Top 8 Reasons Why Mobile Apps are better than Websites

Mobile apps

Both Websites and Mobile Apps have a role to play in the success of any business. The history of Websites dates back to the 1990s, while Apps first appeared after 2007, which makes mobile apps comparatively a recent phenomenon.  It would not be wrong to state that having a Website is like a tradition for every business around the world. A Website is undoubtedly an excellent way for companies to broadcast themselves to the world.

As per studies, there are about 2 billion websites on the internet, with about 400 million actively used

Websites are nothing, but a collection of web pages which have a unique domain name published under one or more server and are accessible via a web browser through almost all computerized devices.

On the other hand, Mobile apps are software applications or computer programs meant for use on portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

Mobile App Development sees a surge like never before; this is because of the power that Apps hold. With about 4 billion mobile users in the world, much more than the number of desktop users, Apps are taking the dominant run in the league.

There have been more than 197 billion App downloads made by users worldwide through the different App Stores over multiple mobile platforms so far

Mobile Apps hold more potential to lead your business entity to the pinnacle of success as compared to websites. Keep in mind that the decision is also subjective to business factors like the target audience, purpose, and affordability.

Here are the top 8 points, which will highlight why Mobile Apps overshadow Websites.

  1. Higher User Like ability
    Mobile apps attract more user attention because of their user-friendliness and exquisite features. In Contrast to websites, apps have become more likable among mobile users. The usage statistics of mobile apps proves this. 90 percent of the time on mobiles is spent using different apps. Apps are straightforward to download and use. They provide a more enriched experience to the users in Contrast to general websites.
  2. Minting more Money
    Apps are mostly available for free to the users via the App Stores. Yet, most of them generate handsome revenue for their owning entities. The Bolstering popularity of apps is the reason behind the increased earnings. This increase is attributable to the good app quality and monetization strategies to convert the large user base to advertise different products. Actionable Adds, Campaigns, Promotional Videos without much affecting the App’s actual functionality has led to app companies raking more Money.
  3. Effective Personalization ability
    Another appealing attribute about Apps is how it enables users to customize their App as per their needs. With AI Technology, the apps have become more advanced and can generate personalized recommendations and give real-time updates to the user. Mobile devices are handier than other computer devices, which offers mobile apps a better reach. Apps have turned out to be quite indispensable for many people. They also enable quick communication abilities for their users to exchange customized information. Such features are hardly available with regular websites.
  4. Better Communication
    Mobile Apps offer the best communication facilities. They are undoubtedly a great platform for rapid and effective communication. Apps today are integrated with handy features like in-app messaging. Apps allow businesses to interact with their clients more instantaneously without being too pushy. Business entities can send fast updates through in-app notifications. Websites are not as prompt and influential as mobile apps. This again makes Mobile Apps outshining over its counterpart.
  5. Additional Features
    The Websites commonly seen today do not possess as many striking qualities as mobile applications. They have minimal multimedia features. Apps, on the other hand, have the capability to use the user’s device functions like the contact list, phone calls, camera, and GPS. With Apps, the user experience is more fulfilled. It is also effortless to add additional features to a mobile app as there are more extensive options available in comparison to a website. This makes the performance of apps remarkable.
  6. Offline Capabilities
    Many mobile apps have the feature to work offline and perform some of the basic functionalities as against websites which can hardly function without a stable internet connection. The majority of the app capabilities are operable only when your device is online. However, Apps are more accessible than websites due to their offline working features, which make them take an edge over usual sites.
  7. More Dominant Marketing Tool
    Mobile Apps are one of the best ways to elevate the growth of your business sales. These apps act as an aggressive platform to showcase products of your entity. They are surely a viable eCommerce tool for many industries. This is because of the large number of mobile users found globally today, that apps have become an inexpensive way to take your business forward.
    You can find many advertisement gimmicks using apps to endorse any product or service to the users. Many leading businesses have developed their business apps to enhance their service levels and customer relations. Apps can be built to be secure and designed with better features as compared to websites, which again makes them a great marketing tool for many companies.
  8. Creates a Stronger Brand Presence
    Apps are attracting a broader user market, which enables businesses to tap this trait to create a solid brand name in their respective industry. As we mentioned earlier, the apps provide an enhanced user experience and have superior features when contrasted to websites. The user engagement enables businesses to stand out from their competitors by creating an advanced app for their business. They can use different marketing and branding tactics and infold more areas under their influence with the development of a bespoke app.


In this eon of the internet, both Websites and Apps are critical in the evolution of any business. Business organizations are employing both these tools to expand. However, the tug of war between these two internet applications leads us to the conclusion that Mobile Apps have a more substantial impact on the success of any business today.

The Ultimate decision to opt for which of the two mediums is subjective for many businesses. But, it is not wrong to conclude that Apps can prove more instrumental to wide-ranging firms across different sectors to flourish.

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