Top updates to watch out for App Developers with the final release of Android 11

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After various Developer previews and Beta releases in the past seven months of 2020, the final release of Android 11 has finally made an appearance. On 8 th September 2020, Google made Android 11 officially available for its users.

The sphere of Android app development witnessed a significant leap. Android App Developers across the globe are keen to up their knowledge related to the execution of the modifications in the Android Apps with the new version. The most prominent part of the latest Android 11 release is its numerous innovative APIs.

Android 11 aims to amplify the user experience with new and upgraded features. Let us take a peek of the top APIs and Improvisations of the refined version. They will surely enrapture all Android app developers.

  1. Identity Credential and Biometric Prompt APIs
    A lot many transactions are getting carried out through e-wallets such as GooglePay and PayPal. There is a big rise in the number of virtual identities a person using a smartphone has to maintain. The Identity Credential API will help Android users to support and secure their virtual credentials duly.

    BiometricPrompt API is a new API with Android 11 that shall enable users to pre-determine the stringency of their device’s biometric authentication features. Biometric authentications such as face recognition and fingerprint scans are quite prevalent in the present times. The API will allow users to manage their authentication settings better.
  2. Fold API
    As foldable phones are making a comeback in a reformed form, Android 11 is braced up to meet a foldable phone’s needs. The Hinge Fold API can sense any change in the device’s overall shape. It will quickly perceive when your smartphone folds and unfolds to ensure smooth usage.
  3. The advanced 5G API
    Android 11 brings a specific API to allow users to transition to the new 5G network spectrum seamlessly. Users will be able to gain various details, including connection bandwidth and the type of 5G network while using a 5G connection.
  4. Removal of Overscan
    The new version has disabled the Overscan functionality, which may disappoint some developers. Earlier, some aspects of the UI of any mobile app were moved past the visible screen area of the user device. Now, the third party gesture apps will not be able to remove the navigation bar.
  5. A Recycle Bin API for your Phone Gallery
    Many high-end phones, such as OnePlus, have a unique feature similar to a recycle bin in its photo gallery. However, Google had no such feature in-built for all its Android OS devices. Now, Android 11 brings an API that will enable users to trash their snaps and videos before they get permanently deleted.
  6. API for Faster E-Wallet Access
    Imagine having your quick payment methods on the power menu itself! Android 11 has made it a reality. App Developers with the innovative API can enable the payment options to appear on the device’s main menu.
  7. HEIF Support
    Many smartphone users have frequented the use of interesting GIFs while messaging. However, they are quite data-intensive. Thus, many find GIFs challenging to access and use. Android 11 brings a solution for the problem with the new capability to use animated HEIFs (High-Efficiency Image File Format). They are data-efficient and provide the same level of user experience with the animations.
  8. Improved API for Call Checks
    A highly frustrating aspect of using a mobile phone is the number of spam calls from telecom companies and other marketers you receive every day. It is even getting difficult to identify a genuine call from a spam call. Apps like TrueCaller may not always prove helpful. Hence, Android 11, to reduce the adversities of Spam calls, has brought an API that will check the SHAKEN/STIR status of the incoming calls. SHAKEN/STIR is a set of protocols used to combat caller ID spoofing. Thus, the new API will assist third-party apps in screening incoming calls more effectively.
  9. Prompt Media Controls
    Android 11 has the motive to enrich the overall user experience. It comes with the feature to display media control panels on the quick settings panel itself. One can easily pause and play the audio on media apps while using other applications. The panel can display a maximum of 5 media sessions at a time.
  10. Enhanced Android Device Control
    We use many smart devices along with our smartphones. Android 11 brings a remarkable device control feature, which will ease the process of managing numerous devices. Google allows developers to design their own widgets for the Device Controls option featuring on the Power Menu. Standard widget styles are also available.
  11. The Handy “Block Store Library” Feature
    Many of us love to frequently switch to the latest smartphone models in the continually evolving technology world. But, the biggest headache for users who get a new device is to install and sign-in to all their apps every time. Well, Android 11 has some good news for many such users. The latest version will provide a block store library option which will allow users to save their credentials on the Google Drive. The app can then automatically access users’ sign-in details through the Drive.
  12. MediaCodec API
    Developers will be happy to know that Android 11 brings superior support for low-latency video streaming. The MediaCodec API will enable simplified encoding and decoding for the low-latency streams to make the device compatible with cloud gaming platforms.
  13. API to control Refresh Rates
    Android 11 has an API that will allow developers to select the favorable frame rate for their apps. One can display their app at the preferred refresh rate to improve the app experience on different devices.
  14. Image Decoding and Encoding API
    The app developers who work with C++ and NDK will find image decoding and encoding API with the app framework. The use of encoder and decoder available on the framework leads to an increase in the app size. It is anticipated that it will make the development of more concise apps possible in the near future.

Get ready to welcome spectacular features and development experience with Android 11!

Android 11 indeed promises a superlative experience for Android app developers. The advanced APIs and new-fangled features will help in creating more great Android Apps for Android users. Google has improvised on different areas of security, efficiency, and speed with the updated version’s various enhancements.

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