Top Reasons that make Node.js the Best Tool for Enterprise App Development

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Application development is no cakewalk. Modeling premier Apps involves the investment of a skilled workforce and the assistance of some cutting-edge frameworks and tools.

Mobile Apps are now a family of more than 4.6 million. To create an outshining app, Application developers need to put in great features coupled with excelling development technologies.

Node.js is one of the superior open-source, server-side platforms built on the eminent JavaScript Engine.

Node.js is presently the most popular runtime environment in the US, with more than 28000 Websites using it for their development purposes

Introduction to Node.js

This Javascript runtime environment is used to execute Javascript Code out of a browser for making networking and server-side applications. This runtime is known for its Asynchronous APIs and Rapid Code Execution.  Powered by Google Chrome’s V8 engine, Node.js is an Apt Technology Partner for Data Streaming Apps, I/O Bound Apps, Single Page Applications, and Data-Intensive Real-time Applications.

Software Engineer Ryan Dahl originally developed this runtime in 2009. Its first version was officially launched in 2011; since then, it has become one of the most widely used cross-platform tools for many top developers.  

What makes Node.js Ideal for Creating Enterprise Applications?

Many of you may be wondering about the underlying reasons behind the remarkable reputation of Node.js. Here are the top reasons which have enabled Node.js to become an esteemed platform for Developers.

  • Impressive Node Package Manager
    Node.js has an efficient Node Package Manager, also known as the npm, which allows users to install, utilize, and update the different modules effortlessly. These modules are robust, open-source minor software packages.

    Enterprise-level Apps need to adhere to the strict security and integrity of Company data. The Node Package Manager has a particular enterprise version that easily allows developers to combat the confidentiality and security issues of big companies. Npm for enterprise apps helps organizations to remain less stressed about storing important information over a cloud. It provides entities the right to a private registry, which enables meticulous safeguarding. Developers also benefit from the ability of the npm to control access codes, unsafe code replacements, and risk recognition. The npm saves the developers from the trouble of re-writing general features coding every time.

  • Multi-Platform Development Functionality
    Another fascinating feature of Node.js is its Cross-platform application development ability. With this tool, one can create Hybrid Apps effectively. There are various Platforms for Applications to work based on the device used by a user. Node.js satisfies this need by aiding to build apps for platforms such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. You can reuse codes from web apps for making desktop apps. Node.js leads to agile, systematic, and fast development.

  • Accessibility to Different Modules
    The module is functionality brought together in the form of single or manifold JavaScript files reusable in a Node.js Application. Every module has its context. You can find three types of Modules- the Core, the Local, and the Third Party Modules. With the aid of the modules, any severe errors can be prevented. Node.js users have access to a Collection of more than 50000 Modules.

  • Simpler Development with Micro-service Pattern
    From a Startup to a Big enterprise, the journey of any large company begins with small initiatives. Initially, for Small scale enterprises, the Apps developed will mostly be built with basic features. However, when an enterprise progresses, the demand for high-end features begins. To meet the rising user requirements, the Enterprise Applications need to be molded to bring in more capabilities and features. As the App Development Process gets complex, Micro-Service Pattern can help your company in better managing your App. This technique comprises of a more compact, self-contained unit that forms part of a larger Application. Division of the App into smaller, manageable sections helps to scale and deploy the work efficiently quickly. You can use the technique of effective delegation of the tasks to separate teams as per their areas of expertise. This will cause a fruitful collaboration and bring successful results for your applications.

  • Superior Scalability and Performance
    Enterprise Applications must be able to deliver Avant-Garde Services to its users. The use of Frameworks like Node.js enables us to develop amazing apps due to its exceptional performance and scalability. Node.js is developed with C++, a coveted Programming Language. It is backed by Google’s advanced V8 engine model, as previously mentioned. These factors help Node.js to deploying Top- Quality performance with Cross-platform capabilities and High Speed.

    Node.js and V8 Engine are upgraded and optimized regularly, enabling excellent security and support for executing JavaScript features. Due to these abilities, the Developers find it handier to build and manage different applications.

  • Focus on RESTful API’s
    RESTful APIs are a significant category of APIs which help developers to benefit from existing protocols. REST or Representational State Transfer APIs help Developers to use HTTP, smoothly. Node.js emphasizes on Reusable RESTful APIs that are flexible and handle multiple types of data formats. It helps to cater to diverse customer needs. One can seamlessly build vast scale enterprise applications with the assistance of these APIs.

  • Extensive Support
    Long Term Support is one of the essential pre-requisites for Developers. In this ever-changing Technology World, one frequently witnesses the rapid Obsolescence of technology. Enterprise Apps built with a particular Programming Language may become outdated easily. Node.js helps to address such issues by providing developers with a considerable amount of time to develop and maintain an app. Due to its LTS feature, Node.js is a desirable option for many Programmers and App Creators.

    Varied Versions of Node.js find their presence in a minimum of 85 nations globally, amongst users operating with around 45 different native languages.


Developing Impeccable Apps is the aim of every Business Enterprise. Developers are inclined towards Node.js because of its state-of-the-art features. They simplify the task of App Development to a large extent. Several Tech-Giants have adopted this tool for providing world-class services to their customers. Paypal, Netflix, IBM, and Yahoo, are among the big names tapping the impressive benefits of Node.js.

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