other purposes such as marketing the products, pushing shoppers further in the conversion funnel, and closing the deal. Therefore, marketers love AI-powered live chat and social media chat application integrations a lot.

Prediction Engines:

AI tools are powerful enough to help us in dealing effectively with Big Data analysis requirements. Well, architecture and refined data analysis help web marketers to draw useful predictions on various marketing aspects. For instance, prediction on upcoming demand among various categories of users for certain types of products can help an ecommerce to invest in inventory and fix the prices.

Prediction models also help marketers to decide on various offerings like when and where to offer discounts and not. AI processes help marketers to declare sales of existing product and invest those earning in meaningful ways for new stocks.

Personalization Engines:

AI enabled personalization engines are highly used in present days to provide personalized shopping experiences with better UX than ever. AI-based personalization engine gathers data of one-time visitors on the website and used it after certain processes in next visit.

Personalization engines know the preferences of shoppers and present products accordingly to close deals quickly. It also aids in the increase of AOV of a visitor by offering relevant and contextual products on the product pages, banners, and on recommendation spaces in an ecommerce store.

Besides delivering personalized content, engines also help in offerings marketing incentives to get maximum ROI on it. It helps marketers to design and device various programs according seasons and events to grab upcoming opportunities. For instance, holiday sales and event based sales like a sport event.

Finishing Up:

We have seen how AI and associated technologies can help a Web Design & Development Company to obtain benefits in the development process itself as well as add the values in the life of end-users of websites. Do you more ideas to work with AI technologies in your next project? Would you like to share it with our AI experts in the web development team?

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