Benefits of Using Mobile Application for Small and Enterprise Business

Mobile apps
For the last fifteen years, we are experiencing an overall change in the traditional business scenario. The way we are doing various modern businesses is different from the past, thanks to intense digitization.

Entry of E-Commerce

Inventions of various computing technologies have provided businesses with new opportunities to do business with a global audience. First, it was the Internet connectivity and identity of businesses using websites and web applications. It is an online form of business. It has made a web presence mandatory for online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

The entry of Mobile Apps

After the web era, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have penetrated tentacles in the market. It has provided new dimensions to the users to access the Internet and new forms of connectivity. Now, businesses are running after mobile-friendly website development for their web entity. Mobile devices have brought one more dimension for the marketers for businesses, and it is mobile applications for the business. However, mobile app development is not an easy and cheaper option against mobile-friendly website development. Therefore, small to medium businesses always judge the pros and cons of a mobile app for their business in their contexts. Fortunately, the Internet has tons of literature to aid in decision-making when a business is thinking about a mobile application. Unfortunately, a few have presented the pros and cons of mobile apps. A mobile-friendly website is comprehensive and effective ways that indeed help a business make up mind righteously.

How Mobile App Make Sense for your Business?

Have you ever used an eCommerce website on your smartphone? If you have the latest and costly version of smartphones like iPhone or Android devices and the fastest connectivity mode, you might have some good user experiences on browsing the site.

It is cons of mobile-friendly websites.

However, it is not always the case that you have ideal conditions for the best user experiences. It makes it daunting for many to access your mobile-friendly website and accomplish several tasks, including checkout or payment like security concerning things.
  • It makes 24/7 access to your business a nightmare for all, thanks to connectivity and server issues at frequent intervals
  • Website loading issues are always on high for mobile Internet users.
  • Apart from a responsive web design website’s loading performance, touch gestures are still challenging to design for native-like user experiences.
  • Getting organic traffic by SEO and SMO marketing is a tough and costly affair for small businesses.

Other Methods of Marketing

Social Media: 

Social media is for social purposes, so grabbing attention for business purposes means competing with more interesting things. Social media is excellent to divert traffic to your mobile-friendly website or mobile app, but buying something directly and paying is far away from mass adoption.

Email Marketing:

Of course, the success rate of email marketing is high, but it has comparatively limited scopes for most of the businesses who aspire to hit a vast audience.

Advantages of Mobile Apps for your Business

After getting accustomed to the pitfalls of the website-only approach and other marketing methods, let’s check the pros of a mobile application for your business despite one-time heavy investment in mobile application development and deployment.

Room for your app on Mobile devices of users:

Recent surveys indicate that an average user downloads 25+ mobile apps and displays them on the home screen. Don’t worry; if your business app is highly useful for your target audience, they will surely give your app space and regularly use it. We know that millions of websites are available on the web, and SERPs analysis revealed that most users never go beyond the 3rd page of SERPs. Therefore, if we count ten results per page, there are competitions between merely 30 websites to get noticed and browsing opportunities. Now, compared with app competition. You may find the same!

The mobile app has a push notification feature:

Yes, it highly useful feature that gets the attention of mobile users for only essential tasks and always read, compared to only 20% CTR of email opening! You can send only useful notifications of your products like new offerings and news regarding your products or services. You win the attention span of your app users.

The mobile app provides excellent user experiences:

Most of the app data reside on the mobile device’s local storage, and very few exchanges take place with the web services for your mobile app. Thus, you have hardly any performance issues with the mobile app. No downloading issues like user experience with a website on mobile browsers. The mobile app has access to all native features of the hardware and operating system of the mobile devices. Therefore, your app can leverage it in favor of your business. Moreover, the UX is a detrimental factor for conversion, and the mobile app is superior to it.

The app is excellent for marketing incentives:

Redeeming coupons, vouchers, and discounts are far easier with your mobile devices than the built-in camera and scanning applications on the latest mobile devices. GPS capability is an additional advantage for marketers to promote location-based services and marketing offers for innovative marketing campaign ideas. Thus, it is your mobile app, which is only capable of pulling your target audience passing by in the vicinity of your brick store.

The app is safer and more secure than a website for transactions:

You can implement high-security standards and practices to secure payment through mobile applications thanks to advanced technologies. Session expirations, lost connectivity, and slow processing/loading are not issues on the mobile app. Thus, your app can provide safe, quick, and hurdle-free payment transactions using various payment methods, including mobile commerce techniques.

The app is excellent for loyalty:

For online surfers, a sea of ads, banners, and marketing staff are real obstacles in attract, engage, and keep loyal customers. With the app, you are free to establish direct rapports and get a place on the home screens of many of your loyal consumers.

App provides excellent supports:

With the mobile app, you can connect to the support desk directly using the phone capabilities of mobile devices. Availability of instant messengers in the app and making video chats or video conferences are far easier options in the app than on desktop websites.

The app can grab a vast audience:

Mobile users are exceeding the number of desktops/laptops users, according to some surveys. The mobile app is a matter of pride for a business, and users love to use an app on a mobile-friendly website. Therefore, you can get a quality audience on the mobile application, and it is bigger than any other digital marketing channel.


Small to enterprise-level businesses are always looking for new and innovative channels to do more business and grow further. Mobile applications are providing the same opportunities to grab a vast audience present on mobile devices. We know various benefits of having a mobile app for the business against the investment we have to make in mobile app development. Having a mobile-friendly website is essential, but a mobile app for your business comes with additional benefits. If you lure to leverage those advantages of a mobile app for your business by partnering with a dependable and prestigious Mobile Application Development Company – SysBunny is the superior choice to go with cost-effective yet quality results.

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