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In the last few years, iOS App Development has kept pace with the advanced upheaval, which keeps on entering each period of life. Over and over, new innovation acquires another influx of insurgency into the portable part too with Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of things (IoT), set to get quick changes to the manner in which the cell phones work, independent of the working frameworks.

Throughout the years, the application has seen numerous progressions which provoked an ever increasing number of iPhone App Development Company to investigate and adjust to its alluring highlights.

The most recent idea from Apple has been iOS 12 and you easily install this update on your iPhone. It offers proper bug fixes and new features compared to the past variant iOS 11. As we proceed with the quick advancements in innovation, the iOS App Development organizations are additionally in for some quick-paced changes and mobile application engineers should be aware and well-prepared to fuse those changes, as and how they unfurl. How about we investigate what iOS App Development shall introduce for us in 2019.

Why go for Apple application development?

Major new companies or established enterprises will go for application advancement in both of the two driving stages (iOS or Android).

Apple App Store made income of $22.6 billion of every 2018. After the dispatch of Apple Watch, the pace of apple application downloads expanded by 75%. It is clear that iOS is showing improvement over Android with regards to money related variables.

Basic application cost in the Apple App Store begins from $0.50 and going as high as $1000. Click To Tweet

This graph shows the increase in the number of applications in the last decade and this indicates that there can be a future growth of apps available in the App Store. Hence, iOS applications enjoy maximum downloads.

Source: Statista

Apple's App Store has more than 2.2 million applications at present with normal 2540 applications being included day by day. Click To Tweet

What are the latest ios app development trends for 2019?

1. ARKit 2 in iOS 12

ARKit 2 is one of the most game-changing highlights of iOS 12. It has improved the entire AR application showcase with various access highlights where a similar AR item or condition can be shared by numerous clients at the same time. Thus, with multiplayer now you can have a wide range of encounters in gadgets that can be stored in the cloud.

ARKit 2 isn’t simply constrained to gaming yet can be utilized for things like shared world encounters, seeing computerized craftsmanship ventures, instruction developments, retail publicizing, and so forth. It is the start of the consensual huge scale AR experience and a stage into the eventual fate of advanced reality. The ongoing apple report has announced that 53% of clients have introduced iOS 12. This is the confirmation why you have to use ARKit2. When you need to dispatch an AR application, you will require master iOS 12 engineers.

ARKit 2: What’s in store?

The new ARKit 2 can chip away at somewhere in the range of 2 iPads or iPhones to perhaps a thousand all the while working gadgets. ARKit is additionally presenting another measure application for iOS which utilizes AR to rapidly check the size of certifiable articles. New open document design with iOS 12 is propelled, USDZ, to profoundly incorporate AR all through iOS applications.

2. iOS App Security

iOS is viewed as the most secure platform and there are some solid explanations behind it. The consistent OS upddates are one of the fundamental ways that Apple keeps its gadget and applications secure from all digital assaults. Apple has a favorable position over Android as there are less difficult clients who won’t download refreshes.

Apple has full authority over how their gadget and iOS cooperate, while Android has numerous gadgets to consider while rolling out any improvements to their OS, reducing blunders. Click To Tweet

iOS App Security: What’s in store?

In view of security, Apple has made App Transport Security (ATS) obligatory for each recently distributed iOS application. Every iOS application in an iPhone/iPad is just permitted to get to documents and make changes to them in a virtual sandbox, and each application has its very own sandbox. Each application will have just a single channel to associate with one another gave by the gadget’s iOS. The inbuilt application security highlights are normally refreshed with new security patches.

3. Launch of Swift 5

Swift 5 released in mid-2019 and became one of the most looked for patterns in iOS improvement. Since this form of Swift was launched, iOS designers are energized for blasting rendition of the most adored iOS programming language.

There are numerous new highlights in this form yet the key component is ABI (Application Binary Interface). More seasoned highlights of Swift 4 like filing and serialization, simpler string execution, upkeep of Unicode accuracy and compiler support till Swift 3.2 will be proceeded. With the presentation of Swift 5, it is important to enlist iOS application engineers with an information on the most recent Swift application improvement.

Swift 5: What’s in store?

Right now Swift isn’t ABI stable, so every parallel (App), packs its very own form of the Swift Dynamic Library. This will change with Swift 5. Due to ABI solidness pack sizes will diminish and language changes become littler. With a developing environment of more than 7000 bundles on GitHub, Swift bundle chief is a piece of the open source system.

By utilizing Swift PM as a library this present pattern has gained ground towards making great Swift help bundles inside Xcode IDE. Other than iOS, Swift 5 will likewise bolster Linux OS simply like Swift4.

4. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is changing the eventual fate of cash exchange for eCommerce clients. It is turning it into an all-inclusive method of online instalment for Apple clients.

According to the ongoing reports by Statista; there are in excess of 127 million Apple pay clients around the globe. This instalment administration can be utilized to arrange physical merchandise, administrations, just as gifts. The most widely recognized instalment spaces utilizing Apple Pay are in stores, inside applications, on the web in Safari, chose travels, individual to-individual, business talks, and so on.

Mac Pay for the Web streamlines online trade by encouraging, accelerating and verifying the buy procedure on iPhone, iPad or Mac gadgets however much as could reasonably be expected. No all the more looking through the checkout pages. This is a major advance forward for the versatile Web where online customers burn through several “smaller scale minutes” consistently exploring without purchasing. In the event that you are searching for instalment entryway reconciliation, at that point Apple Pay ought to be in your rundown.

Apple Pay: What’s in store?

Apple Pay can be used in any form for physical shopping, web based shopping, club participation, ticket booking, nourishment requesting, table reservations, to bank instalments and much more.

Apple Pay is very secure; you don’t have to spare your credit/check card subtleties. Due to the protected instalment alternative, the exchanges on Apple Pay have raised clients by 500% since its discharge.

5. Artificial intelligence and SiriKit

Siri was initially a side project venture created by SRI International AI Center. Siri isn’t the precise case of Artificial Intelligence yet presumably the nearest one that we have at present. As of not long ago, Siri just utilized exceptionally incredible discourse acknowledgment and normal language handling systems. Be that as it may, this is changing with the up and coming Machine Learning and more profound AI combination to Siri.

Other than the new Sirikit propelled with iOS 12 is making Siri unquestionably increasingly available. It empowers iOS applications and WatchOS applications to work with Siri. Every one of the administrations can be utilized in new ways like without hands use and application access from the lock screen. Siri Shortcut has another stunning reconciliation that matches a client’s day by day schedule with applications and proposes alternate ways to visit exercises. This is the genuine incorporation of AI with Siri.

SiriKit: What’s in store?

Siri will propose alternate routes dependent on the hour of day, client’s area, and sort of movement. Siri starts to realize what’s going on with the client and propose significant alternate routes.

All the learning happens locally on the gadget, so Siri makes a customized understanding without bargaining client security. The application alternate ways come as warnings on the lock screen for the clients to tap if wish to run the assignment.


There is the most evident explanation, individuals consistently need something new. Thus, organizations need to continue developing to remain pertinent in the market. Security is paramount and with cyber-attacks getting more advanced, apps need to upgrade their security patches to stay safe.

Customers look for modern iOS app trends. Only a few apps are doing well in this race because of their efforts towards customer experience. You need to make a first impression. There are hundreds of apps similar to yours, so you need to have something different to catch user’s eye.


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