Why is Cloud-Native App Development important for the future of Applications?

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Application Development is unquestionably one of the highly expanding industries, globally. A highly futuristic and simplistic way of App Development is the usage of the Cloud-Native Application Landscape. Cloud-Native Application Development is considered to be one of the optimized, rapid, and innovative methods of creating impressive apps.

With the surge caused by the Internet of availability, we have been using Cloud Technology for handling many of our computing, storage, and networking needs. The Cloud has now become an indispensable part of our lives.

As per predictions by Forbes, more than 83 Percent of the Enterprise Workloads will be handled through the Cloud by 2020.

Elevate your Apps to greater heights with Cloud Technology!

Introduction to Cloud-Native App Development

The Cloud-Native App Development is a unique approach to developing applications using various Cloud-Based Technologies that are wholly hosted as well as managed over the Cloud. This Development Style involves the merger of different advanced techniques such as Microservices technology, PaaS, Multi-Cloud Environments, and Agile DevOps. With Cloud-Native Development, the developers work in a container-based environment.

One also needs to be mindful that a cloud-native app is distinct from a cloud-based app. Cloud-Native Apps are hosted and built on a cloud facility since its inception. In contrast, Cloud-based apps are traditionally developed and later re-modeled to function on a cloud operating system.

Attributes of Cloud-Native App Development

  • Great Flexibility and Agility
    Cloud-Native Apps are created with a very flexible and agile development technique. This results in improved performance, robust security, and superior customer service.
  • Quick Pace
    With the benefit of upscaled development speed, the developers can add novel features effortlessly and enable customization on a more substantial level.
  • Modularity
    Cloud-Native apps are built in a modular way. The development process does not include humungous software and coding and involves Cloud Computing frameworks and infrastructures.
  • DevOps and Microservices Development Process
    The Process involves the use of a Cloud-specific DevOps system and an architectural approach with a container environment. The Microservices pattern is implemented throughout.

Reasons why Cloud-Native App Development is the future of Applications

Let us explore the essential reasons why Cloud-Native App Development is a modernized approach that will advance the future of Apps.

  1. Possibility of Expeditious App Development and Deployment
    With the simplified codebase and DevOps Process, the tasks of building, testing, and deploying are easily fastened. Myriad Services can be availed online instantaneously by the App Creators. The entire software application delivery process is speedy in the case of Cloud-Native Apps.
  2. Offers Budget-Friendly options
    The Cloud-Native App Development comprises the use of various money-saving tactics and methodologies. The use of Affordable Open-source Tools, a Serverless Computing model, and Containerised Approach helps reduce costs. Unlike Traditional Methods, where entire software systems need to be bought and installed, the Cloud-Native App Building allows the use of refined and specific services. There is the availability of flexible pricing options and pay-per-use service delivery. All these factors make the total App Building Project very economical for the Developers.
  3. Provides Super Scalability
    The App Developers have an increased preference for Cloud-Native Development. The approach gives shared virtual scalability.
    Auto-Scaling is available with this Cloud-Native style of App Development.  You can scale your App as per the customer requirements. Future demands can be easily catered, and the required infrastructure and tools can be precisely obtained.
  4. Involves Use of Impressive Tools and Frameworks
    The Cloud-Native App Development Approach uses languages and frameworks which are most conducive for the type of App being developed.  Multiple Programming Languages, Runtime Environments, and Development Frameworks can be accessed. With the use of a Containerised and Microservices Development, the best tools are utilized by Developers for creating World-Class Apps.
  5. Enables Enhanced Interaction and Collaboration
    Unlike the Conventional style of App Development, Cloud-Native Development allows employing lightweight APIs. The APIs use protocols like REST (Representational State Transfer) and open-source remote procedure calls that enable the seamless exchange of data. These APIs allow asynchronous communication within the apps. As a result of better networking abilities and efficient APIs, interaction and collaboration between Developers become effortless.
  6. Better Manageability
    The advent of platforms like AWS Lambda and Azure the Cloud-Native App Making Process has become immensely manageable and swift. These PaaS (Platform as a Service) platforms enable developers to introduce the code as functions. These hi-tech serverless platforms carry out the necessary functionalities, such as provisioning required instances, configuring, and arranging an ample amount of storage capacity. Hence, Cloud-native apps are becoming increasingly popular as they are enabling uncomplicated app development an actuality.
  7. Helps to Prevent Vendor Lock-in
    When working in a technology environment where you find innovations like Cloud Computing technology that enable the use of multiple and hybrid clouds, there is no longer the existence of a lock-in period issued by vendors. Now, most businesses are relying on using a combo of public cloud platforms and on-premise software systems. The entities are not bound to a particular vendor but enabling portability across the whole Cloud computing network.
  8. Improved Customer Satisfaction
    Developers use a Cloud-Native App Development Style to customize apps with modernized features at a rapid pace. This leads to enriching customer experience as they benefit from amazing apps at a lesser cost. Amazing Automation and Infrastructure services developers can use excellent facilities with Cloud-Native Apps. The integration of various cutting-edge technologies in the App with the help of handy tools and APIs available with Cloud-Native Development altogether enable us to bring satisfying results for the customers.


Cloud-Native Apps are the Development Approach of the Future

Everyone involved with the IT and Computer Technology Industry needs to instill the habit of Changing to the updating techniques. It is the best time for Application developers to change their usual development methods and opt for modernistic approaches. Cloud-Native App Development is one such modern methodology that App Creators must implement. Various leading-edge companies have brought platforms for simplified Cloud-Native App Creation.
Sysbunny is no stranger to this novel approach of App Development and has the required skills imbibed in our workforce to develop world-class Cloud-Native Apps for its clients.

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