5 Facts of Enterprise Mobile App Development you should Know

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An enterprise carries numerous activities compared to an SMB unit. Enterprises are always looking for the ways to bring automation in the work process and services to improve productivity and performance at a time. It establishes the requirement of an IT department working on various computing needs including hardware, software, and networking services. Before the introduction of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, firewalls of the enterprises were closed and safe with wired or wireless networks. Now, mobiles have changed the overall workforce and customer facing application scenario. Therefore, IT departments of enterprises are looking for mobile application development alternatives to address the modern requirements and reap the most out of running trends. In order to help the various enterprises, we have initiated the current post to describe some hard facts regarding the mobile app development and how to leverage the trends in favor of their enterprises by jumping into the mobile app development process.

5 Facts Regarding Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Mobiles Getting Smarter

The prime function of smartphones is to make calls. With added computing and network connectivity power, mobiles turned smarter. Now, we have artificial intelligence as tech advancement to make mobiles more human like and more intelligent than ever. For instance, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google like personal digital assistants to help mobile users in exclusive ways. Since the aim of mobile enterprise application is to improve the productivity of working staff as well as providing exceptional user experiences to its esteemed customers or clients. In such conditions, the added features in enterprise app to leverage AI and Ambient Artificial Intelligence technologies can help enterprise app developers to make mobile app development investment worthwhile for their enterprises.

Tailor-made Apps for Bespoke Needs

Many enterprises are going to have a mobile app just because their rival enterprises have. Thus, they instruct their mobile app development companies to copied the features and functionality and differing only in looks. Unfortunately, mobile app development for the enterprise is not cheaper at investment point of view. Moreover, updating the app and maintain it for better performance required additional resources and budgets. Therefore, creating a tailor-made mobile app for your enterprise that can address your bespoke needs with several intended aims such as assisting in various operations internally and externally, dealing with external clients, dealing with B2B businesses, and branding the entire enterprise by offering various marketing campaign involving mobile apps in it.

Respect BYOD Trends in Mobile App Development

Enterprises have in-house as well as field staff working remotely and required mobility as well as flexibility. The mobile app can cover everyone in an enterprise. However, mobile OS platforms are differing from device to device and user to user. Some used to bring iOS devices, many Android devices, and rests have desktops or laptops as big computing devices to access the same enterprise databases. This phenomenon is termed as BYOD – Bring Your Own Devices. It makes mobile app development compatibility challenging and whether the enterprise has to go for a mix of mobile OS applications and web applications or think of cross-platform apps as a comprehensive solution. If you want to respect the BYOD trends in your enterprise mobile app development, user experiences should have priority instead of mobile OS preferences.

Priorities Availability during Mobile App Development

Since the enterprises are using a broad range of statistic and mobile computing devices and smart machines for its computing and software needs, app availability is always an issue for mobile app developers. Mobile app development team has to test the applications for the various mode of connectivity such as wired, wireless like Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, LTE, and Bluetooth. Keeping the performance high during low connectivity is tough, but mobile enterprise apps must have some offline storing and updating on the restoration of connectivity capabilities.

Security Concerns Vital for Mobile App Development

The enterprise data are sensitive at personal and business security point of views, particularly when it exposes through highly vulnerable mobile applications to the external world. For instance, to a group of employees working in field or customers accessing the apps. BYOD like practices adding more in security concerns where control over device type or device level security is beyond the mobile app development team or an IT department of the enterprise. A different mode of connectivity like public Wi-Fi for an enterprise app databases make a mobile app of enterprise the low hanging fruits for malicious elements on the web and digital world in the vicinity.


We have seen that developing an enterprise mobile application require focus and altogether different concerns that you need for the professional mobile apps or apps for SMBs. Addressing security aspects in a highly insecure environment of enterprises through BYOD and different modes of connectivity is indeed challenging for even the seasoned mobile app developers with prolonged experiences and expertise. If you are looking for a competent consultant to guide you through your auspicious mobile app development project for your enterprise, SysBunny has decent record and portfolio to show you for your perusal. Please, contact us for detailed info regarding your mobile app development.

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