The Role of AI in the IoT Revolution

Artificial Intelligence

It is true that IoT or Internet of Things revolution is going on, and AI or Artificial Intelligence can play a vital role in it. Let’s know how the amalgamation of both technologies can change the scenario of the future in the current post.

According to Statista, the global AI market in 2018 was $9.51 billion, and prediction for 2019 is $14.69 billion.

Revenues from the artificial intelligence (AI) softwaremarket worldwide from 2018 to 2025 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Statista also predicted that a number of connected devices in 2019 would remain 26.66 billion in numbers.

Number of IoT –connected devices worldwide in 2015-25

Now, statistics of both technologies on the web indicate that AI and IoT are emerging and fast-growing digital technologies.

When I write a post, I used to consider a technical and non-technical audience. I know a technical usually knows that modern technologies are intersecting somewhere and often. The growth of any technology in isolation is not possible today.However, some emerging technologies have strong & more often connections with each other while some have thin and seldom.

In the case of IoT and AI, the connections are strong enough, and both technologies are intersecting in providing a variety of solutions. Before discussing the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the revolution of IoT (Internet of Things), I would like to clarify both terms here. It may help you to see & understand the connections between them clearly.

What Is Artificial Intelligence Technology?

Artificial intelligence means the machine’s intelligence where machines gain capabilities of behaving or simulating a real human brain. So it can

  • Enable machines to learn them selves using an AI algorithm.
  • Machines can grasp human speech with the help of voice recognition, natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning subsets of AI technologies.
  • Machines can perform analysis.Big Data originated from any source and provide deep insights as well as offer predictions based on analysis with visual presentations.

What Is an Internet of Things Technology?

When we enable machines or non-computing devices to connect with the world of the Internet and generate useful data with the help of sensors or other techniques applicable on non-computing devices, the Internet of Things application happens.

What Is the Role of AI Technologies In the Growth of IoT Technologies?

Now, we know that in IoT applications,various non-computing devices or components are generating data, which are mostly in the form of non-structured data and No SQL formats. It means computers connected with the IoT devices have a hard time to make use of these raw data without further process and convert those into useful formats.

Now, AI comes in the picture. AI has subset of various technologies like M2M communication, machine learning, deep learning,natural language processing, and many more. These technologies enable AI to run an analysis of abstract data.

It believed that the AI process on Big Data is so quick that it can provide real-time responses to the other connected devices or interface where humans can act quickly.

Real-World Examples of Amalgamation of IoT with AI

For instance, a self-driving car can detect a sudden intersection of a passerby human inits way and order the car to use the brake mechanism in it to save a human life.

A sudden break happens within a fraction of second without any intervention of human or human-operated interface at remote places. A quick M2M communication takes place once the AI mechanism detects the threats with the help of a laser sensor constantly running ahead on the road from the car.

The next example is a smart shopping mall where a repeat customer gets entry, and image recognition software detects him based on her previous images in the videos recorded via surveillance cameras.

Now,AI takes the seat and drive sales mechanism to offer highly personalized incentive based on her previous buying data buried into the sales record of the mall. Here, prediction and recommendation AI-powered engines are playing a crucial role.

How Can the Modern Businesses Benefits from the Mingling of IoT with AI?

Here, I am going to pinpoint only a few useful hints, such as

  • Combination of both systems can create adaptive learning and analytical system to get insights into the business processes.
  • It enhances the sync of processes, communications, and integrations further.
  • It intimates business to take proactive actions to keep pace with changes.
  • It makes the business system intelligent, self-learning, and cognitive.
  • AI-enabled IoT system automates the business processes and provides a collaborative environment.
  • It boosts the productivity and performance of the system and eases the maintenance.

What Are Reasons for that AI Can Aid in Revolution of IoT?

It is true that IoT and AI both have different histories of evolution.However, many similarities are existing between two technologies and their path of evolution than differences. These similarities are:

  • Both technologies favor automation of business processes and take various domains at the next level.
  • Both technologies are capable of triggering transformation from product-oriented to service-oriented models.
  • Both are offering new value propositions and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization & Mapping) technologies used by Drones performing in disaster management.

Impacts of AI-enabled IoT applications on Various Business Domains and Industries

Now, we accustomed to ensue of the mingling of both AI & IoT technologies. Let’s go a step a head and learn about the impacts of the amalgamation of both technologies in various business domains and their solutions.

IoT with AI in Industrial Automation

We know both IoT and AI are capacities to help in various industrial automation processes.The following domains are the most beneficial of amalgamation of both technologies in smart ways.

  • Factory Digitalization
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Product flow Monitoring
  • Packaging optimization
  • Safety and Security
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization

AI-enabled IoT Applications in Home Automation to Create Smart Homes

In smart home concept, various devices& systems, including freeze, ACs, oven, water supply, electric supply, and security systems equipped with sensors in a home act like smart devices and connected with IoT applications. Here, AI acts as data gathering, analysis, and decision-making system to act automatically in some instances, and work under the hood of an interface operated by humans or home owners via smart mobile devices to obtain critical decisions/instructions.

AI Combined with IoT Applications in Creation of Smart City

Just like the smart home concept, smart city concept is working at a large scale and provide an example of the combination of various upcoming technologies, including IoT and AI. Here, both technologies aid in water management, waste management,drainage system, transportation system, parking system, electric grids, road and rail management, safety & security aspects of the entire city, and a lot more things encompassing in the automation of smart city model.

AI-enabled IoT Applications in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is a huge industry with numerous stakeholders. IoT is a combination of AI, and wearable technologies are going to change the entire scenario of services. Healthcare generates a vast amount of useful data and IoT along with wearable add in it a big volume.

Thereby, AI provides deep insights into the data and also offers assistance in HR management, real-time responses, inventory management, allied pharmacy services, and predictions as well as suggestions.


IoT is making machine connected and communicates with the entire network. IoT also generates Big Data, but AI is only the technology that makes those Big Data useful and meaningful for an industry. A reciprocally beneficial coexistence occurs between IoT and AI technologies. There are tons of domains and business niches, which can reap the advantages of the coexistence of both technologies.

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