Brace Yourself for the New Android 11: Top Latest Updates to Watch Out


Refreshing and Zesty, the new version of Android OS, is on the verge of officially hitting the Smartphone industry. Mobile Users and Android Developers are enthralled about Android 11’s upgradations and New Innovations. Android is undeniably the most widely used Mobile Operating System in the world.

Android has so far conquered more than 70 percent of the Global Market Share of Smartphone users, which makes it the Leading Mobile Platform worldwide.

Android 10, the previous release was launched not very long ago in 2019. It created a much-anticipated hype with some exciting and promising new features. Google has quickly brought a gift for Android users with a new launch set on the line in 2020.

Android 11 will be the Eighteenth version of Android and will be the Eleventh Prominent Release in the Android OS Segment. Google had initially slated Three Developer Previews for this version before unfolding the First Beta Release. It brought the first developer preview of Android 11 in February 2020. The first preview was followed by Preview 2 in March and Preview 3 in April. Another unexpected, Developer Preview 4, was launched in May 2020. Android 11’s First Beta version will be brought to light in June 2020.

Many App Developers and users are intrigued about the new features and modifications in this progressive version. Join us for a virtual ride to explore the interesting facets of this upcoming release of Android 11. Here are the top new updates expected in the new launch.

  1. One-Time Permission Option
    Android 11 brings with it a new option for handling Permission requests. This update is part of Google’s Motto to enhance the privacy and security level of Android. While using Apps that require knowing a User’s Location, for earlier versions, the User had two options to grant Location access. With Android 11, a new choice to provide Location details just once is available with the Grant permission “Only This Time” Option. With this option, Apps can access the Location for single use. A Clarification regarding the frequency of this Permission request is not available yet; however, it is an excellent move towards ensuring a secured usage. 
  2. Improved Screen Recording Capacity
    With Android 10, a very limited number of Smartphones had a Screen Recording Feature. However, this ability was not available to most Android users. One needed to install specific apps to enable screen recording.
    Now, Android 11 presents a great screen recording feature for smartphone users. It will allow us to effortlessly capture videos of essential files or presentations via your phone and share them quickly.
  3. Programmed Dark Mode Duration
    Addressing Eye damage concerns caused by excessive screen time among smartphone users, the Dark theme was introduced quite recently for various platforms. Android 11 brings some great upgradations to the Dark theme with the choice to set up a Scheduled Dark Theme for your smartphone. Your phone will switch from Light to Dark Mode as per the Sunrise and Sunset timings fixed according to your Schedule. You can comfortably operate your device without the need to set the Dark Theme daily manually.
  4. New Airdrop inspired File Sharing System
    Android 11 will also have a great file sharing feature, which will be similar to Fast share available with iOS Airdrop. It is anticipated that this sharing system will make File Sharing among Android Devices, very seamless and fast.
  5. Advanced Motion Sense Gesture
    A fascinating feature to be introduced by Android 11 is the ability to control the phone without even touching it. The Motion Sensor enables this. Initially, this feature will be deployed only on Google Pixel Phones. One needs to only make a tap gesture in the air to enable the required function.
  6. Changed Bluetooth and Airplane Mode Compatibility
    Earlier, whenever a user turned on the Airplane Mode on his smartphone, the Bluetooth would automatically switch off along with the Network signals. One needed to restart his Phone’s Bluetooth. This was agitating for especially those using Bluetooth Headphones or Ear pods. Android 11 has brought a solution to this issue too. The Mobile’s Bluetooth will remain active even when the user switches to the Airplane Mode.
  7. Touch Sensitivity Settings
    People who find their touch screen settings not very satisfactory can rejoice a little as the new version of Android brings the feature to adjust the Touch Sensitivity of your device. We have an instinct to protect our phone screen from any damage, use a screen guard, which may hamper the sensitivity of your touch screen. By Adjusting the touch sensitivity, you can smoothen your phone usage experience.
  8. 5G Specific API
    As the new 5G spectrum attracts more and more of the user base, Android 11 brings a special API called the 5G State API to detect the nearby 5G network. It will enable users to use many features faster when their phones are connected to the advanced network.
  9. Pinning Android Share Menu
    Another remarkable feature that will be offered by Android 11 is the facility to pin the desired contacts while sharing any data or files. Earlier, the combination of contacts we shared data with, frequently kept changing. Finding the ideal combo was always a fix. However, now you have the feature to select the prioritized people contacts to share great content quickly.  Android 11 also offers the option to pin your top favorite apps to the share menu.
  10. Revamped Chat Head Bubbles
    You must have seen the Chat head bubbles if you have been using Facebook Messenger for quite some time. With Android 11, these features will be extended to other Apps. Bubbles API will be utilized for Notification head bubbles to pop up when needed. Many users and developers are excited about this fun element.


Android 11 does seem to bring some Appealing features to the table for Android Phone users. The final version of Android 11 is expected to be unveiled in September 2020.
App Developers all around are prepping themselves to become conversant with the new development requirements. Our Proactive team at Sysbunny has already started the analysis of the Developer Previews of the latest version. It will help us to create World-Class Apps as per Android 11 specifications in the coming future.

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