5 Worst Myths about Mobile App Development that Need to Debunked

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With the first time release of the iPhone SDK, Apple has introduced the world to mobile application development by third-party developers. Today, mobile app development becomes a big business in itself, and many app entrepreneurs are investing fortunes in it. Moreover, inventions of location tracking, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, wearable, and myriads of such upcoming technologies have brightened its future forever. Unfortunately, everyone hardly has imagination power and positive attitudes to treat mobile apps as precious gems for their professions or businesses. They carry several Myths within their brains and withdrawing themselves from reaping the benefits of mobile application development. By taking a neutral stand, we would like to debunk those defective myths in the current post and aim to help businesses in the USA and elsewhere leverage the upcoming mobile apps’ upcoming trends gracefully.

Most Common Myths about the Development of Mobile Applications

Myth 1 – A Great App Sells Itself (For Marketing)

On the web, we used to find the app success attributes such as excellent graphics to fall app users in the love of app at first sight. The next is seamless user experiences to win the hearts of users. The third is the best performance to interact with the app during the entire app life cycle and richness in features and functions against your ultimate rivals. Once an app entrepreneur finds everything infused as per recommendations during the app development process and app deployed on the respective marketplaces, they take a back seat and relax to see how a quality product sells itself! Of course, it was confirmed in the early days of mobile app market evolution when quality apps were selling just by their attributes and ranking in the marketplace.
  • Today, an app facing stiff competitions in its niche, too like with hundreds or thousands of apps
  • Everybody is aware of app quality and its significance, so merely a quality superiority or user experience supremacy may not work in the market
  • Everyone tries on traditional ways of marketing like social media marketing, so marketing is also terrible here


You have allocated a particular budget for app marketing and hire experts with good experiences in this regard. Paid marketing is also an option, but organic marketing techniques must be used to gain better and fast results.

Myth 2 – High-Quality App Development a Costly Affair (For Cost)

The market is trendy for high-quality products after a successful marketing campaign. However, many mobile app development firms are charging app development cost based on the number of features and functions required. It is true that developing a feature demands time and resources that add to the development cost. Still, most standard app development companies charge a minimum of common features and only increase the value for specific or unique features. Suppose you are smart enough and hire app developers from a reputed mobile app development company like SysBunny at hourly rates. In that case, your chances are high to get exceptional features and functionality at a substantially lower cost without compromising on app quality at all. Just think of it and believe that if app development is not cheaper, it is not so costly in all circumstances.

Myth 3 – Only Tech-savvy Can Manage App Development Process (For Project Management)

Indeed, mobile app designing and programming process involve technically. However, it doesn’t mean that you should have design or programming knowledge to manage it. As an owner, you must check the required features and functionality in your app, and you can do it with a user-friendly interface. Suppose any technical glitch is involved in the development process for highly complicated apps. In that case, you may have a project manager or team manager to assist you in simplifying things for you. If you want to shred the burden of exhaustive project management and dealing with software engineers, you can hire a mobile app consultant or consulting agency to do all on your behalf with some charges. Moreover, today most app development companies use Project Management Software, which allows a client to take an active part so a customer can see everything clearly and get reports of the progress and provide feedback in real-time to save developers going off the track. The new PMS eliminates the need for technical knowledge on your side. Of course, your tech-savoriness helps you a lot, but it is not compulsory to have it.

Myth 4 – An App Must Developed for Each Platform (For Platform Compatibility)

If your targeted audience uses different mobile devices with other mobile OS, you should provide an app for all the leading mobile OS platforms to cover the most of it. Fortunately, today we have a cross-platform mobile application development framework and platforms, which can deliver an app capable of running on almost all the leading mobile OS platforms seamlessly and with native-like user experiences. Many intelligent businesses consider targeting only two major platforms, iOS and Android, to cover a significant portion of their targeted audience. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a good deal of fortunes on app development for different platforms in a particular manner.

Myth 5 – App must have All Bells & Whistles (For Features & Functionality)

General perception regarding features and functionality in an app should have all possible bells & whistles and something more than that your competitors to beat them in the market. Unfortunately, each business and the requirements of its target audience differ from others. Therefore, the best way is to run thorough research and analysis on the target audience and business requirements before planning the inclusion of features and functionality. It may save you from unwanted and clutter features and functions that may distract your app’s user experiences and usability at the end. Just give essential only and iterate as per increased needs only.
If you belong to an open-minded and progressive-thinking group of people who think mobile app development an essential process for the business, we have explored some myths that need to debunk first. SysBunny is a leading mobile app development consulting company in Iowa, USA and has guided many clients in their mobile app development ventures. If you would like to know more about mobile app development services or hire a reputed app development agency, contact us for complete guidance.

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