The Useful Augmented Reality Apps [Part 1]

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality apps for mobiles and tablets are popular among the users coming from diverse industries such as education, aviation, disaster management, fashion & apparel, and mobile games. Let’s check how these industries leverage the advanced AR technologies. Now, we are going to explore the real-world applications and examples of Augmented Reality in this series. In fact, we had started looking many interesting examples for commercial AR niche in the previous post ‘How Useful Augmented Reality is Part 2.’ By keeping the thread continue, we will explore other business niches and industries in the current post.

Educational AR Applications

Students of any level, love active learning against the passive like textbooks. 3D models and animations in Augmented Reality can provide them the opportunity to bet on active and interactive learning. Let’s check some available options that can add values in modern education system and institutions.

Interactive Textbooks

The characters, objects, and backgrounds of printed textbooks can become live by using AR education apps through smartphones or tablets. Point the camera in a paragraph marked with advanced augmented reality android app solution, things in the scene would become life and teach you stuff in fun as well as interactive ways to the students. For example, AR Flashcard Apps.

Object Modeling

When students focus the device with AR capacities to the learning objects such as human skeleton, body parts, drawings, models, and tagged objects they may get additional information and animations to obtain in-depth knowledge regarding those objects or parts.
  • With human skeleton, students can learn anatomy. (e.g., Anatomy 4D).
  • With live body parts, physiology and biochemistry. (e.g., Chromville Science).
  • With scientific models, physics, and chemistry. (e.g., Element 4D).
  • With engineering drawings, engineering stuff.
  • With equation and formulas, mathematics and geometry (e.g., AR loon mental Math & Geometry).

Real-life things

Historical places, art galleries, and museums can become places for interactive learning for students of history, archeology, arts & crafts, oceanography, and industrial designing. E.g., Barcy for water & water life learning

Emergency Management or Search and Rescue AR Applications

Natural and human-driven disasters are devastating in all aspects. Mitigating emergency or disaster is not within human reach, but dealing with it effectively is possible by using the latest technologies and equipment. Augmented Reality is one of those useful technologies and can help humankind in several ways. Emergency or disaster management training becomes easy with AR application.
  • AR images and animations can help trainers and trainees to see the depth of water during flood and storm conditions.
  • Underground water supply, sewage, gas supply, and electric supply can be found easily during fire, earthquake, and storms like emergency and can carry the lifesaving as well as property saving operations smoothly.
  • For huge skyscrapers and large building with public traffic, AR apps can provide immediate visualization and info regarding evacuation facilities, emergency exits, firefighting equipment locations, and much more to the common public with smartphone apps and to the emergency management team with special apps.
  • With medical emergency AR applications, emergency workers and social workers can take help of government or private doctors to treat the patients injured in the disaster. Such apps enable the user to follow the instructions of remote doctors and provide lifesaving treatments as well as medication easily without prior training or knowledge of medical aids or nursing.

Fashion and Apparels AR Applications

In the previous post, we have seen many AR applications for retailers including some fashion and apparels related niches such as:
  • Magic mirror for makeup.
  • ModiFace for makeup and styles.
  • Sampler app for shoe fitting.
  • The AR change room apps for apparel fitting including TopShop and Kinect Fitting apps.
Apart from these, we have AR applications that can bring life to the clothes. In 2013, Marga Weimans in Amsterdam had released AR dress with hyper fabric embedded sensors, chips, and tags to change the viewer’s experience of the dress. Octagon Studio with Marks & Spenser created AR t-shirts for kids with pictures of characters painted. When you focus the camera of your handheld device on t-shirt image, the AR app in your mobile device display lives character with the background to provide fun and learning for the kids. It has boosted the sales up and make the product famous. Do you want to boost sale in a similar fashion for your ecommerce? Come into contact with SysBunny for right Mobile App Consultancy Services.

Aviation (Flight Training & Maintenance) AR Applications

The current study in aviation point that pilot error accounts for nearly 85% accidents. To mitigate the pilot errors, Augmented Reality applications can provide better ways to train the pilot without much risk with true flight and experienced co-pilot. Some other points are:
  • The AR HMD can present a virtual checklist before pilot begins actual take-off.
  • It also displays corridor overlay to depict right path for landing or take-off.
  • The AR app helps pilot during cruise stage by providing vital informations such as artificial horizons, waypoints, weather info, restricted areas, and flight plans.
  • Apart from pilot training and real-life assistance, AR apps help aviation industry for MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) tasks. Paper-based maintenance cards have replaced by AR app presented digital information in real-time by popup relevant data as soon as the camera of AR device focus on the part or section.

Games AR Applications

We know the power and popularity of Pokemon Go Augmented Reality based mobile game. Game developers have created several AR game apps that superimpose the mythical creatures over the real-life landscape. Some examples of iOS and Android mobile apps with AR capacities are Ingress, Zombies, Temple Treasure Hunt, Ghost Snap AR SpecTrek, and AR Invaders Run! Some games are coming with prepared indoor environments such as Titans of Space, AR air hockey, AR-enhanced pool table games, and collaborative combat against virtual enemies. Of course, game development for mobiles is highly rewarding business, and many have earned through implementing innovative technologies with mobile apps. If you opt for AR game app development for a unique idea, we would like to advise you to consult the SysBunny – Mobile App Development Company to provide right consultancy services.


We have explored a number of industries and business niches, which are practically applying Augmented Reality applications. We have seen the potential usage of AR apps among those industries too. It is true that we have not covered most of the significant category of industries in the present and previous posts. Therefore, by keeping the thread of posts continue, we may deliver the next part ‘The Useful Augmented Reality Apps Part 2’ in the coming week.

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