Top 8 IoT App Trends to reign in 2020


Trends that will shape IoT Prospects in the coming decade

Each year the world of technology puts to the forefront some revolutionary trends which turn the spectrum of human functioning. The IoT or the Internet of Things is one such innovation that has managed to grab substantial attention for quite some time.

It has genuinely transformed many everyday activities and increased the potential of entities in the Application Development Arena. IoT Applications are in immense demand among businesses in almost every segment. The Internet of Thing technology as many are aware is nothing but the network of interrelated and internet-connected smart devices which carry out various activities with minimal human intervention.

As per a study by Mckinsey, about 127 new IoT devices are being connected to the internet each second.

2020 holds a lot of new developments in the niche of IoT. Let us discover some of the monumental “Internet-of-Things” trends that are expected to grab great attention this year.

  1. Fostering Energy Optimisation with IoT
    Sustainable use of Power has been an issue for many years. With millions of IoT based devices getting connected every year, Energy consumption management is the need of the hour. Conscious use of energy needs to be inculcated among individuals. Devising IoT Devices for Energy Efficiency and installing Monitoring capabilities will be in-demand among many smart device users. IoT Apps for Instant Notification and Update over smartphones shall be on the rise. These Apps will notify the users if the power consumption exceeds the stated limit. Additional features like Remote Temperature Control and Auto-Switch off of Appliances to save energy will be increasingly adopted.   
  2. Your Voice Assistants will get Smarter
    With rising popularity and affordability of Smart Assistants, new features will be added to their Applications. Until now, Smart Voice Assistants could communicate in limited languages; however, 2020 expects to see a shift in this paradigm with an impressive multi-lingual communication capability in voice assistants. This will help millions of new users to conveniently use these voice assistants who are not adept with English. Voice Assistants are becoming a primary part of Smart Home Systems. Such new features will add to the Attractiveness of such systems.
  3. The Arrival of Edge Computing
    Pre-dominantly, Cloud Computing has been the backbone behind IoT Devices and Applications. All data on your IoT Applications was stored over the cloud, so far. Now, there is a movement towards a new system of data storage. Edge Computing is being implemented to boost IoT further. Under this approach, the large amount of data from IoT Devices is accumulated and stored locally. There is a lower dependency on the cloud, which leads to less latency and swifter performance. Implementing Edge Computing improves the device and App performance with improved bandwidth. This storage approach is more secure and provides better connectivity.
  4. 5G Effect on IoT
    With the advent of the new variant in the mobile cellular network technology, the 5th Generation network will further enhance the IoT performance. 5G Network will be a blessing for IoT device users as they will trigger smoother performance and improved connectivity.

    It is estimated that 5G will be ten times rapid than the existing 3G/4G network technology. Users in various segments, including Smart Homes, Medical Science, and Manufacturing, will be able to take advantage of the boons of 5G. This new spectrum can manage more device connections at a time, along with higher connectivity, which will positively influence the diverse operations of IoT devices.
  5. The culmination of IoT with Blockchain
    The Blockchain boom will engulf the Internet of Things Realm to improvise the overall user experience. The crypto-technology of Blockchain comprises of decentralized ledger systems which enable superior security of data. With the conventional centralized cloud system of data storage for IoT devices, there are issues of reduced scalability, lesser speeds, and weaker security channels.

    The advanced Blockchain networks will enable secure and autonomous functioning of devices. It will prove to be more reliable as well as affordable. Information of IoT Application users will now be shared and stored via decentralized systems, which will reduce network security troubles.

    IOTA has emerged as one of the premier Blockchain Platforms explicitly created for the “Internet of Things” technology. It provides an efficient transaction settlement and a robust data transfer channel for IoT based devices.
  6. A Rise in the use of SaaS for IoT
    “Software as a Service” is one of the popular cloud-based services which is also finding its usage among IoT users. Under this service, infrastructure software applications can be accessed through the internet. Software as a Service is emerging as a favorite among the IoT players providing different IoT based services. SaaS is helping to enable the easy functioning of IoT devices through lower upfront expenses and more open applications. It is supporting better adoption of IoT technology among many users. Software as a Service has allowed more industries to go for IoT applications.
  7. Further Boost in the Health Segment with IoT
    The Healthcare sector is seeing one of the most substantial impacts of IoT. This technology has transformed the working style of medical professionals and improved treatment methods for patients. IoT devices with smart sensors like portable devices, Advanced Medical Equipment, and Remote Monitoring systems have substantially improvised the Healthcare niche.

    “As per Recent Report by Medium, 40 Percent of the IoT Devices will be utilized in the Health Industry by the end of 2020.”

    The High-tech Wearable Devices and Virtual Assistants are being adopted by various entities to provide the best in class treatments.
  8. Amplified Impact of AI and Big Data
    Myriad Modernised technologies are being used for upgrading the human lifestyle. The Combination of IoT with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data is proving exceptional. With billions of IoT devices expected to be brought to use in the coming years, the volume of data is going to rise steeply. This needs cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence techniques and Big Data Analysis to collect and put to use relevant user data. A stout data processing system will help in better performance of IoT applications.

    Artificial Intelligence will also enable to make the IoT devices like Smart Home Assistants and Devices to become niftier. AI and Big Data will act as a stimulus for the progress of IoT.


The technology world keeps progressing, and we perceive new trends in different areas quite frequently. In the IoT sphere, 2020 promises to bring some worthy developments. These IoT trends will surely increase the demand for IoT based Applications among users.

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