10 Important UX Design Trends of 2019

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The mobile application universe is one of the quickest changing technological aspects of present time. With all the new updates, interfaces and proposals, the client experience structure, or as it is more usually known, the UX configuration, is a regularly developing element that assumes a huge responsibility in any application’s general execution and ease of use.

To be an effective UX creator, it is a matter of utmost importance and primary necessity to keep a track on the most recent patterns distinctly and incorporate those learnings in the designing of the application. Understand all the current on-going patterns and recognize what works and what not before starting with your very own venture.

As the calendar year comes to an end, this is a throwback on the UI UX Design trends that were in the limelight in 2019. It was seen that UX design plays an important role in the app’s overall performance and things seem to be more promising in the design front in the upcoming here.

While there have been many web-based and mobile designs that never saw the light of the day, many need to confront the disappointments because of defects or errors with regards to UX plan. Therefore by grasping the best and most suitable UX patterns, you can coordinate with current markets as well as bamboozle clients’ by taking it a notch higher.

It is a fact that innovation is developing each day and it plays an exceptionally critical job in how the modern UX configuration patterns surface each year. So on the off chance that you are building an application or site.

Here are top 10 UX configuration patterns to pay special head to in 2019:

1.Configuration that spares time

Clients are typically anxious and impatient that often leads to switching to another application or site within seconds if your application or site isn’t working out for them. So it appears that the spotlight in 2019 will be on making UX plan with highlights that will spare the time and endeavours required on clients’ part to get to your application or site’s items or administrations and other related data and exercises. The primary step is to discover the strategies to spare the clients’ time without trading off their involvement in the application or site.

2. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality in displaying your product is unquestionably an interesting feature for the business. Initially, AR was constrained to gaming applications now it is spreading to different spaces too. In 2019, you can expect web designers to incorporate augmented reality into their products and administrations. Aside from the gaming scene, AR is additionally being utilized in doing things like telling clients what products would ideally look like under various conditions or situations and that’s only the beginning. With recent accessibility to camera and innovation that allows products to virtually seen, fusing AR in web advancement will be much simpler.

3. Specially crafted User Experiences

Customized or specially crafted UX configuration is something that you will find everywhere. It very well may be done depending on the past connections of the site with the clients or on the basis of geographic areas of the clients. Building an application and transforming it into a major achievement should be possible by conveying customized UX structure and highlights for the clients and give them a definitive encounter with the goal that they will continue seeking more. Continue chipping away at meeting the clients’ prerequisites like conversational interfaces, appealing recordings, pictures, menus, simpler and snappier getting to highlights, voice-enacted highlights, security, straightforwardness, customized search inquiry, etc. Make individual encounters for the clients and make the best of everything.

4. Disposing of the Hamburger menu

There are some website designs that can be a source of irritation and confusion for the users. Hamburger menu configuration is one of them. Website specialists utilized this structure in their web improvement ventures and it was viewed as a method to cover up and have menu choices while having more space on the screen. Not every person is aware about this component and thus numerous clients would invest loads of money and time attempting to scan for the menu on the site. Evacuating the burger menu and supplanting it with something progressively helpful is certainly on the cards for the website specialists in 2019.

"Removing hamburger icons on Spotify increased their click rates by 30%. Clearly, consumers respond better to easy, user friendly icons." Click To Tweet

5. Utilization of whitespace

This is certainly not a new idea. Whitespace is referred to as that space on a website page that isn’t filled with anything. As an increasing number of individuals are utilizing mobiles for web browsing and referring to content on the web, organizations additionally need to concentrate more on their page designs. They need to make it simpler for the clients to browse through their sites as they read the substance and search for different highlights offered by the sites. They are hence utilizing more whitespace on the site page to make it simpler for the users to remain focused and not get diverted by pointless icons on the webpage.

6. Gadget Agnostic Design

The primary reason behind having a UX configuration is to guarantee that clients have a smooth and non-interfering experience on the site or application, regardless of what sort of gadget they are utilizing. Subsequently, in 2019, the web engineers will be increasingly keen on creating a device-agnostic design as compared to mobile-optimized or mobile-friendly web designs. Regardless of whether it’s a cell phone, tablet, or PC, the UX Designers will push toward making increasingly dynamic multi-gadget encounters for the users.

7. Video Backgrounds

Content comes in different structures and configurations. One such structures that is ruling the World Wide Web is recordings that are now in the spotlight for gaining the attention of clients.

It is one of the most astonishing approaches to convey an encounter that has been made around an issue. To such an extent that it is required to be the sole purpose behind supported web traffic. Video backgrounds are exceptionally prominent and will be one of the top patterns in 2019 for UX structures. While speed is a major factor in UX structures, video foundations can build change rates.

Videos are a way to express more in less time. Cisco quotes, “Video shall comprise of 80% of all internet traffic by 2021”. Click To Tweet

8. Card-style Design

The card-style configuration is certifiably not a new pattern, yet it is probably going to remain in 2019. Card structures can be utilized to exhibit a wide scope of data on little size screens like versatile or tablet. This style is extremely prominent among web based life stages like Twitter and Facebook.

9. Biometric Authentication for a Secure UX

"Biometric verification is here to portray gadgets secure and along these lines remains as a critical UI and UX patterns of 2019 and 2020." Click To Tweet

Biometric authentication is one innovation that can grasp a security-first approach for both the organizations just as the end-clients, in this way improving User Experience considerably. The promising biometric verification showcase is an imaginative innovation that has been offering character to individuals without being in danger of being mimicked.

The different creative biometric advancements that are blossoming in the market incorporate iris checks, facial acknowledgment, voice, and even vein design acknowledgment. In case your business needs a secret code for validation, proceed to facial recognition straightaway.

10. Foldable Displays

Organizations are attempting to advance toward turning out to be pioneers in exhibiting foldable grandstands. The essential thought behind foldable displays being the first UX Design Trends was its capacity to modify ideally to the all-inclusive screen space. Despite the fact that it is by all accounts a test, it actually has incredible potential.

That was a major rundown to investigate, yet we trust that these UX Design Trends offered wings to your excitement so your image can release their innovativeness to concoct something new and intriguing. Regardless of whether it is patterns that are as of now in the market or new rising ones, you need to discover what suits your business and the separate client desires, since knowing is in every case superior to assuming. 2020 brings more promising design features that only time shall reveal. Keep an eye on this space for further updates regarding this.


User experience is what drives the UX design for an application. It is evident that users download and are loyal to applications that do not have a complicated design as it is easy if the user feels comfortable using an application.

The UX design needs to focus on what the user is looking for and only that would attract them towards the application and retain their attention in the long span for the application to become successful.


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