9 Effective Features to Enhance the Android UI Design

Android is an operating system based on Linux inbuilt in various devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc. Android provides innovative and fully controlled features with all the possible potentials to make the mobile handset a wonderful platform. There are different ways to improve the visual appeal of an android based application.

Features that Enhance Android UI Design are discussed below:

  • It is essential to include a correct parameter of graph size for specific devices according to their dimension. For the best experience regarding graphics, it is loaded during the runtime.
  • The Android platform supports multiple graphic sizes and diverse file formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and WebP. PNG is considered an ideal format, while JPEG is a tweaked table in terms of quality.
  • There are multiple options to add the professional look to the Custom android application by implementing delicate animation schemes and color variations while switching from application to application.
  • The menu button should be designed with soft corners instead of pointy corners to look similar to web applications.
  • Holographic styles, 3-dimensional effects, drop shadows should be implemented with great concern with the concept of proper lighting. Photoshop and other graphic editors can be used for implementing consistent values, textures, and gradients.
  • Android user interface should contain perfect coordination of colors in between foreground and background. A clear and easy appearance must select the correct color combination to make the things properly visible.
  • It should be very important to include the resources that are specifically customized to a particular device so that the huge image sources load and resize effectively.
  • The tool for managing the hierarchy of the application layout will provide a profiling detail that effectively helps the novice work in any android application.
  • The software development kit contains several tools to furnish influencing profile to an android application. Traceview is a popular and powerful tool that provides debugs and finds bottleneck issues in the application. The layout opts tool is also very effective in enhancing the user interface in Android applications.
There are numerous ways to lift Android applications that involve some particular algorithms and different allied methodologies. The android platform guarantees that the users would be highly inspired by seeing these amazing features and would be happy to use them, as it would help them get things done faster than usual.

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