Top Reasons for Choose Android App Development


Increased use of mobile devices has pushed the target audience of most of the domains on the mobiles. However, a mobile application offers highly sophisticated user experiences that a mobile-friendly website is hardly capable of doing so.

Mobile marketplaces are experiencing high turnover of mobile apps each quarter. Plenty of new apps uploaded or replace the older ones in App Stores. It has kept the mobile app development industry growing and users to get more and more advanced apps easily.

Industries and businesses are inclined to have a mobile app for various purposes. Therefore,they are knocking the door of reputed AndroidApp Development Company to get one for them.

However, they are still confusing to make a selection of app OS platform whenever a new app need arises. Today, they have a selection dilemma among three major app platforms, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Therefore, my obvious intention to write this blog is to help them out for logically making a right choice.

Remember iOS Users Have another Device with Android OS

When a business carried a user survey and found its target audience with iOS devices in significant percentages, it naturally tends to go for iOS app development. However, they ignore one fact of the mobile market that the majority of iOS users are coming from affluent classes and they carry more than one mobile devices with them. Therefore, the second choice becomes Android OS capable devices for them.

The Biggest Audience Exists on Android Platform

Similarly, recent market surveys regarding mobile OS usages revealed that Android has the highest number of app users thanks to the highest number of Android devices in the hands of overall mobile users. It has some clear reasons, such as

  • Android OS supporting devices are cheaper than iOS.
  • The open source nature of Android OS enables anyone to download it and use it.
  • The open platform policies of Google and Alliance for Android OS are boosting the use of Android OS further in the market.

Flexible Nature of Android App Stores

Android is an open platform so anyone can sell or buy Android app using personal resources or some known marketplaces.Google Play is an official marketplace for Android apps. It is more flexible and cheaper app store compared to Apple Store.

Android developers have to pay only one-time fees for registration and use it. Its approval policies are not strict and unpredictable compared to Apple Store. So, Android apps get quick approval and enable Android App Development Company to offer shorter time-to-market for their services.

Android an Equally Secured Platform

The general assumptions are that iOS pays high concerns to the app security right from the development stage to approval. The market place also looks after security aspects by compelling app developers to release updates regularly to mitigate security nuances during the entire lifecycle of an app.

Unfortunately, it is farther from the truth.Google Play and most importantly Android OS carries inherent capabilities to meet app safety and security challenges. Frequent updates of Android OS is enough evidence of it. Android app developers find more security features in Android Studio and other Android development tools.

Fragmentation a Bliss, Not an Obstacle

Android is suffering from acute fragmentation issues right from its birth. Testing on classic OS versions and age-old devices are the most daunting thing for the Android developer community. However,it is now easy thanks to web-based remote testing facilities and some restrictions of version as well as device compatibility for a new release of Android OS.

Unfortunately, none takes fragmentation as a blessing because the backward compatibility of Android OS platform enables users coming from the poor or middle class to use cheaper and older Android devices with older versions of OS.

It enables a vast user base of privileged classes to use and participate in the Android ecosystem. Therefore, the highest number of Android users are residing in third-world countries in the Asian and African regions. Now, they are benefiting from the smartphone usages in their day-to-day life and provide a huge market for businesses coming with Android apps for local requirements. It is a big potential indeed for a smart Android App Development Company!

Android OS Platform Benefitting the Most from Wearable Revolution

The market for wearable devices is exponentially growing in recent days.Fortunately, the majority of wearable devices are either using or compatible with Android OS. Therefore, for Android app developers,the wearable app development market is a big pie in their hands to explore.

Demands for wearable supporting mobile apps in Android OS is steadily increasing. It has given a new dimension to Android app development. Android experts are busy to explore new opportunities coming with wearable revolution.


One-third of mobile apps have Android OS and thrive on the Android ecosystem. If you want to be in a huge Android ecosystem with maximum return, your business must have an Android app before you think of another OS platform. SysBunny is a pool of talented and experienced Android app developers.

It has served leading brands and enterprises with high-end Android applications. Would like to a part of a huge Android ecosystem by creating an app with advanced functionality and excellent user experiences with us? SysBunny is an Android App Development Company, which is offering highly cost-effective solutions with fast turnarounds.

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