The Useful Augmented Reality Apps [Part 4]

Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality technologies have aided various industries and business niches to enhance the user experiences along with opening new possibilities and market to sell the products or services.

In our previous post, The Augmented Reality Apps Part 3 we have seen AR applications for the military, music, navigation, and spatial immersion and interaction like niches benefitting from the advancements of the technologies.

In the current post, we are going to cover some more industries or business niches where the potential of AR app implementation exists.

Tourism and Travel (Sightseeing) AR Applications

People travel for various reasons including business, leisure, and recreation. Therefore, tourism has 30% share in the export of services and 6% in the export of goods of the world.

There is a wide range of use cases in which AR app could help travel and tourism industry. For instance,
  • It allows tourists or travelers to make the selection of destination places and book the rented houses, hotels, and restaurants for accommodation and eating.
  • To obtain real-time weather information and forecasts for the places.
  • Provides reliable and real-time navigation to reach the destinations as well as enjoying tourist places.
  • For exceptional sightseeing experiences.
  • To obtain detailed info regarding historical and museum-like places in a real-time manner.
  • To get easy translation facilities while moving.
The apps available for AR experiences in travel and tourism industries are:
  • HoloMaps lets you visualize the world like never before using Godzilla view for nearly 200 cities and landmarks.
  • HudWay is a heads up display for travelers driving across the territories of the world. It lets users focus on the road without any distraction from dashboard or mobile screen views and provide navigational information to the drivers with real-time updates.
  • ViewRanger is an app for countryside views, as it provides AR information on various sightseeing places and outdoor adventures in stunningly beautiful ways. It is used by more than 200 search & rescue teams across the globe.
  • HoloTour is an application for tourists wondering in historical and famous places. It offers a unique amalgamation of holographic scenery, spatial sound, and 360-degree video tours.
  • Tuscany+ is an interactive, and real-time guide app for tourists love guidance, content, and entertainment while visiting various physical locations.

If you are inclined to have an app for your tourism or travel business, SysBunny is the perfect destination to get right consultancy services.

Translation AR Applications

World travelers often face difficulties in translating several unknown languages of the world when real-time translation is in demand such as signboards, menus in hotels, information boards at historical and sightseeing places, and photos or banners on roads or streets.

Word Lens app by Quest Visual is the best alternative, and it is now more powerful after acquisition by the Google and integration in its Google translation apps for mobiles.

Once you fire up the app and point the mobile camera on the sign, menu, or photo with texts, you can get instant translation overlaid on the live video or photo feed in almost exact typeface and style found in the original sign/photo.

It can save users to travel across unknown territories without a local guide and eat the items after getting complete information.

Visual Art AR Applications

Just like any other thing in the real-world, Augmented Reality can enhance the perception of arts and help to sell in art pieces.

  • Screencatcher app provides animation on the artist’s felt-pen drawings, waterfalls, or moving skies on the screens, which are empty to begin.
  • Hyperplanes of Simultaneity app is another attempt to augment art with illustrated work that comes to life beneath the feet of app users.
  • With Virtualidades app, the artists have proposed a series of animated sculptures using the app on tablets or smartphones.
  • The Augmented Reality Museum app and Museomix app are examples of bringing art galleries and museums under the hood of AR technologies to explore creatively.
  • The ‘Lapse’ is an AR app to discover virtual art experiences, which are hidden in the city of Miami.

Workplace AR Applications

The AR apps have a place in our workplaces too. It has potential to reduce the errors and assembly time from 30% to 90% among the first-time workers entering on the factory floors.

  • Labels can display on the parts of the system while carrying maintenance and repairing tasks by the manufacturing or machinery workplaces.
  • The AR apps ease the maintenance of big machines with multiple layers or hidden structure where AR apps act as an x-ray machine and pointing to the problem with precisions.


In the current post, we have explored the remaining industries benefiting the augmented reality technologies such as travels & tourism, translation, art, and workplaces.

We have seen the extreme potential of Augmented Reality technologies to aid various industries in the current series. Finally, I would like to conclude with the last part of the grand series ‘Tomorrow of Augmented Reality‘ by presenting futuristic possibilities for AR apps in the shadow of upcoming technologies.

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