What Impressive Updates are available for iPhone users with the latest iOS 14?

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No one can beat Apple when it comes to innovation and quality standards. The company has got some exciting updates for all its smartphone users. The operating system for the premier Apple devices has iterated to the 14th version. The tech-giant brought to light the latest version during the virtual Worldwide Developer Conference 2020. iOS app development companies are all geared up to discover and imbibe the refined features of iOS 14 to build more contemporary iPhone apps.

Many of us had heard Apple’s official announcement about an upcoming iOS version in June 2020. Finally, on September 16, 2020, the latest iOS edition has landed for general use. Apple released two Beta versions for iOS 14 before the final release. The version seems highly promising as it is packed with features that will enrich user experience on large-screen devices. iOS 14 is also available for Apple’s iPad
and iPod Touch models.

More than 45 percent of the US smartphone users have an iPhone, as per a survey by Statista.

Dive into the world of innovative iOS 14 upgrades to understand what different additions you can expect with the new release!

  1. Improved Translation Support
    With the latest iOS version, iPhone users can use a new-fangled translate app. The translate app is equipped with Apple’s Neural Engine and can function offline. It can translate voice and text content in over 11 different languages.
  2. Home Screen Renovations
    One of the biggest highlights of iOS 14 is the renewed home screen features. Now, iOS will allow users to remove apps directly from their device’s home screen and delete the undesirable screens. A separate App Library is designed to display your apps distinctly from the home screen. Your Home Screen will appear more clean and chic without loads of apps taking up space.
  3. Cooler Widgets
    iOS 14 has brought some notable enhancements in the widgets widely used by iPhone users. A separate smart stack of your favorite widgets will be available. It will allow you to access your frequently used widget options easily. There are also some brand new widgets launched in different sizes and shades. Users can now bring their widgets quite effortlessly on to their phone’s home screen from Today’s view.
  4. Exciting Picture-in-Picture Video Mode
    Imagine watching an exciting Netflix show and having to reply to an urgent message. Well, with the picture-in-picture mode, the life of iPhone users will get more simplified. One can continue to view his videos or facetime call through a mini-display box while performing the necessary tasks on the phone. The audio will remain unaffected and continue to play as you carry out other activities simultaneously.
  5. Arrival of Siri in a Concise Mode
    Siri has remained one of the most loved parts of using an iPhone. iOS 14 has brought forth some remarkable changes to our beloved Siri. In the previous versions, when one needed to use the virtual assistant, it would take up an entirely new screen. Now, however, this aspect has been completely revised. On iOS 14 devices, Siri will appear as a small circular pop-up on the screen whenever we use it. You can also expect many improvisations in the virtual assistant with better translation capacities and smarter functioning.
  6. Digital CarKey API
    Get ready to enter a more futuristic world with iOS 14. The advanced release will allow iPhone users to remotely lock and unlock their cars. A digital car key API is included in the new version. It is one of the hi-tech tools you can have used so far. The Digital CarKey feature will allow sharing access to another person if someone else has to drive the car. It seamlessly functions with the help of NFC.
  7. Awesome App Clip Feature
    We all get agitated with the compulsion to download a new app for performing specific tasks such as making payments or watching some content. App Clip is an impressive innovation with iOS 14. It will provide a small preview version of any app which is easy to download and less space-consuming. The App Clips will get auto-deleted after 30 days.

    One can perform the required tasks without the need to download a whole app. The clips can be used by scanning Apple’s app clip codes or QR codes.
  8. Ability to make Third-Party Apps as your Default Apps
    Apple allows only its own set of apps to be set as your iPhone’s default apps. Well, this situation persists no more. The feature that will enable you to make other apps as your default app has arrived with iOS 14. It will advantage many users who would want to change their default email app or browser option.
  9. Messaging made Easier
    The manifold promotional and faux messages on our phones, each day, tend to get quite irritating. Apple has launched the feature to pin essential conversations on the upper-most end of your message app. You can fix up to nine crucial conversations on the top of the messaging list. You will also love the new Memoji feature for enhanced use of emojis and images while messaging.
  10. Better Security and Privacy Controls
    Apple never compromises the security of user’s data. The company has taken its security settings to the next level with iOS 14. Apps that access the user’s location can be controlled to get only the user’s approximate location info. One can also give only limited access to the phone’s gallery and files, where you can select the images or files the app can access.

Get ready for more Innovative Apps with iOS 14!

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