Why is Python best for AI and ML in Mobile Application Development?

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Artificial Intelligence remains one of the most elusive technologies in the field of Computer Sciences. All due to its increasing number of applications in almost every industry. Where the world uses computers, AI comes into the picture in some way or the other. In the past decade, AI has turned Machines to not just process things like humans but to beat human abilities in performing several functions.

All seek to bring the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their daily life. Software and application developers use a variety of tools that enable them to implement the AI technology efficiently. In this eon of Mobile Apps, certain tools and programming methods have become indispensable for AI App Development.

It is an undeniable fact that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is backed by tons of complex algorithms and detailed analysis. One of the crucial tools for Developers to bring AI and ML abilities to life is access to an ideal Programming Language.

A Programming Language is a formally designed language that includes pre-defined instructions to produce the desired output. It is used for executing various algorithms. In Artificial Intelligence Development, it aids in numerous functions such as building decision-making portions of AI programs, crafting interactions for online games, and designing chatbots.

Perfection in AI with Python

First launched in 1991, Python is an advanced, object-oriented, general-purpose language for computer programming. It is known for its Developer-friendly approach as it assists in writing logical and clear codes for catering to diverse project needs.

Considering the Search trends of Indeed.com, Python has been recognized as the most popular AI and ML Programming Language.

Over the past two decades, Python has emerged as the top programming language for users across the globe, with reputed companies using it for their core utilities. Companies in diverse sectors, including Financial Technology, Health, Travel, and Logistics, have availed Python for machine learning and data analysis.

Google, Uber, Facebook, Netflix, Quora; almost all stars of the Technology world have Python backing their success in many ways.

What makes Python so desirable?

Among around 500 different programming languages available in the world market, there are certain aspects of Python, which makes it stand out from the others in the lot. Apart from its common usage in standard web application development, Python is very compatible with developing applications for AI and Data Sciences.

As per SlashData’s survey, globally, there are more than 8.2 million developers who work on Python-based coding.

Let us slither into the realm of Python and understand the impressive features which contribute to its immense demand in the Artificial Intelligence space.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility
    Developers to cater to diverse users require a flexible programming language. Python is extremely flexible as it allows the developers to select the programming style they are most comfortable with as per the application that needs to be developed.

    Python can be effortlessly combined with other languages to meet programming needs. It also does not require you to recompile the source code and also provides the alternative between Scripting and Object-Oriented Programming.  

    Developers can select one or a combination of different styles for programming, as mentioned below:

    – Functional Style
    – Procedural Style
    – Imperative Style
    – Object-Oriented Style
  2. Discernibility for Developers
    High Readability is another factor that makes Python appealing to many developers. The coding is quite convenient to read, and Python also enables the programmers to read and amend codes written by fellow developers easily. It allows a great exchange of data and algorithms among the different professionals.

    IPython is a tool that allows interaction between developers and provides additional benefits like debugging and tab-completion and simplifies the workload of people involved.
  3. Multiple Platform Support
    There are numerous operating systems or platforms used by different smart devices. Many entities need a Programming language which can enable easy collaborating with multiple platforms. Python is a machine learning language that can be used for all leading platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, and  MacOS. You can work on about 25 different platforms with Python. 

    Using PyInstaller, one can create the code which can be used on various platforms. The process of transfer of the application coding from one platform to another becomes quite quick and straightforward.
  4. High Intelligibility
    Due to its minimum barriers from entrants, Python becomes very effective for working in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence domain. Python can be comprehended quickly and comfortably by new users and put to use for AI application development. As a result of Python’s easy to learn the coding system and syntax, you can efficiently work with complex AI systems. It facilitates clear relations amongst the various system elements. Python has some of the least number of codes, about 1/5th of those found in other Object-Oriented Programming Languages.
  5. Excellent Visualization Tools
    Many of the libraries available on Python have notable visualization tools. In Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, to increase usability, it is necessary to represent information in the easy-to-infer format. Matplotlib is one of the famous Python Libraries, which helps to increase the comprehensiveness of high-end data. It allows professionals to create plots and graphs which lucidly represent data. The use of interactive, static, and animated visualizations also aids in simple reporting.
  6. Community Backing
    This dynamic language is known for its reliable community support system. There is a vast range of resources and documentation available for users to research online. You can find a great number of tutorials, forums, and discussion groups where several developers and programmers conduct sessions to resolve queries and errors. This interlinked network for support makes Python an excellent choice for developers involved in emerging fields like Artificial Intelligence.

    Being an Open-source language, both the newbies as well as professionals in programming have access to significant resources.
  7. A Large Library Network
    Python has a wide variety of pre-built libraries for various nuances of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, such as SciPy and NumPy. Libraries are a group of modules that include pre-written codes for enabling separate actions or functions in your computerized device.
    The Library selection of Python, act as a base for developers who do not repeatedly write extensive codes since from the inception every time to use a library.

Some of the widely used Python Libraries include:

For General AI

  • SimpleAI – AI Algorithms based on “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
  • EasyAI – Python engine for creating Dual Player games
  • PyDatalog – For a Logical Programming Engine with Python

For Machine Learning

  • Scikit-Learn – Data Analysis and Image Processing
  • PyBrain – Modular and Effective Learning Library with simple algorithms for testing and Comparisons
  • PyML – Bilateral Framework which focuses on Kernel Methods

For Deep Learning

  • Keras – Used for Rapid calculations and Prototyping functions.
  • TensorFlow – Helpful for neural networks with enormous datasets, for setup, training, and utilization.
  • Caffe- Has a Processing Capability of more than 60 million images daily and allows quick switch between CPU and GPU.

For Text Processing

  • NLTK (Natural Language and Text Processing) – Deploys Documentation for Natural Language Research, Linguistic data, and enables Text Analytics for different Platforms.


With its exceptionality and simplicity, Python is gaining increasing momentum and bringing data scientists from many diverse segments under its wings. It has been possible because of its impressive set of features. This high-level programming language is usable across different domains and technologies. Its support for a vast diversity of programming paradigms and suitability for various operating platforms has made it a favorite of all developers.
AI Developers are extensively using Python to increase their competitive edge for developing state-of-the-art applications. Many big corporations have switched their working to Python to provide world-class services to their clientele.

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